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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 15 Recap

Wu Siyue went home with serious thoughts, and was called to the East Palace by Li Dun’s personal court lady on the way. Li Dun asked Wu Siyue for help. He had always been at odds with Wu Shenxing. Wu Shenxing would definitely use Song Liang’s case to frame him. What’s more, he and Song Liang did have a good relationship. Wu Siyue saw that Li Dun was open-minded and promised not to let Song Liang talk nonsense.

It turned out that Li Dun was ordered to bring his wife and children from Fanzhou back to God’s capital. He was attacked halfway by Chunqiu Dao. Thanks to Song Liang, he came to rescue him in time. He also killed hundreds of people in Chunqiu Dao and captured Chunqiu Daoist Xiaoyaozi alive. Since then, Chunqiu Dao disappeared, Song Liang made great contributions, and since then became a book of the Ministry of War. Wu Siyue didn’t believe that Song Liang would wipe out the Spring and Autumn Dao, and learned from Li Dun in detail what happened, and learned that Song Liang had eliminated all of Xiaoyao’s cronies.

Wu You decided to return to Jin Wang Wu Shenxing. Wu Shenxing was angry at Gao Sheng’s failure to make Gao Bingzhu run away, but Wu Siyue was involved in this matter. To protect his sister, Wu You decided to give Wu Shenxing an idea and take Wang Dengcheng away. During the affair, Gao Bingzhu’s affairs were put on hold so as not to be extravagant. Wu Shenxing couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so he had to do it.

Baili Hongyi knows that Liu Ran likes to take care of the skin and uses facial masks every day. He sent Shen Fei to the eighteen rouge shops in Shendu to investigate one by one, and finally found the record of Liu Ran buying isinglass, and quickly found Liu Ran’s. A place to stay. Liu Ran washed her face with tears every day. She didn’t eat or drink. Baili Hongyi suddenly came to deliver her food and wanted to take her home. Liu Ran’s eyes burst into tears with excitement.

Wu Siyue asked Li Beiqi about the place where Xiaoyaozi was detained, but Li Beiqi did not dare to say, because Xiaoyaozi was a prisoner, Wu You could not meet him easily. Wu Siyue took out the Lotus Peony Order, and he had to take it with him. Wu Siyue came to see Xiaoyaozi in secret prison. Xiaoyaozi was bound by a big iron chain, his limbs were immobile, and his mouth was blocked. Li Beiqi untied the iron torture on Xiaoyaozi’s mouth, and Xiaoyaozi uttered wild words, saying that he would complete the great cause of God. Wu Siyue inferred five years. The former Chunqiu Dao has not been destroyed at all. He has been dormant in the dark, ready to rebel.

Wu Siyue asked Xiaoyaozi about the assassin who had a halberd. He immediately changed his face and admitted that the assassin Sixteen Nights was still alive. After chanting “Return to Tibet, the phoenix came out of the world”, Wu Siyue struggled to inquire about the whereabouts of Shiliuye. Xiaoyaozi deliberately pretended to be crazy and talked nonsense. Li Beiqi persuaded Wu Siyue to stop believing this lunatic.

Liu Ran persuaded Liu Shi not to care about Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi was a very good person. Liu Shi remembered that Liu’s family had offended the sage, so he had to go to the mountain to make repairs, so as to subdue to the sage, if it were not for Liu Xiang’s bewildered death, Huang Quan , Liu Shi won’t come back yet, he doesn’t want to continue to bear it, otherwise the Liu family will be completely defeated, and Liu Shi doesn’t want to let Liu Ran be wronged for this.

Liu Ran did not expect that her father would have made such a big sacrifice for the Liu family, and she was deeply concerned. Liu Shi heard that Baili Hongyi went to the eighteen rouge shops in Shendu to find Liu Ran. He knew that Baili Hongyi still cared about Liu Ran, and Liu Ran was even more happy.

Baili Hongyi sent Shen Fei to inquire about Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts, but found nothing, but Shen Fei heard that Song Liang was biting in prison. Everyone in civil and military officials was in danger and did not want to get involved with him. Baili Hongyi felt that Song Liang’s affairs were not so simple. The tunnels of the bad well were narrow and tortuous, and could not hide too many rebels. However, Song Liang claimed that the great cause was about to be achieved. Baili Hongyi always felt that he had ignored important clues, so Shen Fei persuaded him to reassure him first. Liu Ran.

Wu Siyue came to the case vault of the Neiwei Mansion and asked Neiwei Fan Changling to check Guizangfeng. Fan Changling had never heard of it. Wu Siyue only felt that there would be a big move next to the Spring and Autumn Road, and she suffered from no conclusive evidence. At this moment, someone reported to Wu Siyue that Wang Dengcheng had died in prison.

Liu Ran and Baili Hongyi settled their suspicions, and their relationship became closer, and Liu Shi was relieved to leave Baili’s house. Liu Ran took the initiative to help Baili Hongyi clean up the room and accidentally knocked his elaborate pine pagoda model to the ground. Liu Ran was so scared that he even made amends.

Baili Hongyi did not blame her. He also explained that it was because the pine wood tends to return to the tide. Baili Hongyi suddenly remembered that Song Liang’s sword could not withstand a single blow, and it would be broken as soon as it was cut. He suddenly wanted to understand one thing.

Baili Hongyi lied about coming to the Neiwei Mansion and wanted to check the captured weapons. Li Beiqi led him to count the weapons seized by the bad Jingzhu Bingfang. Baili Hongyi checked them one by one and found that the swords were rough and they weren’t ridiculous at all. Baili Hongyi decided to go to Zhenshan to find out the whereabouts of the brass. Wu Siyue came to Dali Temple to look for Pei Jian and suspected that someone had killed Wang Dengcheng. Pei Jian explained that Wang Dengcheng was frightened physically and mentally after being imprisoned, and died of recurrence of heart disease. Moreover, Wang Dengcheng has confessed all the crimes, it is impossible for anyone to enter the Dali Temple jail to kill.

Wu Siyue was smug on the street, Liu Ran, who was full of spring breeze, shouted to her. Wu Siyue didn’t know how to explain to Gao Bingzhu how Wang Dengcheng was killed. Liu Ran realized that she cared about Gao Bingzhu and encouraged Wu Siyue to be Gao Bingzhu. Do something to make up for the guilt in your heart.

Liu Ran went home to see Shen Fei packing his luggage, and learned that Baili Hongyi was going to go for a walk. Liu Ran suspected that they had another purpose. Baili Hongyi had to explain the truth. Liu Ran was not relieved and wanted to go to Yanshan with Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi didn’t want her to follow the adventure.

Liu Ran hid secretly under the seat of the carriage. Baili Hongyi quickly found Liu Ran and asked Shen Fei to take her home. Liu Ran wanted to go with him and could help him. Baili Hongyi refused to agree. Shen Fei revealed that Xuanshan was not under the jurisdiction of the government. Worried that they would go or not, Liu Ran secretly followed the carriage. Baili Hongyi found her secretly following and called her into the carriage.

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