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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 7 Recap

The next day, Zheng Shupeng inquired about Mark’s true identity from Braham.

In the evening, Moses’ men reported that the man was moving, and they immediately set off to hunt down. He Huan accidentally ran into Ullman who was injured in the treatment room. She did not expect Ullman to speak Chinese.

He Huan healed him, Ullman told her to keep her secret, and he would not tell anyone He Huan’s true identity and purpose. Only then did He Huan know that the person he met last night was Ullman. At this time, Moses’ search came from outside, and Ullman begged He Huan to help him get away, so that he could hand over what she had been looking for.

After Feng Gang and Chen Baixin talked on the phone, Chen Baixin said that Xie Yunhu’s mother knew that he was not coming back and was too anxious, so he went to condolences to his family after he was busy.

Zheng Shupeng thinks she is open to He Huan, but she is dishonest to herself. He Huan admits to concealing Mark’s identity, but what he told him is true. I hope Zheng Shupeng believes that she will not harm any innocent person, let alone hurt. he. Zheng Shupeng said that he wanted to believe her, but… He Huan covered his eyes and reminded him not to forget what his friend said: not only use your eyes to see things, but also use your heart.

Braham told Zheng Shupeng that when he reviewed the chief, he heard that Adamakanu was from Sangyi Village, but he moved out of Heishizhai a long time ago, but everyone didn’t dare to say. I hope that Shupeng will not misunderstand He Huan because of Mark. Zheng Shupeng is worried about not knowing what will happen next, let alone whether He Huan is a real reporter.

Gum told He Huan that she had found the waterway. An old man said that Tabanasi used to divert water to Heishizhai to wash the diamonds, but it was abandoned for some reason. The entrance should be near the waterfall. He Huan urged him to become more and more dangerous in the future, so he must be careful.

When He Huan changed his clothes, he found that Ullman had secretly put a USB flash drive in his pocket after taking off last night. At this time, the people from Mozies outside the door shouted: Sangyi Village is on guard and no one is allowed to go out.

He Huan opened the USB flash drive and found that it was a conversation between Mark and Moses before his death was filmed by Ullman. Mark learned that the true identity of Kabalia’s first patient, Adama Canu, was the accountant of Heishizhai. Seth deliberately let him out and went to war to block the news, Moses had to shoot him out.

Fan Yilin told the head nurse Wu Xiujuan that Kabalia was a British colony before. This time the British team sent by the Sixth Field Army Hospital, as well as a large number of foreign experts and doctors, are scattered in various British hospitals in Kabalia. , This Margaret church was previously built by the British. Chen Mi has contacted the church to select a nurse for them.

After arriving at the church, Fan Yilin and Wu Xiujuan discovered that the nurses they had selected were a few teenagers and half-old children. The church said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, several batches have been recruited. After discussing with Fan Yilin, Wu Xiujuan and Fan Yilin decided to think of another way. ,

They cannot allow such a small child to enter the high-risk area. When the two parties were talking, Lu Xiaowen, a nurse from the medical team, saw that there was a piano in the church, so she couldn’t help but sat down and played “Blessings of Love”. This song, the little girl Manan, burst into tears. Her father is Lao Gai. When she was a child, her father often played Chinese tunes for her.

Coming out of the church, the head nurse was criticizing Lu Xiaowen, and Manan ran out and asked her the name of the track she played. Wu Xiujuan angrily sprayed Lu Xiaowen with the disinfectant, causing Fan Yilin and logistics Gao Yinliang to have a laugh.

Tabanasi asked Zheng Shupeng to take him into the government-controlled area. Braham was not at ease. Zheng Shupeng comforted him that nothing would happen. The government and anti-government forces have announced a joint fight against the epidemic. Tabanasi should be very clear about this. Ullman saw them leave not far away and was chased by Moses’ men.

Zheng Shupeng brought Tabanasi to the Hospital without Borders. He did not expect Tabanasi to dared to single-handedly take the Malay government army’s site. Tabanasi told his foreign friends that he had donated three ambulances and he wanted to meet him in person.

When getting off the bus, Tabanasi believed that Zheng Shupeng would not inform the secret. Isabella asked Zheng Shupeng about the whereabouts of He Huan. She said that the two had rescued patients during the war in the Middle East. He Huan was an amazing woman. She had reported on Afghan prisoners of war, smuggled across the US-Mexico border, and undercover investigations.

Human trafficking on the dark web has won many news awards, but compared to her fraternity and bravery, her professional achievements are not surprising. She has a very strong heart. Zheng Shupeng applied for the aid of African personnel to come to Heishizhai. This is his promise to Sangyi Village. Isabella said embarrassingly that now MSF is arrogant, unlike Chinese doctors who have state support, but she will do her best to help Shu Peng fight for it.

Brelika came to Zhongka Hospital and confirmed that the progress of the hospital’s renovation has exceeded expectations. The president specially sent her to see the transportation of P3. In the future, Kabalia’s blood test work will be reported to them. Liao Yijian said that China and Africa are good brothers in the same boat. They will go to the airport to greet P3 in person, and they will be foolproof.

When Feng Gang was introducing the hospital renovation plan to Brelika, a couple seeking a doctor came outside. Their child kept vomiting blood. The couple begged the hospital to treat the child. They went to several hospitals and they were full. Feng Gang is sorry for the current situation. The hospital is not able to receive treatment, and it is recommended that they visit the Hospital without Borders.

Seeing that the patients on the verge of life and death could not be treated, the team members felt very frustrated. Feng Gang explained to Brielka that the current hospital facilities are not perfect, and if there is a problem, even the safety of medical staff cannot be guaranteed. Because Ebola is a grade 4 virus, it is unrealistic for them to stop rebuilding the hospital to treat patients.

In the early stage, it was because the hospital was not improved in place. Kabalia Hospital sacrificed half of its medical staff. Captain Fan’s lover was sacrificed in the past He was on the front line of the fight against SARS in 2003, so he could not allow this tragedy to repeat itself. Brielka expressed understanding.

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