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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 7 Recap

Yu Luxi had already signed a work contract with the company. Lin Nan heard that Yu Luxi had a master from the left, and immediately reminded her not to call his master in the company. Yu Luxi always has questions to ask him. Lin Nan reminded her that there are no more than three questions a day. It seems that you have to save a little bit.

Yu Luxi still has questions to ask. Lin Nan immediately covered her mouth and touched Yu Luxi’s softness. With his lips, Lin Nan’s heart throbbed inexplicably, and he quietly covered the lip glaze that Yu Luxi had printed on his palm, and his heart was chaotic.

The dubbing class began to step up training. Every day, facing the sea, shouting to find the feeling. The students run along the beach every day to get their breath. The dubbing process is very hard, but the students are very enthusiastic. Lin Nan sees that every student is there every day. Progress, he was secretly happy.

The students in the dubbing class were practicing on this day. A luxury car was parked near the beach. A young woman got out of the car. Everyone’s eyes began to focus on the strange girl. The girl greeted everyone with a very vivid and magnetic voice. With penetrating power, many students secretly admire. The girl began to introduce herself. Her name was Liang Yiyi. She is currently a well-known voice actor in the Japanese animation industry. Some of the trainees immediately recognized Liang Yiyi. Liang Yiyi also practiced her voice before she became famous.

Liang Yiyi is Liang Yichuan’s younger sister. She returned to China this time to understand what happened between her brother and Lin Nan. Liang Yichuan felt that he didn’t understand Lin Nan more and more. Liang Yiyi came to Lin Nan’s company and saw that Yu Luxi and Lin Nan were getting closer, she became jealous, and immediately stepped forward to take Lin Nan’s arm to show her status. An overbearing lady came to the company, who seemed to have an extraordinary relationship with Lin Nan, and a colleague in the company started talking in a low voice.

Liang Yiyi and Lin Nan discussed that she would join Lu Yao this time. The film contract in Japan has ended. Of course, Lin Nan has no reason to refuse the master-level voice actors to join. He summoned all the voice actors to “Huashan Lunjian”. In the end, everyone has always recognized that Liang Yiyi is the strongest.

Because of the addition of one more member, there are no extra roles in “Lu Yao”. Yu Luxi’s previous role has been replaced and now he has become a standby voice actor. After coming out of the recording studio, Yu Luxi, who was depressed, went to the office and asked Lin Nan why Liang Yiyi’s skills were so good. Lin Nan admitted that she was very talented since she was a child. In addition, she received six years of professional training. Much higher than many students.

In the evening, Lin Nan drove on the road and thought of his previous career frustration. Since he suffered from laryngeal cancer, his vocal cords have been worsening every day. Many fans left a message under his dubbing work, saying that Mai Da is no longer his previous voice. Under pressure from fans, Lin Nan turned to become a director behind the scenes. Now his apprentices have also begun to be criticized. Seeing Yu Luxi’s depression, Lin Nan feels the same.

Liang Yiyi tried a way to ease the relationship between Lin Nan and Liang Yichuan. She invited Liang Yichuan and Lin Nan to dinner, and turned around to persuade Liang Yichuan to take the initiative to apologize to Lin Nan. How could this be possible? Liang Yichuan reminded her not to worry about their affairs anymore. At present, he doesn’t know why it has become the current situation. Seeing Liang Yiyi caring about Lin Nan, Liang Yichuan asked her if she liked Lin Nan. Seeing her sister’s hesitant eyes, Liang Yichuan immediately solemnly told her that it’s no good, Lin Nan absolutely can’t be his sister’s boyfriend. .

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