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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 1 Recap

Lin Shen, a professional psychological counselor at Shao Lin Partnership Counseling Office, received a police call. The cause was the sudden disappearance of the visitor Sun Dong a few days ago. He left a diary and drove a car with the tail number 8503 and disappeared. According to the diary, the police found that Sun Dong was almost collapsed, which actually happened after psychological consultation.

After investigation, Lin Shen’s mother had something wrong, but the ECG monitor she used at the time did not sound an alarm. This ECG monitor was distributed by Sun Dong. Sun Dong knew this well and recorded it in her diary. As his mood changed, he wrote in his diary that he deeply blamed himself. Lin Shen used to have videos for psychological counseling, except for Sun Dong.

The police have reason to suspect that Lin Shen deliberately induced Sun Dong’s mental breakdown during the hypnosis process. Xiao Xiao also gave Sun Dong psychological counseling, and the police demanded that both of them could not leave the city before Sun Dong appeared.

In Lin Shen’s story, he lost the person who was most important to him, so he let the culprit taste the taste of ruin, but for him, this is far from enough…

A year and a half ago. The love show “The Heartbeat of Love” invited Xiao Xiao as a guest. She is a self-media emotional public account blogger. Lin Shen was lecturing in a university class, and noticed two students who had run away to watch the show, so he also read a section of Xiao Xiao’s views on CP by the way. Lin Shen did not agree with this, and simply explained the case in class.

Shao Lin helped contact the program team, and Lin Shen participated in the program by telephone connection. Lin Shen hit the key point and refuted Xiao Xiao’s point just now. Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but swallow. Is this man here to smash the scene? Sure enough, Xiao Xiao went on a hot search that day, showing off the scene of a social death.

The official account operator Sun Cola sent a message to gossip, but Xiao Xiao took it back, and turned around to urge Yan Luo to submit the paper as soon as possible. Although she is an emotional blogger, Xiao Xiao is a mother-to-child single, which still makes her feel a little emboldened. Yan Luo’s cartoon was updated five days ago, and there has been no news.

Xiao Xiao could only go to her house to find someone, but no one responded after knocking on the door for a long time. Xiao Xiao had no choice but to open the door, but saw a mess. , Yan Luo was not seen at all. Yan Luo’s parents thought that they only cared about their passbooks and didn’t care where their daughter went, but Xiao Xiao was anxious on the sidelines. Yan Luo has been missing for at least four days. Xiao Xiao repeatedly urged Xia Yan Luo’s parents to report to the police station.

However, after receiving a reminder call, Yan Luo’s mother not only concealed the disappearance, but also promised to update as soon as possible, turning around and not reporting the crime. No, it doesn’t mean that Yan Luo went to travel to collect the scenery. Xiao Xiao and the police repeatedly warned that the case was barely reported.

In order to help the police find clues, Xiao Xiao went to Yan Luo’s house again and found that her computer had an email from the Shao Lin Psychological Counseling Center. The appointment time for the consultation was the same day as the time for the collection of electricity bills. Yan Luo also sent another email to Lin Shen. Xiao Xiao suspected that Lin Shen had an ambiguous relationship with Yan Luo through these emails and decided to meet him. Without an appointment, Xiao Xiao was mistaken for Wang Aimi, who came to apply for the job.

The interviewer was not Lin Shen but Shao Ning. Her resume had nothing to do with psychology. Xiao Xiao showed the advantages of an emotional blogger and expressed willingness to do the simplest and most tedious work. After the interview was over and ready to leave, Xiao Xiao accidentally saw the scene where the police left after asking questions. Could Lin Shen really have something to do with Yan Luo’s disappearance?

Xiao Xiao immediately shook hands with Lin Shen, but at this time the assistant revealed her identity. Xiao Xiao embarrassed that she was completely persuaded by Lin Shen on the day of the recording, so she wanted to learn professional psychology knowledge with him. Shao Ning decided to hire Xiao Xiao, but Lin Shen was a bit dissatisfied. Xiao Xiao was clearly a wild road who didn’t know where he came from.

But Xiao Xiao’s real purpose is to get Yan Luo’s visit information, so she specifically asked Yan Sister to tell her that Lin Shen travels all by the subway, and she usually has no hobby of running. He is a black-bellied Scorpio. When Lin Shen sent the information, there was Yan Luo’s information on the desk.

Xiao Xiao deliberately overturned the coffee but did not do what he wanted. Instead, he was rushed to the front desk to receive customers. Xiao Xiao had to inquire about Yan Luo with Xiao Jia, but the confidentiality of the center was very strict, and Yan Luo’s information was locked in a password cabinet by Lin Shen, it is said that it was because Yan Luo had disappeared.

After get off work, Xiao Xiao deliberately found an excuse to stay and sneaked into Lin Shen’s office. However, after entering the wrong password several times, the alarm sounded. Finally, when the alarm stopped, Lin Shen returned because he forgot to bring something. Xiao Xiao pretended to calmly check the doors and windows, but Lin Shen was very suspicious, Xiao Xiao had to start talking nonsense about him again, and Lin Shen was stunned for a while.

Xiao Xiao accompanied Lin Shen to attend the speech. On the crowded subway, Xiao Xiao saw the news that an unnamed female body immediately lost control and rushed to the scene. He was relieved after confirming that it was not Yan Luo.

Yan Luo met Xiao Xiao during the downturn in her life, and with her encouragement and invitation to drew illustrations for her official account, the two also became very good friends. Xiao Xiao took away the USB flash drive, and Lin Shen could only make a speech. When Xiao Xiao reacted and arrived, the speech had ended successfully. Lin Shen was very dissatisfied with Xiao Xiao, and fired her at the celebration banquet that day.

Xiao Xiao was unwilling to leave, and sincerely admitted his mistake and asked for forgiveness. Xiao Xiao deliberately pretended to be drunk. Lin Shen couldn’t find out the address of her home, so he took it back to his home and found out a lot of things related to Yan Luo. Lin Shen explained that Yan Luo did not show up on the day of the appointment and that he was also cooperating with the police to investigate, and that these gifts were not for him, but obviously for this W.

Maybe this person is the boy who chased Yan Luo before, but Xiao Xiao had no impression of this person, so he could only ask Lin Shen to help him with hypnotism. Lin Shen learned that Xiao Xiao was her best friend while helping Yan Luo with psychological counseling, so he agreed to hypnosis. During the hypnosis, Xiao Xiao recalled the last meeting with Yan Luo half a month ago, and the figure wearing a dark blue baseball cap hidden behind the glass. Could he be Yan Luo’s W?

Yan Luo’s parents patriarchalized their daughter like a vampire, but her younger brother still cared about Yan Luo, and immediately thought of Xiao Xiao when she learned that she was missing. Xiao Xiao wanted to find W further, but Lin Shen refused. Xiao Xiao could only go to Yan Luo’s house to find clues, but he didn’t know that a mysterious shadow was always behind him.

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