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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 2 Recap

Chen Zhuo reminded Li Ping not to get excited. Li Ping only remembered that she was still pregnant. She forced her anger in her heart to persuade Chen Jiajia, and Chen Zhuo quickly heated her a glass of milk and was shocked. Liu Xiaomin wanted to put away the condoms in the pile head cabinet and dropped two on the ground in a hurry. Wang Sumin found out. Wang Sumin curiously asked about her boyfriend. Liu Xiaomin denied it, and thought about him. Then he sent a message complaining that Chen Zhuo was too careless. I took a photo of the condom that fell on the floor and sent it to him.

Li Ping became more and more angry when she thought about it. She blamed Chen Zhuo for all the guilt and blamed him for indulging Chen Jiajia. Chen Zhuo thought it was Li Ping’s pregnancy. Chen Jiajia yelled in the room and she didn’t want to accept Li Ping’s arrangement. Li Ping was even more frustrated and forced Chen Jiajia to study abroad. Li Ping complained that Chen Zhuo was irresponsible. It was Hong Wei that Chen Jiajia went abroad to study, and Li Ping kept chattering about Chen Jiajia’s failure to do business. She is not allowed to paint any more. Chen Zhuo quietly entered the house through the small door rebuilt from the balcony window and persuaded Chen Jiajia to have a good talk with Li Ping.

Jin Jiajun came back from a run and ran into her aunt Liu Xiaojie, who had not returned all night. Liu Xiaojie repeatedly praised that Jin Jiajun had grown taller and more handsome, and then took him home for dinner. When Wang Sumin smelled Liu Xiaojie drunk, he couldn’t help but criticize her. He took the opportunity to ask Liu Xiaojie about Liu Xiaomin’s boyfriend. Liu Xiaojie asked three questions.

Liu Xiaomin asked for leave in the morning to buy a bed for Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaojie decided to invite the whole family to eat roast duck at noon. Wang Sumin asked her to call her husband Tong Bing. Liu Xiaojie lied that Tong Bing was not available. Liu Xiaomin reminded Liu Xiaojie not to tell about her relationship with Chen Zhuo, especially not to let Jin Jiajun know about it. Liu Xuemei and Li Ping are classmates, and Wang Sumin and Li Ping’s mother Yu Hongjun are old acquaintances. Liu Xiaomin is worried that Wang Sumin knows this matter.

Comfortable. Immediately afterwards, Liu Xiaomin asked Liu Xiaojie for help to find out what could become a recurring class. Liu Xiaojie was a pity for Jin Jiajun. Jin Jiajun wanted to go to Tsinghua University with all his heart. Last year, he was only three points short. Liu Xiaojie told her about her divorce with Tong Bing. He did not wait for Liu Xiaomin to do it. When she reacted, she drove away.

Li Ping was soft and hard, and Chen Jiajia agreed to apply for a visa. Chen Zhuo drove Chen Jiajia to the embassy, ​​and Hong Wei sent a driver to take Li Ping. Secretary Xiaolin sorted out all the information and gave it to Chen Jiajia, and also told her about the precautions and visa skills. Li Ping promised to wait for Chen Jiajia outside and buy her a bag. Chen Jiajia followed Xiaolin to queue for the visa. At lunch, Liu Xiaojie invited the whole family to eat roast duck. He also inquired that the rocket classes that can be completed were full. The chances of the Galaxy class and the satellite class being admitted to Tsinghua University were very small.

After the meal, Liu Xiaojie took the whole family to Nengcheng Education to understand the situation. Wang Sumin saw a large advertisement at the door and suddenly remembered that Li Ping’s mother, Yu Hongjun, had posted this ad in Moments. He also found out the Moments for Liu Xiaomin. Only then did Liu Xiaomin know what Nengcheng Education is. Started by Li Ping and Hong Wei. Wang Sumin asked Liu Xiaomin to ask about Li Ping, and Liu Xiaomin made various excuses. Jin Jiajun wanted to go to Nengcheng education. The staff member Qiao Weiqian took the initiative to greet them. Liu Xiaomin insisted on letting Jin Jiajun go to the rocket class, but the rocket class was full, and Qiao Weiqian could do nothing. Liu Xiaomin decided to check with other educational institutions.

Liu Xiaomin suddenly received a call from the hospital, and she hurried over. Jin Jiajun wanted to ask Li Ping for help. Wang Sumin ignored Liu Xiaojie’s dissuasion and called Yu Hongjun on the spot to find out Li Ping’s phone number. Li Ping sat opposite the embassy and waited for Chen Jiajia. A table was set up next to him. There were various supplements on the table. Xiaolin held an umbrella for her. Chen Zhuo jokes that Li Ping is too good at making things up. Li Ping claims that it is not easy for her to become pregnant. She was still an elderly woman, she didn’t dare to take it lightly.

Li Ping suddenly received a call from Wang Sumin. Wang Sumin asked her to help Jin Jiajun take the rocket class. Li Ping made it clear that the rocket class only accepts students with Beijing registered permanent residence and excellent grades. Seeing that she and Liu Xiaomin agree to accept it because she and Liu Xiaomin are small. Jin Jiajun and Li Ping hung up the phone and complained to Chen Zhuo, complaining that Liu Xiaomin and Wang Sumin didn’t say anything in advance, and Chen Zhuo pretended not to know Liu Xiaomin. After Chen Jiajia successfully completed the visa application, Li Ping closed her mouth happily, and promised to buy her a bag, and then took her back to Nengcheng.

After Liu Xiaomin finished the work, he sent a message to Li Ping for help. Jin Jiajun came to the outside of the Rocket Class classroom and took notes while listening. Chen Jiajia came in and saw him, and when he learned that he wanted to come to class, he asked him to sign up. Li Ping hurried back, Wang Sumin and Liu Xiaojie hurried up to greet her, Li Ping promised to let Jin Jiajun pick anything and asked the staff to bring an application form.

After Jin Jiajun filled out the form, the staff took him to visit. Jin Jiajun couldn’t wait to know how much the price difference between the Rocket Class and the Galaxy Class was. Liu Xiaojie refused to let him inquire, and then went to pay the fee. Wang Sumin was very grateful to Li Ping. Li Ping asked about Liu Xiaomin’s current situation casually. Knowing that Liu Xiaomin hadn’t gotten a family for so many years, she talked about the funny stories about her and Liu Xiaomin’s childhood.

Chen Jiajia was skating back and forth in the office. Li Ping stopped her and asked her to take Jin Jiajun for a visit. Chen Jiajia taught Jin Jiajun to skate. Jin Jiajun learned roller skating and quickly mastered the essentials of skateboarding. He skated very well. Liu Xiaomin went home from get off work and went straight back to his house to change his clothes. Liu Xiaojie quietly reminded Wang Sumin not to mention that they were looking for Li Ping in front of Liu Xiaomin. When he was in his hometown of Jiujiang, Liu Xiaomin communicated with Mr. Su, who had a family, but it turned out to be troublesome. Li Ping also contributed to the storm in the city. Liu Xiaomin had a rift with her, and there was no contact with her ever since. Wang Sumin promised not to talk about Li Ping to Liu Xiaomin.

Jin Jiajun apologized to Liu Xiaomin and admitted that he begged Wang Sumin to find Li Ping and had successfully registered for the rocket class. Liu Xiaomin was taken aback. Jin Jiajun still clearly remembers what happened when he was a child, and he also knew that Liu Xiaomin and Li Ping had a holiday, and they would definitely not ask Li Ping because of him. Liu Xiaomin turned out his mobile phone to show Jin Jiajun. She sent a message to Li Ping, but Li Ping never responded. Liu Xiaomin suspected that Jin Jiajun knew that Nengcheng was driven by Li Ping for a long time, and deliberately applied for Nengcheng to piss her off, so Jin Jiajun slammed the door and left.

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