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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 18 Recap

Shen Fei drove Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran on the carriage in a carriage. Liu Ran fell asleep on Baili Hongyi’s shoulders because of overwork, but Baili Hongyi was very awake. He kept everything that happened in the past few days. The tail stroked it again, but couldn’t figure it out.

Gao Bingzhu came back to Li Yichen’s life, An Baitan stopped him, questioned him for not reporting Ruoan’s whereabouts in time, and went to arrest people in violation of the rules. Gao Bingzhu turned around in anger and wanted to leave, An Baitan forced him hard, Gao Bingzhu Worried that Lianfang’s insider would report the news, so he didn’t report it. He claimed that he had grasped the clues of the insider, so An Baitan had to take him to see Li Yichen.

Gao Bingzhu found a bowl dedicated to Bi Luosi in Ruo’an’s house. He suspected that the bowl was a token of communication between Ruo’an and the traitor. Bi Luosi gave the monks and beggars alms every day that he could not sell. Ruo’an took the bowl to finish the meal When Luo Si received the food, he took over with the traitor, and Li Yichen sent An Baitan to investigate the person responsible for the food. Gao Bingzhu reported to Li Yichen that Baili Hongyi was attacked by the people of Chunqiu Dao and snatched the fragments of the parchment scroll he found at Lin Zhong’s house, and said the two dictums above. Li Yichen could not guess those two sentences. Meaning.

The officials of the government threw a reward for the capture of Gao Bingzhu on the ground and posted a new reward. Wu Siyue passed by and picked it up. She couldn’t help but think of all the past events since she met Gao Bingzhu, and also thought that Gao Bingzhu had been cut off. When Qingsi joins Lianfang, Wu Siyue’s heart is unspeakable.

When Wu Siyue returned to the Neiwei Mansion, she overheard Wu You’s decision to ask Yang Huan to help her talk to her. Just as Wu Siyue wanted to enter the door, Li Beiqi hurried to call her away. An Baitan soon found out that Zhang Qun, the god of Lianfang, had a major suspicion, so Zhang Qun was arrested for interrogation, and Li Yichen and Gao Bingzhu were listening behind the screen. An Baitan threatened Zhang Qun to seduce him.

Zhang Qun didn’t know if he asked three questions. An Baitan gritted his teeth with anger and tortured Zhang Qun to extract a confession. Zhang Qun confessed that he didn’t know Ruoan. He only recognized the bowl and didn’t recognize people. People disguise themselves as different images every time. Gao Bingzhu concluded that there were still insiders in the zone and advised Li Yichen to clean them up as soon as possible. Li Yichen vowed to uproot them.

Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran returned to Baili Mansion smoothly. Yunzhi was very happy. Seeing that Baili Hongyi and Shen Fei were both injured, she hurried over to ask Liu Ran for warmth. Baili Hongyi had something urgent to go out and asked Liu Ran to reply first. At home, he went to the Ministry of Engineering to look for Zhang to supervise him. Someone secretly followed Baili Hongyi and knew his whereabouts well. Liu Ran found that there were many strange servants in the house. She clearly remembered that she had dismissed the maid and the housekeeper. Yunzhi explained that these were arranged by Baili Hongyi.

Zhang Qun was in Lianfang Kobe, and Kobe was responsible for collecting and sorting out information. Gao Bingzhu and Li Yichen both felt that Ruoan had contradicted more than one Kobe. The Kobe list is stored in the Wanxiangdian, and they are all recorded in cipher text. The cipher text is The sage compiled the index according to the “Yueshu Yaolu”. It is impossible for outsiders to see Kobe’s roster. Li Yichen shuddered. He didn’t expect that the insider had already penetrated into the zone before he realized the seriousness of the problem.

Ruoan was lucky enough to escape, quietly came to Chunqiu Taoist Zhangqiu to return to life, and pushed all the guilt on Song Liang and Liu Xiang. According to the intelligence, the person who learned that Baili Hongyi went to the Ministry of Engineering, praised his talents and intelligence, and guessed that it was related to the Ministry of Engineering with just two sentences. She sent Sixteen Nights to keep an eye on Baili Hongyi, no matter who he meets, she finds a chance to kill him.

Liu Ran and Yunzhi were chatting on the promenade. A Jiading suddenly panicked. Liu Ran had never seen him. He claimed to replace the injured He Si. On the first day of today, he came to Baili Mansion. Liu Ran realized that the situation was not Miao, immediately go to Baili Hongyi to report. Li Yichen asked An Baitan to arrange a special bookstore for Gao Bingzhu to facilitate his investigation.

From An Baitan’s mouth, Gao Bingzhu learned that Shanqiao could never leave the Wanxiang Hall, because Shanqiao Tang had too much Lianfang. Gao Bingzhu therefore concluded that it was the skill of the Wanxiang Temple who had stolen the roster, and Shenzu and Jianfeng were not allowed to enter the Wanxiang Temple.

Gao Bingzhu summoned the four skillful people who were on duty the night before Han Dongqing was killed. They were Huang Zhong, Yi Ze, Gu Xi and Xiao Li. Gao Bingzhu asked them to truthfully answer the whereabouts of that night. They were very Resist, feel that Gao Bingzhu has no right to investigate, Gao Bingzhu suspects that there is a ghost in their hearts. The young official reported the incident at 1510. That night, Han Dongqing received a secret letter and went to Huang Zhong for help. The young official clearly remembered that An Baitan also met Han Dongqing when he came out of the Qianmu Pavilion.

Gao Bingzhu sent An Baitan to bring all the lists of the Wanxiang Temple. An Baitan repeatedly claimed that she had checked them all. Gao Bingzhu was uneasy and forced her to bring all the more than 1,000 lists. Liu Ran came to deliver food to Baili Hongyi, curious to inquire about his whereabouts, and went to see what Baili Hongyi was doing. Baili Hongyi shunned her and lied that she was going to rest, and let Liu Ran go first, Liu Ran Guessing that he found a clue in Xuanshan, Baili Hongyi didn’t want to say it, and forced Liu Ran out.

Baili Hongyi asked Supervisor Zhang to meet at Liubailou tomorrow. He asked Shen Fei to stay at home to protect Liu Ran. Only then did Shen Fei understand why Baili Hongyi was so fierce to Liu Ran because he was worried that she was in danger. Immediately afterwards, Baili Hongyi sent someone to give him the route to leave the white building to Wu Siyue.

It turned out that this was a trap carefully set up by Wu Siyue and Baili Hongyi, and Baili Hongyi wanted to use himself as a bait to lure Chunqiu Dao. Wu Siyue arranged for the assassins to encircle Liubailou in advance, and wanted to take the opportunity to wipe them out. She also ordered the inner guards to hide their identities and enter Bailifu to protect Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran’s safety.

An Baitan took all the roster. Gao Bingzhu first checked people who had joined Lianfang for more than three years, and sent someone to screen out those who did not start as a book official. Gao Bingzhu analyzed that if the traitor wants to grasp all the clues, he will Start with the book official at the bottom. After several levels of screening, Gao Bingzhu finally locked a few people and found out their information. Gao Bingzhu discovered that Huang Zhong had entered the case vault three times that day, and An Baitan tried his best to defend Huang Zhong.

Wu Siyue made the arrangements properly, and suddenly received an order from Wu Youjue that Wu Shenxing was going to travel tomorrow and urgently dispatched all the field and internal guards, Wu Siyue was immediately dumbfounded.

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