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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 15 Recap

Baihe was very happy to see Lu Qingqing going back, thinking that Lu Qingqing and Nangong Yixin were official partners, and hoped to be with Nangong Yixin after the prince broke off their marriage contract. Lu Qingqing thought about the conversation between Nangong Yixin and herself, but she couldn’t understand it. With Lu Hongzhu’s spiritual power, she would be able to see that the hibiscus fruit was a fake, but why did she give it to the queen intact, causing trouble?

However, Baihe felt that Lu Hongzhu didn’t look like a bad person, and couldn’t understand why he did it. At this time, Lu Yunxi suddenly came, and Lu Qingqing also raised his doubts about the hibiscus fruit. Not knowing who was going to harm them, Lu Yunxi fell into a panic and dropped the cup that Lily had handed over.

Lu Yunxi calmed down Lu Qingqing a few words and left, but Lu Qingqing thought a lot about Lu Yunxi’s shaking hands. This time she was found by Nangong Yixin thanks to Lu Yunxi, and Lu Yun Xi also went to the wild forest to find her, but he did not see anyone.

The prince and the queen acted like a baby, hoping that they would not care about Lu Qingqing. The queen did not understand why the prince had to be an enemy of an unidentified wild girl. The prince told the truth that he loved Lu Qingqing. Only with Lu Qingqing did he know what seven emotions and six desires are. Lu Qingqing is happy and he is also happy. Lu Qingqing is sad. He is sadder than Lu Qingqing. In his mind, Lu Qingqing is more than everything.

Are important. The queen had no choice but to compromise, saying that she would not be embarrassed anymore, as long as the prince could get the spiritual power stone. In fact, the queen’s purpose is to get the spiritual power stone to help the prince sit on the throne of the future emperor. As for whether Lu Qingqing can live long after entering the palace, it is entirely up to her own good fortune.

When Lu Qingqing saw the prince, she also explained her heart. She thanked the prince for his repeated help, but was unable to repay the prince’s sincerity. The prince was silent and unhappy.

Sikongying came to see Nangong Yixin. The two guessed that Lu Hongzhu must be sure that Lu Qingqing had a spiritual power stone in his body, so that they would use that kind of trick to promote the crown prince and Lu Qingqing, and the purpose was to use the blood of the royal family to unseal the spirit. The power stone, the spiritual power stone is formed by the condensing of the spiritual energy of the first-generation spiritual girl and the first-time king of Qiyuan Continent. Nangong Yixin didn’t know what Dao Hongzhu could do to deal with Lu Qingqing, so he was also very worried.

Xiaowu told Nangong Yixin that he had just learned from Baihe that Lu Qingqing had gone to the prince early in the morning, which made Nangong Yixin very angry, thinking that women are fickle. Xiaowu asked if Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing were still going on the afternoon appointment? Nangong Yixin couldn’t say it, but in the afternoon went to look for Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing saw that Nangong Yixin was angry and kissed him on the cheek. As soon as Nangong Yixin smiled happily, her chest felt pain. Nangong Yixin gave the pasted porcelain fox to Lu Qingqing again. Lu Hongzhu knew that Lu Qingqing had gone to see King Jin, but he couldn’t stop it. He was worried that the more he stopped the two, the closer they would get. The most urgent thing was to go to the palace to discuss countermeasures with the queen.

Lu Hongzhu worried that Nangong Yixin had already known their plan, and had already asked Lu Qingqing out today, worried that the spiritual power stone would be taken away by him, but the queen told Lu Hongzhu that there was cold poison in Nangong Yixin’s body. , As long as you stay with any woman, you will cause cold poison, damage your spiritual power, and eventually die. In order to prevent Nangong Yixin from competing for the throne in the future, the queen poisoned Nangong Yixin twenty years ago. Lu Hongzhu intends to tell Lu Qingqing of this matter, so that Lu Qingqing will definitely not be with King Jin, and can make her stay with the prince.

Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing are watching the meteors. Nangong Yixin also picked a meteor for Lu Qingqing. The two are you and I. Nangong Yixin couldn’t help but have a sharp pain in the chest when kissing Lu Qingqing. Lu Qing Qing was worried that Nangong Yixin’s body was like this because of her, but Nangong Yixin didn’t admit it and embraced her in order to prove that it had nothing to do with Lu Qingqing.

When Lu Qingqing went back in the evening, Lu Hongzhu had already been waiting in the room. After learning that Lu Qingqing had gone to see King Jin, he told Lu Qingqing not to get too close to King Jin. However, Lu Qingqing raised her own question, questioning why Lu Hongzhu had to hand in the hibiscus fruit. Lu Hongzhu explained that it was a crime of oversight to hand it in, but being dismantled was a crime of deceiving the emperor, so he had to hand it in. . Lu Qingqing also believed Lu Hongzhu’s words and felt that she had wronged her father. Lu Hongzhu also brought Nangong Yixin close to her beloved woman, and her chest hurts. The closer he gets to Lu Qingqing, the greater the damage. Love King Jin must stay away from King Jin.

Lu Hongzhu also showed that he was helpless. For the sake of Lu Qingqing and King Jin, he claimed that if he had a little way, he would save King Jin, but there was really no way. Lu Qingqing made a painful decision. I won’t see King Jin again. I only hope that King Jin will be safe. Lu Hongzhu smiled triumphantly.

Lu Qingqing and Baihe looked for an ancient prescription together, hoping to find a cure for King Jin, but found that there was no prescription like this kind of illness. Lu Qingqing regretted that she didn’t love to study before and hated less when she used it.

Lu Qingqing pretended to be ill and went to the holy doctor, telling the king Jin’s illness, hoping that the holy doctor could find a way to treat it, but the holy doctor told Lu Qingqing that this kind of illness is rare, and if she really likes it, she should stay away. When the prince heard that Lu Qingqing was ill, he rushed over. The prince saw that Lu Qingqing had something on his mind. After asking Lu Qingqing truthfully, as long as he approached that friend, that friend would suffer from chills and pain in his chest. The prince knew that it was Nangong Yixin, and the prince immediately said that he would look for ancient books in the library, so that he could help Nangong Yixin as soon as possible.

Lu Qingqing had to go with him, but Zangshu Pavilion could only be entered by members of the royal family. The prince couldn’t bear to disappoint Lu Qingqing and agreed to sneak in with her. Although the prince was jealous about Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing, he suspected that Nangong Yixin was poisoned after hearing Lu Qingqing’s words. He was still very worried about this brother. The prince went to Jin Dynasty to persuade King Jin not to get along with the road. Qingqing is together so as not to torture each other.

King Jin heard that Lu Qingqing knew that he had to go to Lu Qingqing, and the prince reminded King Jin that Lu Qingqing would not see him.

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