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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 9 Recap

The queen was very angry because Lu Qingqing had escaped privately. She exempted her from being Princess Lu Qingqing. The prince and Lu Hongzhu did not intercede with Lu Qingqing, and Lu Qingqing was abolished voluntarily. The queen did not listen to anyone’s intercession at all and asked for it. If Lu Qingqing was punished to go to the wild forest for three months, the Lu family would be punished.

In order to find a reason to dispose of King Jin, the queen deliberately asked Lu Qingqing if he was instigated by King Jin to escape the marriage. If so, she would be exempted from punishment from the Lu family. Lu Qingqing admitted that she was greedy for the life of Desolate Spirit Valley and did not want to come back. .

The queen offered to give Lu Qingqing a chance. If she could find the three treasures of Fusang, Beast Soul, and Ganoderma lucidum in the wild forest, she would be exempted from the punishment of the Lu family, and she could not be blamed.

The prince was dissatisfied that the queen had punished Lu Qingqing too severely and hoped that the queen could take her life back, but the queen was very dissatisfied with such a woman with no rules. If she became a prince in the future, it would be a joke of the royal family. Knowing that he couldn’t persuade the queen, the prince came to Lu Qingqing and expressed his helplessness. He wanted to help Lu Qingqing very much, and felt that the queen shouldn’t be punished so severely.

Lu Qingqing felt that she should learn to take responsibility, and nothing can be avoided. The prince thought that Lu Qingqing wanted to be with King Jin before returning. Lu Qingqing was angry and blamed King Jin for betraying her, otherwise she would not be found. Lu Qingqing hopes to be friends with the prince in the future, too. I believe he can find a more suitable princess.

Despite this, the prince did not give up and promised Lu Qingqing that she would come back from the wild forest as soon as possible, and would surely protect Lu Qingqing well.

Lu Yunxi was worried. The queen had already exempted Lu Qingqing from being a princess, but once Lu Qingqing got back the three treasures, she might still have a chance to reset it. Pearl comforted Lu Yunxi and laughed at Lu Qingqing for not having that ability at all. It is not clear whether he can come back alive or not. People with low spiritual power in the wild forest cannot survive. Lu Yunxi berated Pearl not to talk nonsense.

Lu Qingqing came to visit the punished Lily and used her spiritual power to heal the injured Lily. Lu Qingqing told Lily about her going to the wild forest. Lily was worried about Lu Qingqing, but she also knew Lu Qingqing’s determination. Lily vowed to be here waiting for Lu Qingqing to return.

As soon as Lu Qingqing came out, he saw Lu Hongzhu waiting outside. Lu Hongzhu told Lu Qingqing to come back alive. It doesn’t matter whether she can find things or not. As long as she can come back and the family leaves here, he can also resign. Quit. Lu Qingqing comforted her father and believed that she could come back safely, so that her family would not be affected.

The queen summoned Lu Yunxi into the palace with an excuse. In fact, she wanted to match the prince and Lu Yunxi. The queen pretended to be sleepy and asked the prince to take Lu Yunxi around in the garden. Suddenly, the prince found someone following him, so he held Lu Yunxi’s wrist and went to a secluded place to avoid the queen’s eyeliner. Lu Yu Xiu was hit by the deer in his heart while the prince held his wrist, Hong Xia flew her cheeks.

The prince blamed himself for failing to protect Lu Qingqing, and worried that she would be unpredictable. Lu Yunxi immediately promised to personally protect the safety of his younger sister, so that the prince would be assured and the prince would feel safe. When Lu Yunxi went back, it happened to hear that Lu Hongzhu and Qi Yi also talked about worrying about Lu Qingqing. Lu Yunxi also said that he would protect Lu Qingqing. Lu Hongzhu was pleased to have such a sensible and well-behaved daughter. .

In the wild forest, two groups of black mist flew from in front of Lu Qingqing, scared Lu Qingqing hurriedly closed her eyes to give out her sweet-scented osmanthus cake, but when she opened her eyes, she found that the black mist was missing, Lu Qing Qing thought he was dazzled.

When Lu Qingqing saw a white fox entangled by a tree vine, he let it go. Unexpectedly, the tree vine entangled Lu Qingqing. Fortunately, Nangong Yixin arrived in time and led away the tree vine with a branch. Shi Lu Yunxi also came to the wild forest, looking for Lu Qingqing’s trail with Pearl. When Lu Qingqing saw the hibiscus fruit coming forward to pick it, she almost fell down, scared King Jin hurriedly to hold her, this scene was seen by Lu Yunxi who came after.

Lu Yunxi knew that King Jin had always been alone, but now he was always around Lu Qingqing, and he must have been sentimental to Lu Qingqing. Pearl saw Lu Qingqing get the hibiscus and stretched out her hand to frame her. She almost made Lu Qingqing fall off the cliff. Lu Qingqing’s ears glowed, and a lotus flower body appeared under her body.

Lotus is the sacred aspiration of Qiyuan Mainland. Most people don’t have lotus flowers, and pearls are more jealous. Lu Yunxi blames the pearls that they shouldn’t do it and almost harmed Lu Qingqing, but he saw that Lu Qingqing had the King of Jin to accompany Lu Yunxi. Rest assured to go back.

King Jin blamed Lu Qingqing for not being reckless, and almost fell. If she did fall, it was not just her that hurt. Lu Qingqing asked who else? King Jin blurted out that he still had himself, knowing that King Jin was a little embarrassed to fail to speak. Lu Qingqing explained that she had fallen off accidentally. Just now, she thought she had been rescued by King Jin, but was asked by King Jin what was the matter with the spiritual power just now. Lu Qingqing didn’t know why, she thought it was King Jin who doubted herself and promised that he had never deceived King Jin, but that King Jin always deceived her.

After Lu Qingqing lost his temper to King Jin, she walked forward alone, but found that she was lost, and the symbols carved on the tree would always come back again. Lu Qingqing began to lose track of her direction. Suddenly she found a transparent bead on the boulder. Lu Qingqing guessed that it might be a beast soul, so she dared to hook it down with a branch.

Just as Lu Qingqing was happy, the giant beast suddenly awakened and flew towards Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing lost her face and desperately ran for his life, flew onto a big tree, and the giant beast also came under her feet.

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