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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 9 Recap

Zhao Junran saw that Lin Nan’s recent state was not right. He asked Lin Nan if he was in love. The man in love couldn’t do without the mobile phone. It was quite symptomatic, Lin Nan couldn’t help but nodded, Zhao Junran became more interested, he kept asking Lin Nan who his sweetheart was.

Yu Luxi went to Lin Nan’s residence to invite him to eat wontons, but unfortunately Liang Yiyi also came. The door was not closed, Liang Yiyi walked in. In order to avoid Liang Yiyi’s misunderstanding, Lin Nan immediately pulled Yu Luxi behind the window rail and reminded her not to make any noise. Hearing Liang Yiyi was drunk and walking unsteadily, Yu Luxi wanted to go out to help, Lin Nan slammed her hard, Liang Yiyi saw the curtain move, and took advantage of Jiujin to hug him.

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