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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 17 Recap

Wu Siyue inferred that Ruo’an had not left the city, she must pretend to be hidden in the city, so she sent the guards of the Neiwei Mansion to guard at each city gate. She secretly determined to find Ruo’an before Gao Bingzhu. Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran continued to set off to Xuanshan. Along the way, Liu Ran looked for various topics to chat with him. Baili Hongyi changed his taciturn and talked to her, Liu Ran took the opportunity to gently hold Baili Hongyi’s hand. , Leaning his head on his shoulder, Baili Hongyi did not refuse.

Shen Fei stepped forward and quickly came to the Yanshan copper mining area. Baili Hongyi determined that there were ghosts in the mining area, so he took Shen Fei to the camp to find out the news, but the miners and family members of the camp did not know Lin Zhong and Lin Yanfu. Women. Liu Ran saw that they were living hard, so he gave them a sling, but the local materials were lacking, and even if they had money, they couldn’t buy anything.

A miner came up to molest Liu Ran in every possible way. Baili Hongyi stood up to protect her in spite of himself. Fei gave the miner a severe lesson. The miners swarmed and surrounded Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran. Thanks to the miner leader Liu Chun, who came to the rescue in time, deported the miners and asked Baili Hongyi and them to leave the mining area as soon as possible.

Ruoan disguised himself as a Huren and wanted to get out of the city. From a distance, he saw that the guards of the Neiwei Mansion were heavily guarded at the gates. They carefully checked the people entering and leaving the city.

Ruoan turned around in fright and left. Neiwei Sui Xin discovered his whereabouts and led people to chase him, Ruoan dodged in the alley, and finally hid in Chunhuafang. Baili Hongyi followed Liu Chun to a blacksmith’s shop and took the initiative to help repair iron farm tools. He took the opportunity to find out that Lin Zhong was the clerk of the copper mining area. He had a drinking friend named Xiao Sou, who was boarding at Lin Zhong’s house. Suddenly died unexpectedly, and then Lin Zhong and his daughter also disappeared.

Wu Siyue heard that Ruoan had appeared in Chunhuafang, and she personally brought people to investigate, and conducted a rigorous search of passing people and vehicles. Wu Siyue inspected a carriage going out of the city.

In the carriage was the dancer Yuwenpei of Hongwangfang. Pei, Wu Siyue didn’t notice any abnormalities, so he let the carriage out of the city. Suddenly Wu Siyue found that the carriage indentation was too heavy. Thinking of Yuwen Peipei’s nervousness, she suspected Ruoan was hiding inside, so she ordered the carriage to be stopped and arrested.

Gao Bingzhu suddenly fell from the sky. He rushed to the carriage to catch Ruoan. Ruoan was hidden in the Yuwen Peipei carriage. In desperation, he held Yuwen Peipei with a knife. Wu Siyue and Gao Bingzhu did not dare to act rashly.

I was able to watch Ruoan ride away in a carriage. If An abandoned the carriage and left, Wu Siyue immediately sent someone to chase him, complaining that Gao Bingzhu should not act rashly. Gao Bingzhu couldn’t care about reasoning with her, so he hurried to chase Ruoan. Wu Siyue asked Li Beiqi to report the letter, and she decided to search Ruoan’s residence again.

Baili Hongyi brought Liu Ran to Lin Zhong’s house for investigation. Liu Ran stepped forward to look at a basket full of debris. Suddenly an unkempt old man attacked Liu Ran, and Baili Hongyi knocked him to the ground. Liu Chun rushed to hear the news and repeatedly explained that this man was a lunatic, but he never hurt anyone.

Baili Hongyi looked through Liu Ran’s moved basket and found a burnt incomplete lambskin roll with “Dragon Snake” remaining on it. “The hidden shadow walks through the road, the ruling and the opposition join the mountains”, Baili Hongyi couldn’t guess the meaning of those two sentences. Liu Ran gave Liu Chun some money to buy some food for the lunatic.

Wu Siyue came to Ruo’an’s residence, but Gao Bingzhu was there. Wu Siyue ridiculed him. Gao Bingzhu didn’t get angry. She continued to investigate clues. He held up a bowl to check carefully. Wu Siyue was even more angry. At one point, he complained that Gao Bingzhu joined Lianfang without telling her in advance, and did not care about her feelings, and Gao Bingzhu did not explain.

A carrier pigeon flew to Ruo’an’s house suddenly. Gao Bingzhu quickly took off the information from the pigeon’s legs. It stated Baili Hongyi’s whereabouts. Gao Bingzhu realized that Baili Hongyi was in danger, so Wu Siyue went with him. To save people, the two of them drove on both horses and whip day and night. Shen Fei drove the carriage into the woods, and saw someone lying on the ground in front of him.

The contents of the package beside him were scattered all over the place. Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran came down to see what happened, thinking that the person had been robbed. The man pretended to faint, he jumped up to assassinate Baili Hongyi, Shen Fei rushed over to fight him, the man took the opportunity to stabbed Shen Fei.

Two more masked assassins rushed out of the woods, Baili Hongyi desperately to cover Liu Ran, accidentally rolled the sheepskin that Lin Zhong’s found on the ground, Baili Hongyi wanted to pick them up, and the two assassins pressed on them step by step. Thanks to Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue who arrived in time and beat all the three assassins away.

Wu Shenxing hosted a banquet for Wu Youjue. Wu Youjue’s old illness recurred and continued to cough. Wu Shenxing persuaded him to drink some rice wine to warm his stomach. He also told him that Gao Bingzhu had joined Lianfang. Wu Shenxing couldn’t swallow this breath. But he didn’t dare to challenge Lianfang. Wu Youjue suggested that Song Liang should be sent to the secret cell of the Neiwei Mansion.

Wu Shenxing thought it was feasible and agreed to recommend Wu Youjue as the Shangshu of the Ministry of War in front of the saint. Baili Hongyi told Gao Bingzhu truthfully the two sentences on the sheepskin scroll, and Gao Bingzhu advised him not to interfere in this matter, so as to avoid danger again.

Wu Siyue went to the carriage to appease Liu Ran. Liu Ran was calm. Wu Siyue got off the carriage and saw Gao Bingzhu riding away. She told Baili Hongyi that Gao Bingzhu had joined Lianfang. Tell Wu Siyue the two dictums on the sheepskin scroll. He suspected that the assassin was chasing him for the sheepskin scroll, and Lin Zhong and his daughter died because of these two sentences, suffering from no conclusive evidence. Now even if he returns to Shendu, he may be in danger, but Bailiyan’s death is related to Chunqiu Dao. Even if he uses his own life as bait, he still has to find the truth.

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