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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 6 Recap

Under the light, Lin Nan was sorting out the donation box. Xiaotian couldn’t help but feel so much money when he saw the large tickets inside. Lin Nan donated a lot when the company was founded. Yu Luxi asked him if he would like to see the children who supported him. .

A few days later, Lin Nan went to Xingfuli School for the Blind. The principal greeted him intimately. She said that one of the girls who came to collect donations was still his fan. She often came to help the school voluntarily. She learned that Yu Luxi was the one who put the donation box. Lin Nan was very pleased.

Yu Luxi was reading the story in the school’s broadcasting room. Lin Nan was standing next to her, listening to Yu Luxi’s soft voice as she read the fragment of “The Little Prince”. Lin Nan was moved by the scene in front of her. This girl felt like an angel sent from heaven.

On the way back from the school for the blind, Yu Luxi talked about her experience of coming to the school for the blind. At first, she came to see her idol, Mai Da. I heard that Mai Da came here often. Later, Yu Luxi gradually liked it, so she often took advantage of her work. So he started collecting donations for the school.

After volunteering and going back to the convenience store, Yu Luxi specifically called Lin Nan to enjoy the various voice acting she had done for the advertisement. There are all types, such as burgers, shower gels, daily necessities, etc. Yu Luxi’s advertisements will be cute for a while, tender and sweet, and gentle for a lady. It turns out that Yu Luxi has so many changes. On the one hand, Lin Nan had multiple acquaintances with her.

Lin Nan sent Yu Luxi downstairs. Because there were so many things to mention, Lin Nan took the initiative to deliver the items to Yu Luxi’s house. Lin Nan had a short stay at Yu Luxi’s house, and Yu Luxi went to see the souvenirs about Mai Da that he had collected over the years, as well as tapes and badges. Lin Nan never thought that his previous works would bring so much happiness to a fan. He found a tape and put it on the radio. When Yu Luxi saw that the tape he had taken was actually his own collection, he shouted that it was impossible.

Zhao Junran’s father took him to meet the company’s veteran. On such a grand occasion, Zhao Junran even took out the animation “Turtle Immortal” as a gift to everyone. His father felt very embarrassed. Here Zhou Na, in order to attract sponsorship, to find funding for the production and to eat with the producer, the lustful Fang always wanted to take the opportunity to wipe out, Zhou Na tried his best to let him take advantage of it.

Lin Nan inserted the tape into the radio and got stuck within a few turns. The tape became a mess. Lin Nan and Yu Luxi had to rearrange it. The atmosphere was very romantic. Yu Luxi felt that since he had worshipped the master, there should be a grand apprenticeship. , At least a little sense of ritual. Lin Nan didn’t like red tape, and Yu Luxi didn’t want to avoid it. In the end, he had to agree to drink master tea.

At this moment, Xiaotian came back. He recognized Lin Nan as Mai Da at a glance. He also deliberately said that Yu Luxi’s plan was successful. The way to advancement to the company boss”, he immediately got up and said goodbye.

Zhou Na accompanies the client to drink and drank too much. When she returned from the hotel, she met Zhao Junran. After seeing Zhou Na’s gaffe after drinking, she couldn’t even walk smoothly, so Zhao Junran had to send her home. The two finally returned to the apartment. Zhou Na vomited Zhao Junran all over. In order to facilitate the care, Zhao Junran stayed with her.

Early in the morning, when she discovered that there was a naked man on the bed, Zhou Na began to yell. She pressed the quilt tightly and asked why Zhao Junran was here and who changed his clothes. At first, I wanted to leave a little suspense. Scared by Zhou Na’s iron fist, Zhao Junran quickly explained that nothing happened. The clothes were washed in the washing machine. Zhou Na kicked him out of the bed.

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