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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 12 Recap

Nangong Yixin was practicing by the river, and Lu Qingqing hurried over to ask for a reward, because Nangong Yixin said that as long as she passed the assessment, she could be rewarded. Nangong Yixin was afraid that Lu Qingqing rushed into the water and hurriedly pulled Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing took advantage of the situation to hug Nangong Yixin. This was the reward she wanted.

Nangong Yixin was hurt by the sudden embrace of Lu Qingqing’s chest, and suddenly the whole body was extremely cold. Lu Qingqing hurriedly sent Nangong Yixin back to Rong Yun for treatment. After Rong Yun’s treatment, the ice on Nangong Yixin’s eyebrows gradually faded, and Lu Qingqing hurriedly took the pill given by the prince to Nangong Yixin.

Nangong Yixin was unwilling to accept it, so angry that Lu Qingqing would throw it away. Nangong Yixin hurriedly took it. Seeing that Lu Qingqing was really angry, Nangong Yixin took Lu Qingqing’s hand to hug her like a spoiled child. It just so happened that Si Kongying saw this scene, and it was rare to see Prince Tsundere acting like a baby. Sikongying didn’t want to miss this good show and stood at the door to enjoy himself.

Nangong Yixin took Lu Qingqing’s hand and continued to act like a baby, and praised Lu Qingqing’s hand for being so warm. He hoped to have a warm hug. Lu Qingqing knew that Nangong Yixin was not in good health, so she refused and promised to make it up another day. Si Kongying watched Lu Qingqing leave, and naturally she inevitably gave some “ridicule” words.

Rong Yun knew that Nangong Yixin’s injury came from Lu Qingqing, and he reminded Nangong Yixin that the spiritual power of the two fluctuates one after the other. Although there has never been such a precedent in Qiyuan mainland, the two are indeed the case. If it goes on for a long time, Nangong Yixin may be fatal. Lu Qingqing picked the cherry blossoms and rushed to give it to Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin knew her heart was accepted, but he felt chest pain when he met Lu Qingqing up close, but Nangong Yixin didn’t tell Lu Qingqing.

Lu Yunxi came to visit the prince. The prince prepared a lot of things to send to Lu Qingqing. Lu Yunxi secretly hid the things he was going to give to the prince. Lu Yunxi was jealous that Lu Qingqing could easily get someone else’s. Xin, even though she refused to come back, His Royal Highness still missed her.

Qi Yi sent all the things the prince had prepared to Lu Qingqing, and Shun also brought a letter. Lu Qingqing hurried forward to look at the gifts. Nangong Yixin was upset, but Lu Qingqing was just looking for supplements for Nangong Yi. Xin replenishes the body, and Nangong Yixin is in full bloom. But suddenly fell to the ground with heartache, Lu Qingqing hurried to help Nangong Yixin, accidentally scratched her hand.

Lu Qingqing restlessly wandered outside Nangong Yixin’s room. She didn’t know why she always cared about Nangong Yixin so much, but because he was not healthy, he couldn’t rest. Rong Yun was healing Nangong Yixin. Lu Qingqing is very anxious to know the result. Si Kongying tells Lu Qingqing that this is like, because he likes a person as well.

Rong Yun found that Nangong Yixin’s injuries were getting heavier and heavier, so he put on a bracelet. This was called a distance bracelet. He and Lu Qingqing could only stay within three feet. Nangong Yixin didn’t want to wear the bracelet. But Rong Yun threatened Nangong Yixin, telling Lu Qingqing the truth if he didn’t wear it.

Lu Qingqing wanted to see Nangong Yixin but was turned away. Lu Qingqing chased Rong Yun to ask what happened. Rong Yun put another distance bracelet on Lu Qingqing’s wrist and told Lu Qing Qing must keep a distance from Nangong Yixin. This will help Nangong Yixin to practice and also help Nangong Yixin recover.

Lu Qingqing didn’t think about tea and rice. After seeing Nangong Yixin, Si Kongying came to tell Lu Qingqing and answered questions for Lu Qingqing. Although humans like many types, just like Lu Qingqing also likes Guanqing, This is different from the liking for Nangong Yixin, it’s just the liking between men and women.

Lu Hongzhu also told the queen of Lu Qingqing’s true identity. Lu Qingqing was the daughter of the spiritual girl. He was the illegitimate daughter who lied to him but was actually the adopted spiritual girl’s daughter. Now the spiritual girl is dead.

But no spirit stone was found near the spiritual girl’s body, guessing that it might be sealed in Lu Qingqing’s body, the queen ordered Lu Hongzhu to investigate clearly, otherwise he would be dismissed from his position. On the surface, Lu Hongzhu agreed, but looking at the back of the queen leaving, Lu Hongzhu showed a fierce look.

Lu Qingqing hadn’t seen Nangong Yixin for two days, and she was a little upset. I don’t know if Nangong Yixin was okay. Rong Yun saw that Lu Qingqing’s soul had not shoushe and told her that she must concentrate on her practice. Lu Qingqing began to concentrate calmly. Controlling the wooden sword flying up, Rong Yun took the opportunity to let Lu Qingqing practice the sword.

Although Lu Qingqing is not very skillful in swordsmanship, she can quickly turn the dangers into danger. Rong Yun also showed a relieved smile. Nangong Yixin came out of the room to watch Lu Qingqing fly, and Lu Qingqing also noticed Nangong Yixin for a while. Lost unexpectedly fell down, Nangong Yixin was afraid that Lu Qingqing was injured and hurried to fly to follow Lu Qingqing, but in order to maintain the distance, she deliberately used her back to follow Lu Qingqing and landed slowly.

Lu Qingqing wanted to tell Nangong Yixin something important. As soon as they touched their bracelets, they separated because of pain. Nangong Yixin hurriedly entered the room. Rong Yun did not allow Lu Qingqing to find Nangong Yixin. Xin.

In the evening, Qi Yi was ordered to test Lu Qingqing, but he didn’t expect to be sucked away by the spiritual power in Lu Qingqing’s ears, and a lotus seat was raised around Lu Qingqing, Qi Yi hurriedly bounced away, and the voice awakened Lu Qing. Qing, Lu Qingqing stood up and competed with Qi Yi, and the voice shocked Nangong Yixin next door. Nangong Yixin overstretched his spiritual power in the fight with Qi Yi and was injured again. In order to save Lu Qingqing and the two of them from close contact again, Rong Yun had to heal Nangong Yixin again.

Lu Qingqing hopes to take care of Nangong Yixin. Although Rong Yun did not explain the reason, he refuses Lu Qingqing to see Nangong Yixin, and at the same time guarantees that he and Si Kongying will take good care of Nangong Yixin.

Lu Hongzhu found that the hibiscus fruit had been made of stone, and thought that it was Lu Qingqing’s careful play, so he simply went to the queen to act in a play and forced Lu Qingqing to come back by herself.

The queen made a decree to reprimand Lu Qingqing for blinding the queen with falsehoods. Now she puts the Lu family under custody and arrests Lu Qingqing.

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