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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 14 Recap

Si Kongying found out that Wan Qing was in a bad mood and kept drinking. Si Kongying worried that Lu Qingqing was going to do something stupid. She asked what happened to Wan Qing. With tears in her eyes, Si Kongying explained that her loneliest and painful years were accompanied by Lin Sheng. At this time, she could not find who killed Lin Sheng, but he saw the wound a few days ago. The same wound as Lin Sheng was caused by the spiritual force.

Si Kongying was sad, and she persuaded Guan Qing to think about the children and Xiao Yi. He also understood why Guan Qing kept rejecting himself. Only today did she understand Wan Qing’s psychological grief. Si Kongying promised to help Wan Qing take revenge, and would give Wan Qing enough time to accept herself, hoping that Wan Qing would not continue to torture herself. Wan Qing watched Si Kongying’s affectionate eyes and she shed tears.

Pearl heard that Lu Qingqing was unscathed after going to the wild forest, and also secretly learned spiritual power. If Lu Qingqing went to find the prince, he would drink acacia wine without knowing it, and let the prince and Lu Qingqing Achieve good things. Pearl thought it would be unfair to go to heaven to bring her together with the prince. Lu Yunxi wondered if the prince knew about these things.

Wan Qing attacked the spiritual force army at night and was injured by the spiritual force army. Fortunately, Si Kongying showed up in time to save her. The doctor showed Wan Qing the injuries and told Sikongying that now Guan Qing is mainly sick in heart, and he needs medicine for his heart disease. Doctor, the only medicine the doctor can prescribe is to treat the trauma. Wan Qing in the room wept when he heard these words.

The prince had always been worried about Lu Qingqing’s affairs. For fear that Lu Qingqing could not find the hibiscus fruit, it happened that Lu Qingqing came, hoping that the prince would ask the queen for a few days of grace. The maid beside the queen brought hibiscus wine, and the prince and Lu Qingqing drank the acacia wine sent by the queen together. But Lu Yunxi was worried that the prince and Lu Qingqing had a good relationship, and hurried to tell King Jin about the Hehuan Jiu.

Lu Qingqing and the prince were both drunk, and Lu Qingqing suddenly felt that the world was spinning, and both fell on the bed. The prince confessed to Lu Qingqing passionately. Qiyuan Mainland can be said to be beautiful women like clouds and outstanding people, but he just thinks Lu Qingqing is special, and he likes Lu Qingqing alone.

Lu Qingqing looked at the prince drunk, and mistakenly regarded the prince as Nangong Yixin, and smiled and said that he liked him, since the first time I saw him, the prince kissed Lu Qingqing passionately, and Lu Qingqing squinted suddenly. Opened it, and recognizing that the person in front of him was not Nangong Yixin, Lu Qingqing pushed the prince away.

Nangong Yixin broke through the palace gate and came in, embraced Lu Qingqing and pushed the prince away, knocking him unconscious on the bed. When Nangong Yixin came out with Lu Qingqing in his arms, Lu Yunxi had already waited outside. Lu Yunxi asked Nangong Yixin to take Lu Qingqing back to Jinwang’s mansion, so as not to lose the truth.

After Nangong Yixin took Lu Qingqing away, Lu Yunxi also entered the prince’s room and lay on his body. Lu Qingqing was placed on the bed with her arms around Nangong Yixin, but Nangong Yixin was forced to endure the throbbing in her heart and fainted Lu Qingqing.

Early the next morning, the prince woke up and found that Lu Qingqing was missing. After questioning, he knew that King Jin had taken Lu Qingqing away. The prince was not a fool. He asked the guards and was dismantled, and the flask was also dropped. Medicine, the angry prince ran to the queen and had a big fight. He liked Lu Qingqing, but he couldn’t get Lu Qingqing by this means. The queen told the prince that Lu Qingqing was sealed by the spiritual power stone. There was only this way. In order to get the spiritual power stone.

Lu Qingqing woke up and found that she was in the Jin Dynasty mansion, and she asked Nangong Yixin who came in nervously about what happened yesterday. Jin Wang lied that he saw Lu Qingqing drank too much yesterday, for fear that she would be scolded by Lu Hongzhu. Brought it back here. Lu Qingqing wondered why King Jin came back. King Jin lied that it was because the master was in retreat and that he came back alone because he was bored. King Jin also said that he would help Lu Qingqing find out about the Fusang fruit, so that he would not be involved in the Lu family’s accident. Lu Qingqing said with a smile that the two of them had an unclear connection in their lives, and one sentence made King Jin exasperated.

When Pearl saw Lu Qingqing coming back, she couldn’t help but utterly criticize her. Lu Qingqing used her spiritual power to seal Pearl’s voice, and she could only bark as a dog, which happened to be seen by King Jin. King Jin took advantage of Lu Qingqing’s entrance to the mansion and pulled Pearl aside, used his spiritual power to force Pearl to tell the truth, knowing that the Fusang fruit was with her.

Later, King Jin took the pearl to see Lu Yunxi again, hoping that Lu Yunxi could hand over the hibiscus fruit by herself, otherwise he would expose Lu Yunxi, and Lu Yunxi had to admit her mistake and said that she didn’t mean it on purpose. Yes, I don’t want to let Lu’s family have an accident.

King Jin ran into the prince when he came out of Lu’s house. He also hoped that the prince could keep a distance from Lu Qingqing, and don’t let Lu Qingqing be the object of others’ frame. With the prince, Lu Qingqing would lose her freedom and be unhappy. The prince said that he was obsessed with Lu Qingqing and would not allow anyone to hurt Lu Qingqing. King Jin also admitted that he liked Lu Qingqing and would protect Lu Qingqing from letting others hurt her.

The three-day deadline has come. The queen scolds Lu Qingqing in public and also punishes Lu Hongzhu. Lu Qingqing is willing to bear all the guilt. The queen took the opportunity to ask Lu Qingqing to marry the prince as a concubine, so that the Lu family can be exempted. The crime, otherwise the whole family will be wiped out. The prince stood up and said that he wanted Lu Qing to marry himself as a prince concubine, not as a concubine.

At this time, King Jin came uninvited and brought the hibiscus fruit, claiming that he had dropped it. In fact, King Jin brought the hibiscus fruit from Lu Yunxi and promised that he would never hurt Luyunxi.

When the queen saw that the hibiscus fruit had been delivered, she could only give it up temporarily. The queen was relieved of Lu Mansion’s guilt, and the matter between Lu Qingqing and the prince could only be temporarily stopped, but the king of Jin had exchanged the hibiscus fruit privately. Lu Qingqing was very worried about being beaten for a hundred, but Jin Wang still comforted Lu Qingqing with a hippy smile. He has been drunk recently and is very tired of his body.

In the evening, Lu Qingqing went to see King Jin and couldn’t help crying when he saw the blood on his back. King Jin hurriedly comforted Lu Qingqing. He liked the way Lu Qingqing smiled. King Jin told Lu Qingqing that this incident was deliberately exposed by Lu Hongzhu. Lu Qingqing couldn’t understand why the family wanted to do this and why they would use her. King Jin reminded Lu Qingqing to understand a little bit and only treat her sincerely. Good people are a family.

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