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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 16 Recap

Wu Siyue came to see Young Master Chu, and suddenly saw Gao Bingzhu, only to realize that Gao Bingzhu had joined Lianfang. Seven days ago, Gao Bingzhu came to Li Yichen to join forces to clear the Spring and Autumn Road. In order to show his sincerity, he actively asked to join Lianfang. Li Yichen repeatedly emphasized that once he joined Lianfang, he could not withdraw until he died, and he must cut off his emotions and desires.

Unable to marry and have children, since then he has nothing to worry about, and his heart is for the public. Gao Bingzhu is now alone and no longer concerned. Li Yichen wanted to ask about Song Liang’s conspiracy from Wang Dengcheng’s mouth, and sent Gao Bingzhu to take Wang Dengcheng from the Dali Temple cell. .

Gao Bingzhu came to Chouweng and borrowed two Guixi Pills. This pill was developed for craftsmen working underwater. Once a person takes this pill, he will be able to breathe for two hours without drowning. To buy time for rescue, the ugly man handed the Gui Xi Dan to Gao Bingzhu to remind him to do what he could and not to cause trouble for himself. Gao Bingzhu secretly entered the cell of Dali Temple and gave Wang Dengcheng the Gui Xi Dan.

Gao Sheng learned that Wang Dengcheng was dead, and was worried that he would cause trouble to his upper body, so he sent someone to transport Wang Dengcheng’s body to the autopsy room. Gao Bingzhu came to the autopsy room overnight. Unconsciously, he rescued Wang Dengcheng. He took Wang Dengcheng to see Li Yichen. Wang Dengcheng didn’t want to stay alive, so Gao Bingzhu killed him. On the way, the masked black assassin suddenly descended from the sky. Gao Bingzhu fought him. The man in black was out of sight. Gao Bingzhu chased him.

An Bai Tan brought people to him. Gao Bingzhu found out that Wang Dengcheng had been hanged long ago. , Gao Bingzhu thought of the scenes of his life and death with Wang Dengcheng, mixed with mixed feelings in his heart.

Gao Bingzhu knew that Li Yichen didn’t believe him at all, so he used Wang Dengcheng to test him, and used this to lead Lian Fang’s internal traitors to appear. Lian Fang planted seven people in Bi Luosi. Four of them knew Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts. There was an insider, and he asked Gao Bingzhu to investigate it himself. Li Yichen agreed to let Gao Bingzhu join Lianfang to replace Han Dongqing. He also archived his height, weight, measurements, and handprints in accordance with the rules. From now on, his identity will only be Lianfang Jielang. Gao Bingzhu.

When Wu Siyue learned that Gao Bingzhu had joined Lianfang, she gritted her teeth with anger. Gao Bingzhu repeatedly explained that he was voluntary, and tried to separate her from Wu Siyue. Wu Siyue slapped him severely in anger. An Baitan did not believe that Gao Bingzhu would willingly join Lianfang, and Li Yichen also knew that Gao Bingzhu could not let go of Wu Siyue.

Gao Bingzhu took Wu Siyue to Lianfang’s case vault. Wu Siyue wanted to check the information of Shiliuye and told Gao Bingzhu the words Xiaoyaozi said truthfully, but Lianfang couldn’t find out anything about returning to Tibet.

For Feng’s clues, Gao Bingzhu guessed that Lianfang’s internal traitor had already taken these materials away. Wu Siyue and Gao Bingzhu shared the clues they had, and inferred that five years ago, Song Liang and the Sixteen Nights of Chunqiu Dao teamed up to get rid of Xiaoyaozi’s cronies, and Gao Bingzhu asked Song Liang to take out Song Liang’s travel records. , Found that he often goes to the White Horse Temple.

Baili Hongyi took Liu Ran to Yanshan. He took good care of Liu Ran. Liu Ran was enthusiastic in his heart and promised to help Baili Hongyi check the whereabouts of the copper material. Seeing that it was getting late, Baili Hongyi decided to rest in the inn in front. Due to the large number of guests, there was only one house left in the inn. Liu Ran wanted to stay in another inn. Baili Hongyi agreed to live in the same room with her, Liu Ran. Naturally, I can’t ask for it.

Wu Siyue invited Master Clarification, the abbot of the White Horse Temple, and learned from him that Song Liang and Liu Xiang went to the White Horse Temple many times. They went to different times and it was impossible to meet. Master Clarification remembered that they were both received by the temple. The Zhike Seng Ruoan in here. Wu Siyue and Gao Bingzhu found Ruo’an’s residence in the downtown area and found that people had gone to the building.

Gao Bingzhu found the unburnt letter in the brazier and recognized that it was Lianfang’s exclusive paper. Gao Bingzhu also found it. There are many carrier pigeons, so it is concluded that Ruoan uses carrier pigeons and Lianfang to report the news. Wu Siyue wanted to go to the city gate to catch Ruo’an, but Gao Bingzhu was not allowed to intervene, and she also claimed that Lianfang only had the responsibility of monitoring and had no law enforcement functions.

Liu Ran and Baili Hongyi lived in the same room. Liu Ran brought him tea and some nuts to share with him. Baili Hongyi wanted to rest early. Liu Ran took the initiative to help him change his clothes. Baili Hongyi politely declined. With the bed made, Baili Hongyi asked her to choose whether to sleep inside or outside, and took the initiative to help Liu Ran cover the quilt. Liu Ran deliberately turned around to drag all the quilt away, Baili Hongyi pulled the quilt and fell asleep, Liu Ran hesitated to say something.

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