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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 10 Recap

The giant beast shook the tree vigorously. Lu Qingqing pretended to put the beast in a bag and threw it out. The beast rushed to chase the beast, and Lu Qingqing took the opportunity to jump off the tree and escape. Unexpectedly, the giant beast chased it again. Lu Qingqing swallowed the beast for fear that it would be taken away. Seeing the giant beast flew over, Nangong Yixin appeared and repelled the beast.

Lu Qingqing was in a coma because he swallowed the beast. Nangong Yixin knew that the power of the beast was not something that the human body could bear, so he took the unconscious Lu Qingqing to Master, and the two worked together to force Lu Qingqing to spit out the beast. The person who swallowed the beast could burn all his internal organs in an instant, but Lu Qingqing was not in a special physical condition, but was unconscious, and Master was deeply puzzled.

Nangong Yixin told Master what he knew, and Master also wondered if Lu Qingqing was Lu Hongzhu’s daughter, there was no reason why she had no spiritual power for twenty years. At this time, when Lu Hongzhu heard the news, the body of the spiritual girl had been found. Lu Hongzhu cried with grief. He waited for twenty years, waiting for the spiritual girl to turn around. At that time, he did not understand why the spiritual girl insisted on choosing peace. When the Li’anmen were together, Lu Hongzhu believed she would come back, but he didn’t expect that it would turn out to be a corpse in the end.

Lu Qingqing woke up and learned that she was rescued by Nangong Yixin, and blamed Nangong Yixin for torturing her. It was cold for a while and hot for a while. Is it so difficult to admit that she cares about her? Nangong Yixin always refused to admit that he liked Lu Qingqing, and Lu Qingqing did not force him to ask about Master Nangong Yixin. The master of Nangong Yixin was called Rong Yun, who had cultivated six pure roots since he was a child. Nangong Yixin is not too big, but with gray hair. Nangong Yixin learned all his skills from Rong Yun.

Lu Qingqing hopes that Rong Yun can also teach her Kung Fu, but Nangong Yixin thinks that Master will not accept apprentices, and that Master has a rather weird personality. However, Lu Qingqing is very confident, thinking that there is nothing she can’t handle. Nangong Yixin wonders if Lu Qingqing wants to find the Sambo because she wants to be a princess. Lu Qingqing said that she just wants Lily to be free and not to hurt her family, Nangong. Yixin secretly made up his mind to prevent Lu Qingqing from going to the wild forest.

Nangong Yixin asked Sikongying to tell Lu Qingqing about the things he needs to pay attention to when going to the wild forest. It won’t show up in wind and rain. Persuading her not to go for the time being. Lu Qingqing guessed that Nangong Yixin must have said this. , But still agreed.

Lu Qingqing was seen by Rong Yun while she was practising spiritual power, and Rong Yun admired it. Lu Qingqing took the opportunity to inquire about Lingzhi, only then knew she had been deceived. Rong Yun found that Lu Qingqing and Lu Hongzhu were nothing like curious inquiries. Lu Qingqing explained that her elder sister was similar to her father.

She always taught her to never change that kind of person. She was really unworthy to be a father’s daughter. Rong Yun persuaded Lu Qingqing. Just be yourself. Lu Qingqing also flattered, using the reason that she had obtained two treasures and tested her spiritual power level 7 as an excuse to persuade Rong Yun to accept her as an apprentice, so that if one day she is repaired, she can still say that she was taught by Rong Yun. , Rong Yun said with a smile that he was taking advantage.

Nangong Yixin wanted to prevent Lu Qingqing from going to the wild forest, but found that she had left her book and left. Lu Qingqing met moving trees and snakes in the forest. Lu Qingqing who was eager to escape got her feet, but quickly healed her legs with her own spiritual power. Lu Qingqing was very happy and felt that she and Nangong Yixin Only when we are together will I rub my spiritual power every day.

Lu Qingqing quickly found the Ganoderma lucidum, but was bitten by a flying insect on her neck. Lu Qingqing suddenly felt that the world was spinning around. Nangong Yixin just came over. Lu Qingqing did not forget to show off her Ganoderma lucidum, but suddenly she saw her. Hei fainted in Nangong Yixin’s arms. Nangong felt a pain in his heart, but he didn’t know why.

As soon as Lu Qingqing woke up, she wanted to go back to save Lily with the three treasures. Nangong Yixin reminded that Master Lu Qingqing was going to retreat recently. If she went back to save her, she would not be able to apprentice her teacher. Lu Qingqing summoned Qi Yi and asked him to bring the treasure back to save Lily. Lu Qingqing also officially bowed to Rong Yun, begging Rong Yun to accept her, and Rong Yun readily agreed.

Lu Qingqing was happy to respect tea. She also became Nangong Yixin’s junior sister. She respectfully gave tea to Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin reminded Lu Qingqing to study hard and use her spiritual power to protect herself in the future.

Qi Yi gave the baby to Lu Hongzhu, and when he learned that Lu Qingqing hadn’t come back to be a teacher, Lu Hongzhu couldn’t help saying that Lu Qingqing was a nonsense. When the prince learned that Lu Qingqing was ill, he asked the guard to pretend to hide in the room and sneak out to find Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing was playing sepak takraw. Nangong Yixin was about to grab a sepak takraw with Lu Qingqing and Lu Qingqing almost fell. Nangong Yixin flew over and followed Lu Qingqing. This scene happened to be seen by the prince who came over. The prince brought a pill for gathering spiritual energy and gave it to Lu Qingqing. He felt a little uncomfortable in his heart when he learned that Lu Qingqing wanted to stay for practice, but he didn’t force it.

Nangong Yixin and the prince drank and talked alone. The prince was very distressed. He even felt that he could not express his friendship with Lu Qingqing himself. He was not sure what Lu Qingqing thought. Nangong Yixin persuaded the prince where there is no fragrant grass. But the prince only had Lu Qingqing in his heart. When Lu Qingqing came in, the prince persuaded her to go back. Lu Qingqing wanted to practice here. No one could bully her when she went out. The prince insisted on staying to take care of Lu Qingqing, but Lu Qingqing refused and persuaded her. The prince went back to deal with the court affairs.

The prince saw that King Jin liked Lu Qingqing, and King Jin also knew that the prince liked Lu Qingqing. One wanted to keep Lu Qingqing, the other persuaded Lu Qingqing to leave, and the two pulled Lu Qingqing’s arms at each other. The prince asked to try his kung fu with Nangong Yixin, so that Lu Qingqing could understand him better.

Lu Qingqing persuaded the prince to leave here, claiming that he had already worshipped Master Rong Yun as his master, and that he had to practice quietly. Nangong Yixin knew that there was something in the Prince’s words, and the two wanted to determine who could continue to accompany Lu Qingqing through a battle, so they agreed to compete with the Prince.

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