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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 13 Recap

Lu Qingqing has been wandering outside Nangong Yixin’s door, wanting to enter but was rejected by Nangong Yixin, which made Lu Qingqing a little sad, thinking that Nangong Yixin hated her. Suddenly, Sikongying got the news. The queen put everyone in the Lu family under house arrest and accused Lu Qingqing of deceiving the court with falsehoods. Unless Lu Qingqing surrendered, she bypassed the Lu family. Sikongying hurriedly came to Nangong Yixin to tell him the news, but Found that Nangong Yixin’s face was haggard, and she seemed to be very sick.

Qi Yilai told Lu Qingqing about the incident. Lu Qingqing couldn’t bear to make her family feel wronged for her own sake, so she hurriedly went to Rong Yun to say goodbye. Rong Yun lifted Lu Qingqing’s distance ring and told her to be herself before leaving. Decide whether to see Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin guessed that at this time the imperial court issued such a document must be to lure Lu Qingqing back to take away the spiritual power stone, in order to prevent Lu Qingqing from going back.

When Lu Qingqing came to Nangong Yixin, it happened that Nangong Yixin came out of the room. Lu Qingqing hurriedly explained that she was just passing by, for fear that Nangong Yixin would not want to see her, Nangong Yixin persuaded Lu Qingqing not to go back, but Lu Qingqing insisted on not listening to Nangong Yixin’s departure.

Nangong Yixin was worried and Lu Qingqing went to find Rong Yun to say goodbye. Rong Yun worried that Nangong Yixin would lose his life and insisted not to leave, but Nangong Yixin told Master that Lu Qingqing was the only one willing to spend his life. The woman who had guarded her life, ignoring the master’s obstruction, Nangong Yixin then left.

When Lu Qingqing returned home, the guard at the door heard that it was Lu Qingqing who was back. He rushed to arrest him without saying anything, but he was not Lu Qingqing’s opponent at all. At this time, Lu Qingqing’s spiritual power had reached level five. . Lu Qingqing learned from her servants that Lily is still being locked up. Before, Lu Hongzhu was given food, but now that Lu Hongzhu is also locked up, nobody cares about Lily. Lily hasn’t been in charge for several days. Have a meal. Lu Qingqing distressed Lily and hurriedly went to find her, opened the lock with spiritual power, and Lu Qingqing blamed herself when she saw Lily’s haggard appearance.

Guan Qing took Xiao Yi and met the spirit force army murderer on the road. The scar on her neck turned out to be the trace of killing her lover back then. Guan Qing took Xiao Yi back, and then summoned Sagong Ying to meet. Wan Qing wanted to join Chimian. The army fought against the spiritual force and did not hesitate to sacrifice his life for it. Si Kongying comforted Guan Qing, hoping that she could take good care of the children in Ci Kindergarten, and he could help with the rest of the matter, but Guan Qing broke free from Si Kongying’s hand with an iron face.

Lu Hongzhu and Lu Yunxi also came to see Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing wanted to ask what was going on with the hibiscus fruit. He could be sure that the hibiscus fruit he got was the real one. While walking Qingqing, Lu Hongzhu pretended to block and protect Lu Qingqing, but Lu Qingqing did not want to encumber Lu’s family and agreed to follow him to the palace to see the queen.

At this time, the prince led someone to appear. The prince said that Lu Qingqing had just returned and was physically and mentally exhausted. The commander was afraid that he would be punished by the queen to remain motionless. The prince promised to explain everything to the queen himself, and promised that he would not harm the commander, and the commander was relieved.

Lu Qingqing blamed herself for influencing the prince, for fear of being punished because of her affairs. The prince didn’t care, but believed that Lu Qingqing would not mess with the real. Although Lu Qingqing didn’t know why things became like this, she was willing to follow the prince into the palace to make it clear that she would not admit what she had not done.

Lu Yunxi urged Lu Qingqing not to be arrogant when she saw the queen. After all, she had the fault first and used the fake hibiscus fruit to deceive the queen. However, Lu Qingqing believed that the hibiscus fruit she got was real, and it was not wrong that she resolutely refused to admit her mistake. Lu Qingqing has been guilty, and I hope that Lu Qingqing will be patient for her father.

The prince watched Lu Yunxi and Lu Qingqing’s affectionate sisters, and praised Lu Yunxi for being a rare good sister. Back then, he went to the wild forest to find Lu Qingqing, but Lu Qingqing had never seen Lu Yunxi before. Asked Lu Yunxi if he saw a monster, for fear of her having an accident.

Lu Yunxi showed a panic expression, lied that he hadn’t seen anything, but returned when he couldn’t find Lu Qingqing, a doubt flashed in the Prince’s eyes. Nangong Yixin, who was listening to the conversation between the two, was even more skeptical.

Xiaowu has been waiting at home for Nangong Yixin to come back. Nangong Yixin believes that Lu Qingqing got the real hibiscus fruit, because he was with him at the time, and Lu Qingqing would not be fake.

The prince brought Lu Qingqing to see the queen. The queen firmly believed that it was Lu Qingqing who used fake hibiscus fruit to catch Lu Qingqing by celebrities on the ground, but the prince insisted on protecting Lu Qingqing, and the queen was not reconciled because of Lu Qingqing. It hurt the relationship between mother and child, so she agreed to let Lu Qingqing go back first, and gave Lu Qingqing three days to investigate. Seeing Lu Qingqing’s departure, the prince fell into deep thought. He remembered that Lu Yunxi had told him that Lu Qingqing was all right when he returned from the wild forest, but now he said that he had not seen anyone.

Lu Qingqing returned to Lu Hongzhu. Lu Hongzhu persuaded Lu Qingqing to understand the prince’s painstaking effort. Only the prince can help her. He worried that Lu Qingqing would not be able to find out the truth after three days, and Lu Hongzhu would be hurt by that time. , And need the protection of the prince.

Lu Qingqing said that she already had spiritual power to protect her family, and she could also protect herself without the prince. Lu Qingqing told Lu Hongzhu that King Jin took her to worship Master Rong Yun as his master. Lu Hongzhu persuaded Lu Qingqing not to get too close to King Jin. For fear of his father’s misunderstanding of King Jin, Lu Qingqing hurriedly explained that King Jin looked like a dude on weekdays, but actually the opposite was true.

Lu Qingqing discussed with Baihe about the loss of the hibiscus fruit, and felt that the person who had come into contact with the hibiscus fruit was Qi Yi, but Qi Yi would never be the kind of person who exchanged packages. Lu Qingqing asked Baihe to investigate in private. After a while, it can be confirmed that Qi Yi package has no artificial hands after taking it back.

The prince came to Lu Yunxi and raised his own questions, suspicious of Lu Yunxi’s intentions, but Lu Yunxi explained that he would also be implicated because of this matter, and there was no need to do such a thing. The crown prince felt that he might be suspicious, and then turned to apologize to Lu Yunxi, hoping that Lu Yunxi could tell him the news of Fusang fruit.

Xiao Yi saw Wan Qing holding a dagger in a daze in the middle of the night, so she became worried and sent a message to Si Kongying. Si Kongying hurried back and found Wan Qing’s abnormality.

Lu Yunxi overheard the conversation between Qi Yi and Lu Hongzhu, knowing that Lu Hongzhu wanted to force Lu Qingqing to see the prince, Lu Yunxi asked Qi Yi in private to ask what was going on, but Qi Yi did not dare to say it. , Lu Yunxi threatened Qi Yi with his own life. When Qi Yi grabbed the dagger, he scratched his cheek and the dagger fell to the ground. Lu Yunxi hurriedly healed the wound on Qi Yi’s face, feeling sad that he was the candidate for the princess, but was seized by Lu Qingqing.

Qi Yi saw that Lu Yunxi was sad, so he told the secret. It started with Fusang fruit. He wanted to let Lu Qingqing go to the prince and forced Lu Qingqing to hand over the spiritual power stone. Lu Yunxi felt sad. At the beginning, he became a pawn on the chessboard without knowing it.

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