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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 5 Recap

In the evening, Lin Nan was holding a book and couldn’t help but think of the conversation with Yu Luxi during the day. Yu Luxi admitted that she was no worse than other classmates. As long as she was given a chance, she would definitely prove herself. Lin Nan once said this to Liang Yichuan, and now that they have finally made some achievements, it is time to consider providing opportunities for rising stars.

On the second day, Lin Nan took a senior voice actor to train the students. For the first time he received a comment from a professional teacher, Yu Luxi was not happy, and his level was far from it. It seems that there is still a long way to go in the future.

Zhao Junran’s younger brother came to the dubbing class to convince Zhao Junran to return to the company. The younger brother felt that the domestic comics had no prospects, so it was better to return to the family business as soon as possible. Zhou Na happened to be passing by. After hearing Zhao Junran’s advice, she came and corrected her unceremoniously. Now the domestic animation is no longer what it used to be. Last year, the profit of the animation series exceeded several billion in just one indicator.

When Yu Luxi heard the teacher comment that she was dubbing, she was not emotional. She was thinking hard about how to find the feeling of grief. The characters in the comics seem to have been hungry for several days. In order to enter the drama as soon as possible, Yu Luxi decided to go on a hunger strike to find feelings.

She was so determined that even the pan-fried ham made by her brother himself did not entice her. In the evening, Yu Luxi, who was hungry, was still looking for feelings. She sent Lin Nan a WeChat message and asked him if he had any distressing past. Lin Nan thought about receiving the WeChat message. Just as he was hesitant to tell Yu Luxi, Yu Luxi had already said good night.

After a hunger strike for a whole day, Lin Nan swallowed gluttonously when seeing classmates around him eating, worried that her stomach would not be able to live up to her stomach, so she tightened her stomach tightly. Finally arrived at the studio, Lin Nan fainted with hunger before he opened his mouth to dub.

The crowd helped Yu Luxi up. Lin Nan took the water to wake her up. Yu Luxi’s eyes were blurred because of hunger. Lin Nan’s hand was dangling in front of Yu Luxi, but Yu Luxi used it as a sausage made by her younger brother. She couldn’t help holding her mouth and chewing. Lin Nan’s hand was bitten so hard that it was painful to despair.

After replenishing the energy, Yu Luxi apologized to Lin Nan, as Lin Nan said: She does not need to apologize, and being hungry does not deepen her understanding of the role. Now Yu Luxi needs to empathize with the characters in the play, only to go deep into the role itself. To find the feeling. So far, Yu Luxi has not actually dubbed in the dubbing studio. She begged Lin Nan to enter the recording studio. On the way to the recording studio, Yu Luxi reminded herself over and over again to stabilize her mood and not to rush for quick success.

In the recording studio, Yu Luxi was very successful in dubbing this time. Lin Nan, who was on the side, saw the tears on her cheeks and knew that she had indeed lost her mind. For a long time, Yu Luxi hadn’t come out of the play. She thought of her mother’s death when she was very young. She remembered that she said a lot on the day of her death.

Unfortunately, she didn’t remember it now, just remembered her mother’s expression at the time. , Yu Luxi said sadder and sadder. Lin Nan comforted her that as an excellent voice actor, she needs to enter the play as soon as possible, and of course, she must be able to play in the shortest time. When Yu Luxi heard Lin Nan praise her rapid progress, Yu Luxi gave a relieved smile.

Everyone has a bitter history, and so does Lin Nan. He thought about his condition and the doctor announced that he had throat cancer. He might no longer be able to mix in the dubbing session in the future. How desperate he was. Everyone who dreams of dreams must learn. strong.

Soon, Lin Nan announced the list of successfully promoted students. Yu Luxi lived up to expectations and was also on the list. Everyone happily embraced Yu Luxi and blessed her.

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