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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 9 Recap

He Huan told Shu Peng: Two years ago, her colleague Joseph had been investigating the underworld of diamond trading, but suffered from lack of key evidence. Later, Mark found him and said that he had important clues to trade with him. He Huan was in Toronto in 2012. I received a phone call from Joseph saying that he would reveal the truth of the matter in the live show.

As a result, the physical evidence that Joseph obtained was forged. At the same time, Mark retorted on the spot in the video connection, saying that Joseph bribed him, Joseph. Because of this, the husband was ruined and his behavior became abnormal due to the stimulation. He was sent to a mental hospital, so He Huan decided to continue to investigate the matter.

Zheng Shupeng felt that although he had stayed in Kabalia for two years, he truly lost his good friend until the outbreak of the epidemic. He and He Huan desperately delivered the child but did not survive. He has not really felt the pain and sorrow with them, and he is not qualified to say that he is a benevolent doctor. He Huan believes that a doctor is not a saint.

As long as he tries his best to save lives, it is the kindness of the doctor. Shu Peng has done his best for the child’s affairs. He delivered births and catheterized urine, and would not take care of people infected with Ebola day and night. It is his responsibility to treat patients and save others. Instinct, she sincerely admires and appreciates this.

Moses’ subordinate Cam couldn’t bear to kill Ullman, hid him in a cave, and brought a doctor to treat his gunshot wound. After that, Kamen brought Tarnassi and Laura to meet Ullman. After learning what happened, Laura remembered that Cam had said that Moses went to Sangyi Village Hospital that night. He Huan behaved strangely, like Mosang Si’s character will not let go of all suspicious points, she is worried that He Huan will be in danger. Moreover, since Moses led the fight against the epidemic, he was no longer Tabanasi’s previous small attendant. Tabanasi told Cam to take care of Ur and not divulge any news.

Brielika took the students from the church to the China-Canadian Friendship Hospital and said that the music played by a nurse had infected them last time. They asked to come to the hospital for help. Fan Yilin thanked them for coming and arranged for Wu Xiujuan to take them for a physical examination immediately. The Asian government immediately arranged training after its approval.

Fan Yilin gave a voice to his deceased wife, telling her what he had seen and heard here. For many years, he had used this way to express his longing for his wife. He especially missed his daughter Ranran, but her daughter could not forgive him until he set off. . Fan Jolin recalled that during the SARS period in 2003, he and his wife Liu Qiannuo guarded the scene of laughter and play in their infants. At that time, how sweet their family of three was.

The nurse Zhang Qiuhong of the medical team is training the newcomers. The chairman of the Medical Case Management Committee Dr. Holland and his assistant Wallace came to the China-Qatar Friendship Hospital. Holland pointed out that the hospital’s overprotection is not conducive to ensuring work efficiency. His words made the newcomers right. The hospital’s rules and regulations aroused suspicion, and Fan Yilin told Holland that there was no such thing as Ebola.

Holland asked Liao Yijian to use Ebola reagents that comply with WTO standards. Liao Yijian made it clear that China-Qatar Friendship Hospital insisted on using the kits independently developed by China and the SOPs written by its own experts.

Zheng Shupeng happily told He Huan that he had thought of a way to get her out of the village and had arranged for He Huan to transport the patient next time. He Huan said sadly that he might not come back after going out this time and would not cause him trouble. Zheng Shupeng knew that He Huan had found what he wanted, and he told He Huan to tell himself if he had any difficulties after going out, he would still try his best to help her. He Huan hopes that there will be no disease and war again when he returns here next time.

The non-director of the China-Qatar Friendship Hospital passed away from a sudden illness a few months ago. Braham is a suitable successor, but he can’t worry about taking care of the patients in Sangyi Village. Zheng Shupeng said he would make arrangements properly, and Braham said he wanted to Think again. At this time, a patient came. Zheng Shupeng decided to transfer the patient tomorrow due to insufficient medication. Braham decided not to leave. He felt that the hospital in Sangyi Village needed him as the director more than the Zhongka Hospital.

Gum accidentally saw the USB flash drive in He Huan’s computer, and he cried bitterly, unable to believe it was true. After the birth of Sister Gum’s first child, Kabalia has been fighting. One of her sister’s children was killed by the bombing, and one of her sister’s children died on the bed after being ill and without money for surgery. Gum’s anger was all human beings. Why did they have to bear it? These? He Huan told Gamm that they have rich mineral deposits and optimistic nature.

They could have lived very well, but because of the greedy desires of some people, they were pushed into hell. This is the purpose of coming here and letting the world know the truth. , Let them pay for their guilt. Gum suggested that the video could be handed over to the government. He Huan told her that in the video, Moses never admitted that it was Tabanasi’s instigation, and that the poisoning might have been Mark’s drunkenness.

The insiders Adama and Mark who can now testify They are all dead, Ullman’s whereabouts are unknown, and Moses is eyeing them, even if the government believes that Sangyi Village will become a battlefield again. She promised that she would never give up with the journalist’s faith in the profession. Gum believes He Huan can do it.

Han Yongqi arranged for Qiao Wanli, the deputy general manager of Wujiang Group, to go to the airport tower. Because a large amount of aid to Africa was going to the airport, he had to repair the road quickly. Qiao Wanli was unwilling to do so. Han Yongqi reminded him that time to make money. Finally gladly accepted.

He Huan was about to transport the patient. Moses came over, saying that Mrs. Laura was unwell. He invited He Huan to go for treatment. Zheng Shupeng asked him to go in person. Moses made him pick up the gun and forced He Huan to go with her.

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