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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 8 Recap

Tabanasi arranged for Moses to trade arms with a bag of diamonds at the airport. On the way home, Symos said that a big man was going to land at Daplan Airport. If he wanted to do something, Tabanasi thought they had just held it. It is better to leave room for the press conference.

The patient He Huan took care of gave her a small gift, and she promised to exchange Coke for him when he recovered. At this moment, they suddenly heard the fighting around him. It turned out that Eke had ordered the capture of the Plata River Valley in Blackstone, and he was focusing his firepower on the core area of ​​Blackstone Village.

He did not ask President Zairui for instructions and told his men that he had obtained the exact information. Tabanasi sneaked into the capital privately. They have a reason to take a military attack on him and get rid of his nest in one fell swoop.

Seeing that the quarantine area was about to be bombed, Moses’ soldiers were holding guns to prevent He Huan and others from leaving. Fortunately, Laura arrived in time and drove away the soldiers. He Huan asked Braham to take the patient to a safe place. She did not want Laura to approach the quarantine area and went to find the patient who was treated by herself.

Soon Laura and Braham also came to help together. The number of the bed is transferred. At this time, when Tabanasi learned the news, he thought that Eke had a conspiracy, and they turned around and went straight to Dapland Airport.

The patient was on the verge of death, and he begged He Huan to exchange gifts with him now. He Huan ignored everyone’s obstacles and returned to the isolation area to find a bottle of Coke. She risked her life to approach the patient and wanted to feed him. But it was too late. He Huan was crying so hard that she was heartbroken.

Some people didn’t even know what Coke tasted. Laura said that what they needed was not Coke, but analgesics. Coke can only make them temporarily forget the pain, but it can’t make the pain disappear. He Huan looked back and saw the villagers of Heishizhai huddled in the corner shivering, determined not to abandon them.

Tabanasi called Eke and told him to order the army to retreat from Blackstone, or he would use rockets to shoot down the big men who landed in Dapland. After receiving the news, President Serre of Cabanasi criticized Eko for being too reckless. Eke believed that Tabanasi had violated the regulations and brought heavy weapons into the capital. This was a good time to hit him. Serre emphasized that the key now is Let P3 land safely.

Liao Yijian asked the embassy to coordinate to prevent the plane from landing for the time being. Sergey talked to Tabanasi, telling him that what landed today was Chinese materials. If it was shot down, it would turn into an international incident, and he would order the retreat of the Heishizhai troops. Tabanasi saw that it was indeed the Chinese medical team who greeted the supplies at the airport and drove out of the airport.

Xie Yunhu went to visit Zheng Shupeng at the Hospital without Borders. Zheng Shupeng knew that he hadn’t left either, just in time for Yunhu to send himself back to Heishizhai.

Seeing the parents of teenage children begging them to save their children, but he asked them to leave in front of the Minister of Health and the Vice President of Kabalia. Feng Gang thought of that scene and felt uncomfortable.

He asked Fan Yilin himself. Is he doing something wrong? Fan Yilin understood that he was not only worried about the reconstruction of the hospital, but also worried about the training of dozens of nurses and nurses. Feng Gang thought of the death of Fan Yilin’s lover Qiannuo on the front line during the SARS period in 2003.

Fan Yilin told him, The wife never regrets being on the front line. What she regrets is that she has not been able to persist in saving more people for a longer time. When he came to the hospital, the leader said that his spouse was gone and advised him not to come, but he would always be Today’s choice is unhesitating in the face of the epidemic.

Wu Xiujuan came to report and said that all the training of nurses and nurses was guaranteed to be completed within 7 days, and He Dong and others also stated that they would enter work as soon as possible. Feng Gang immediately decided that starting tomorrow, the medical team will participate in the infrastructure work of the hospital and the training of nurses after the completion of the work. They will formally receive the consultation 7 days later.

He Huan told Gamm that as long as she and Zheng Shupeng reached the isolation area, Ullman would definitely appear, but this time he did not come, she was worried that something happened to Ullman. After Zheng Shupeng came back, he thanked He Huan for his hard work during his absence.

Moses told Tabanasi that only four people knew about this transaction. Madam was okay. He had arranged for the chief guard to verify Ullman’s whereabouts, but he saw that he turned around and ran, and they did not catch up. Moses believes that Ullman is a mercenary after all, driven by profit at a critical moment, and Tabanasi decided after hearing this that the guards will also be managed by Moses in the future.

He Huan wanted to find Ullman’s whereabouts, but she would not let Gum follow her for fear that the goal would be too big. In fact, Ullman has been tortured by Moses, but he has not confessed the whereabouts of the video, and Moses had to order him to disappear.

Zheng Shupeng greeted He Huan on the road. He wondered how He Huan’s weak body could have such a strong heart. He told He Huan that he had met her friend at the Hospital Without Borders. If there is a misunderstanding, I hope she can forgive it.

He Huan doesn’t mind. She smiled and said that Zheng Shupeng trusted her eyes too much and forgot to feel it with her heart. Zheng Shupeng hoped that He Huan would tell herself the true purpose of her coming to Sangyi Village. He would do his best to help him, but He Huan felt that more people needed Shupeng now, and she didn’t want to involve him in her own affairs.

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