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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 19 Recap

Wu Siyue and Baili Hongyi meticulously planned a coup to lead the snake out of the cave. Wu Youjue suddenly ordered the field service and internal guard to rush back to protect Wu Shenxing before dawn. Wu Siyue was unwilling to give up, but she did not dare to disobey the order. All the internal guards in ambush in Liubailou were evacuated.

Li Beiqi persuaded her to notify Baili Hongyi to cancel the operation. Wu Siyue was worried that the assassins of Chunqiu Dao would detect it and decided to stay alone to support Baili Hongyi. Li Beiqi suggested to ask Gao Bingzhu for help. Wu Siyue flatly refused, Li Beiqi did not. Don’t worry, Wu Siyue decided to defy the order to stay with her. Wu Siyue went to Pei Jian overnight and asked him to take the people from Dali Temple to help arrest the assassins of Chunqiu Dao.

An Baitan handed the list of suspicious persons listed by Gao Bingzhu to Li Yichen. Among them was An Baitan. An Baitan insisted that Gao Bingzhu deliberately made trouble, just to mess up Lian Fang. An Baitan’s father saved the lives of Li Yichen and his son. Li Yichen always regarded An Baitan as the most reliable person. When he looked at the list carefully selected by Gao Bingzhu, he was suspicious of An Baitan and asked her to take care of her. Cooperate with Gao Bingzhu’s investigation.

Baili Hongyi rushed to Liubailou according to the planned route. He passed by the bridge and did not find the sencha stall arranged by Wu Siyue in advance. Baili Hongyi came to Liubailou quietly, only seeing Wu Siyue, but not seeing Wu Siyue. He immediately became alert to the other inner guards. Liu Ran was worried that Baili Hongyi went out alone, so she sent Yunzhi to ask Shen Fei about the news. Shen Fei asked three questions, and Yunzhi tempted him with fine wine. Shen Fei pretended to be drunk and intoxicated.

Liu Ran came to Shen Fei to ask about the details of the new driver and the servants in the mansion. Shen Fei was noncommittal. Liu Ran was going to report to the officer. Shen Fei had to use Baili Hongyi to leave the white building as bait. come out. Gao Bingzhu selected a few of the oldest seniors and skillfully helped him check it all night, and finally listed more than 30 suspects, among them some people who helped. They were very dissatisfied and asked Gao Bingzhu to investigate by himself. Then they broke up. Gao Bingzhu loudly appealed to everyone to help investigate the traitor and seek justice for Han Dongqing.

Baili Hongyi looked around and found Pei Jian and the guards of Dali Temple pretending to be the buddies in the white building, and guessed that Wu Siyue asked them for help. Gao Bingzhu summoned all the thirty suspects to Shanqiao Hall and questioned them one by one. He learned that before Han Dongqing left the Vientiane Tower, he sent someone to Wu Siyue to send a secret letter, and Han Dongqing asked the person in charge of collecting the information. Jianfeng pretended to be a monk and went to Fashan Temple together. Finally, Gao Bingzhu asked An Baitan for questioning. She was arrogant and refused to cooperate.

Liu Ran suddenly came to Baili Hongyi to leave the white building with a veil. Baili Hongyi urged her to leave as soon as possible under the excuse of something important. Liu Ran revealed that Baili Hongyi was lying and didn’t want her to take risks, but Baili Hongyi wanted to stop her. Liu Ran ventured into danger, trying to force Liu Ran to leave.

At this time, people from the Ministry of Engineering came to see Baili Hongyi on time. Baili Hongyi lied that he had confessed to the wrong person and hurriedly got up and left, while Shiliuye secretly pursued him.

An Baitan filed a complaint with Li Yichen. Li Yichen came to Gao Bingzhu for accountability with a mask. Gao Bingzhu proposed to imprison the more than 30 people, and they strongly protested. Gao Bingzhu had no choice but to say that the traitor was An Baitan. An Baitan gritted his teeth with anger. Huang Zhong was the first to stand up to defend An Baitan. Others also attacked Gao Bingzhu and mocked him.

Gao Bingzhu counted the suspicious points of An Baitan one by one. An Baitan argued with him on the basis of reason. Li Yichen asked Gao Bingzhu to show the evidence. Gao Bingzhu suggested that An Baitan should be locked up before checking it out. Li Yichen had no choice but to do so. concession. Huang Zhong and others were all fighting for An Baitan. Gao Bingzhu reminded them to find out the truth and promised to let the meritorious person take over Han Dongqing’s position. They didn’t want to betray their colleagues, so they all dispersed.

Baili Hongyi deliberately introduced Shiliuye into the small alley. Wu Siyue came to help in time. She fought with Shiliuyeda, but Shiliuye didn’t love it. He pierced Baili Hongyi’s throat with his halberd, Wu Siyue. When the sixteen nights pressed forward, Baili Hongyi had to let go of the sixteen nights. Li Beiqi and Pei Jian led people to hurriedly.

Sixteen nights were scared and fled. Wu Siyue complained that Baili Hongyi should not leave Liubailou without permission. Baili Hongyi did not want Liu Ran to follow the adventure, and she knew Sixteen. Ye did not succeed and would continue to assassinate, promising to continue to be a bait, Wu Siyue found that Baili Hongyi was acting more and more like Gao Bingzhu’s crazy, angrily asked Li Beiqi to escort him back to Neiwei Mansion.

That night, Yi Ze secretly came to An Baitan’s room and put Han Dongqing’s ciphered transcript under her bed, only to be caught. When Li Yichen, An Baitan and Gao Bingzhu came after hearing the news, Yi Ze realized that he had been tricked. He wanted to take the poison pill hidden in his collar and committed suicide. Gao Bingzhu desperately stopped Yi Ze. In fact, all of this was meticulously designed by Gao Bingzhu. He deliberately accused An Baitan that he wanted to attract a rape. Li Yichen ordered the barbarian to be locked up, and An Baitan was tortured against the barbarian, and the barbarian refused to confess and shouted loudly. Shout injustice.

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