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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 4 Recap

After the event of the meeting, Xiao Xiao was taken to the hospital. After Lin Shen arrived, she was the first to care about whether her face was injured. Shanshan wanted to chat with Xiao Xiao alone. She knew that Xiao Xiao was the Xiao Beibei who published that article. During this time, she often had nightmares. In her dream, she dreamed of a deja vu.

After seeing Zhou Ran’s poster Then I searched the Internet and found that they had so many stories. The public opinion of the whole network made Shanshan wonder, is she really that unbearable?

It wasn’t until Xiao Xiao rushed to protect her that Shanshan knew that someone was willing to protect herself, and that she was not so unbearable. Shanshan sincerely thanked Xiao Xiao, she knew that Xiao Xiao wanted to protect herself.

Selective forgetting is a psychological mechanism, but after this accident, Shanshan’s parents have agreed to let her continue psychological counseling. Xiao Xiao feels that she is also responsible for this matter and wants to help. Lin Shen agreed to teach her. . Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao some simple hypnosis, and found that Shanshan posted a lot of long strings of numbers on Weibo. Lin Shen said that this is the FM channel of the car cinema. There is a movie Shanshan that they wanted to watch but didn’t see. It was also a knot they could use. Xiao Xiao didn’t understand these things, so Lin Shen brought a bunch of books and a confidentiality agreement.

Xiao Xiao signed without a second word, and then opened the door of psychology in Lin Shen’s teaching, but after a while, he fell asleep and lay directly on the table. Lin Shen’s hand stopped above her shoulder, and finally he carefully hugged her to the room. Xiao Xiao slept beautifully, and Shao Ning suddenly attacked the next morning, but Lin Shen didn’t stop him. After discovering that Xiao Xiao was at Lin Shen’s house, Shao Ning teased with relief. Before leaving, Lin Shen borrowed his car and decided to experience the car cinema with Xiao Xiao at night.

Of course Xiao Xiao drove, but even though he didn’t Lin Shen is still very afraid of taking a car when he sees the car. When he sees the car, he thinks of the car accident when he was a child. It happened that there was a crash in the movie. Xiao Xiao was a novice and was not proficient. Lin Shen had many accidents in the hypnotic process.

The next day, Xiao Xiao and Sun Kele helped Yan Luo move, and they came up with a new idea. Maybe Shanshan’s needs were not to watch a movie, but to have a fair date with Zhou Ran. Lin Shen made an appointment with Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao rushed to the counseling company. Shanshan’s parents provided a lot of shredded pieces, which were all tickets to the car cinema.

It seems that they were all in the wrong direction before. Shanshan’s heart is not a car movie theater. Her heart is likely to be watching a movie in an ordinary movie theater. Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen immediately went to the cinema.

The scene of the car crash in the movie caused Lin Shen to hold Xiao Xiao’s hand tightly, enter a hypnotic state and return to campus. Surprisingly, Lin Shen performed anti-hypnosis on her, and Xiao Xiao also entered a hypnotic state. In their irrelevant life, Lin Shen saw Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao wakes up from the hypnosis.

Lin Shen has already learned from the hypnosis just now that Xiao Xiao is still single, so what qualifications does he have to open a public account to teach others about emotional problems? Xiao Xiao was very guilty and walked out of the cinema angrily. Just now Lin Shen performed anti-hypnosis on himself, Xiao Xiao also realized that he woke up when he let go of his hand. The two ran into Fan Qi in the cinema and greeted briefly.

Thinking that Xiao Xiao was single, Lin Shen searched her official account for the first time and followed her. After finishing her evaluation, he returned one, but the evaluation was not comprehensive. Xiao Xiao was very excited when he realized that Lin Shen had paid attention to his official account, and almost jumped off the sofa.

Shanshan’s parents were worried all day long at home, so she asked Shanshan to ask Xiao Xiao to go out for a stroll, and Xiao Xiao happily agreed. It turned out that this was their plan. Xiao Xiao is a girl who understands Shanshan’s unwillingness, so the best way to untie her happy knot is to help her put an open end to this relationship. Xiao Xiao bought tickets to the ordinary cinema that Shanshan had always wanted to see, “The Me Who Doesn’t Exist”, and Shanshan suddenly felt a sense of familiarity after seeing it.

In the dark movie theater, Shanshan had some bad memories in her mind, and she stood up emotionally for a while. Shanshan said that she seemed to have watched this movie somewhere, and felt a headache, so she wanted to go back. Xiao Xiao confessed that he wanted to help her this time, to see if he could help her retrieve some memories.

Shanshan still often dreams of Zhou Ran recently. When Xiao Xiao asked her if she wanted to forget or remember, Shanshan thought for a long time and said that she wanted to remember. Even if it was an unpleasant memory, she had the right to know what happened.

Lin Shen helped Shanshan hypnotize and imagined going back to the movie theater on the day of Zhou Ran’s fan meeting. Unfamiliar and familiar memories flooded into my mind, and the memory was once again fragmented. Only Shanshan was left in the cinema, and Lin Shen guided her to calm down and continue to watch the movies that belonged to her and Zhou Ran.

Raising the three demon together, painting the roof to be the home of the three demon, Zhou Ran gave Shanshan a promise that one day he would hold her hand and tell the world their feelings. As soon as the style of painting changed, it was Zhou Ran’s unfeeling figure. He resolutely denied the fact that he had been together. To him, Shanshan was just an old fan of the support club. Shanshan opened the cinema door with tears and returned to the home of the Three Demon.

Fang Lin’s appearance drove Shanshan away and destroyed their home. This time, Shanshan saved herself. Shanshan once fell in love with Zhou Ran, and later he developed better and better and ran faster and faster, but Shanshan left herself where she was, forgetting herself. The dream wakes up, but the dream is still in his own hands.

Shanshan remembered everything, she asked Xiao Xiao to watch the last movie that she hadn’t finished watching. I didn’t hear Zhou Ran admit that this relationship was indeed regrettable, but she finally bid farewell to the past bravely. Xiao Xiao always wanted to say sorry to Shanshan, but Shanshan felt that she was lucky to know Xiao Xiao, and she let herself see this relationship clearly.

Xiao Xiao wanted to meet Zhou Ran. Fan Qi said that the evening was Zhou Ran’s birthday party and she could attend as her female companion. Xiao Xiao went to ask Zuo Yan to help with the evening styling, and Lin Shen was very upset when she learned that she was going to attend as Fan Qi’s female companion.

At the birthday party, Zhou Ran picked Xiao Xiao to play games on stage, and Fang Lin’s expression changed. Xiao Xiao wanted to inspire Zhou Ran and Shanshan’s memories through associations on stage. Shanshan told her many private stories of Zhou Ran. For example, he prefers recording studios to the stage and can’t eat spicy food. Fans The spicy beef he thought he liked was actually Shanshan’s favorite.

Shao Ning and Lin Shen deliberately mentioned Xiao Xiao when they were eating, saying that she was wearing high heels, and Lin Shen immediately made an unnatural excuse to go out shopping. After the birthday party, Xiao Xiao helped Shanshan hand over something to Zhou Ran in the background. Zhou Ran’s face changed drastically. Xiao Xiao said that Shanshan did it because she really let it go, and she also liked Zhou Ran not to work in the company. Puppet, don’t let people be in front of the stage, leave your heart in the dark.

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