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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 8 Recap

Liang Yiyi didn’t understand why Liang Yichuan had to deny Lin Nan. She made it clear that she had joined the Feng Ling squad and would spend time with Lin Nan in the future. Speaking of the ringing of the cell phone, Liang Yiyi was so happy that Lin Nan was here. Who knew that Lin Nan could not come to eat temporarily because of something. Liang Yichuan made up his knife and said that Lin Nan was an unreliable person, and Liang Yiyi would not listen to him. of.

It was night, when the lights were on, Yu Luxi came to the harbor to relax, and suddenly saw Lin Nan. She was pleasantly surprised that this was a romantic encounter. Lin Nan told her angrily that she was worried that she would not want to jump off the building.

Which pot did not open and which pot to mention, Yu Luxi began to feel depressed again when she thought that her voice role was gone. Lin Nan sent her a WeChat message when she left, asking her to go to Ning University for training at 8 o’clock on Monday morning.

One day, Lin Nan approached Yu Luxi’s part-time coffee shop, and heard the customer inside said that the clerk was very sad. Knowing that Lin Nan was in poor condition, Lin Nan called the courier, just went to order a cup of coffee, and said to Yu Luxi that his voice was so good, and then This coffee goes to the courier.

The coffee shop’s business today is very good, and couriers are constantly coming to fetch coffee. When she left, she praised Yu Luxi’s good voice. Yu Luxi was in a good mood and began to build confidence. Although she was a little strange, her state gradually returned to full blood.

By accident, Yu Luxi found Lin Nan’s shadow on the glass window of the coffee shop. She ran out of the shop and saw many couriers drinking coffee outside, and finally understood everything. Lin Nan stepped forward to encourage her to cheer up, and then took her to practice her voice.

By the sea, seeing Yu Luxi practicing hard over and over again, Lin Nan thought that he was so confused and disappointed many years ago, when his father was in his place and encouraged him over and over again to make him hopeful. Lin Nan took Yu Luxi to the dubbing forum the next day, so that she could accumulate more experience.

Zhou Na ran into her ex-boyfriend outside the forum. This scumbag was once dumped. When she saw Zhou Na alone, she couldn’t help but sneer at him. It happened that Zhao Junran was passing by. He immediately rescued the beauty and stepped forward to save Zhou. Na’s arm acts as her new boyfriend. The two satirized that the scum man was so greasy that he left uninterestingly.

Liang Yiyi and Liang Yichuan also came to the forum. Liang Yiyi tried hard to ease the friendship between Lin Nan and Liang Yichuan, but the two still disliked everyone and spoke to each other completely. Liang Yiyi couldn’t help feeling that they had a good relationship before. When they were young, the three of them even saved pocket money to buy recording equipment.

At the beginning, the two brothers regarded her as his sister and bought a stereo to watch her fall asleep on the way back. Also carry her home all the way. Thinking of the past, the three of them missed it very much. Lin Nan told Liang Yiyi not to think too much. At present, he just had different ideas from Liang Yichuan.

Yu Luxi was waiting for coffee, Liang Yichuan ran into her, but fell in love with the girl with long eyelashes at first sight, he tried to chat with Yu Luxi. After knowing Yu Luxi’s name, he suddenly remembered that a few years ago, a girl left a message under his forum, hoping that he could accept her as a student to teach online.

They had an intersection, but one day the girl disappeared online. It turned out that the girl I saw today was the netizen. Liang Yichuan became nervous. He casually looked for the exchange topic and asked her if she also liked the dubbing talent Mai Da.

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