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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 4 Recap

Fei Da and Mr. Zhang lost face in front of Lin Nan and the others. The two held a grudge against it. Fei Da felt that it was because the company cared too much about Lin Nan that he was so arrogant and that no one was given any face now. In order to attack Lin Nan, Feida introduced Liang Yichuan from Youlong Company to Mr. Zhang.

In Youlong Production Company, Liang Yichuan is also the most popular traffic king. I heard that Lin Nan, who is a big man, is quite choppy. He and his subordinates feel that taking advantage of the opportunity can also be used to beat down Feida. Feida has been dubbing and working in their company. The attitude is also unsatisfactory.

Liang Yichuan walked into the recording studio and saw Feida playing with his mobile phone. He deliberately scolded the tuner Xiaopeng for looking at his mobile phone at work. Feida heard that Mr. Liang was referring to Sang Meihuai, and he quickly promised that he would never bring it in the recording studio again. Into the phone.

Yu Luxi finally entered the recording studio, and her excitement was beyond words. To express his gratitude to Lin Nan, she made sandwiches by herself. The company held a meeting. Lin Nan felt that the theme of Lin Ge’s work (Smile of Spring) did not highlight spring, so he asked Lin to revise it as required. Brother Lin was not convinced. He felt that Lin Nan’s requirements were too demanding and insisted not to modify it. Lin Nan was very angry and reminded him that he would just be stubborn and leave.

Yu Luxi heard her colleagues quietly talking about Lin Nan’s growing temperament recently. In order to help resolve the embarrassment, she quickly used her expertise to make Lin happy. Lin Ge revised the plan and showed it to Lin Nan. Lin Nan still felt that it was too late. The two people quarreled again, and the quarrel became louder and louder. Yu Luxi felt that it was over. This time, Lin will surely leave.

Yu Luxi hurriedly collected evidence that Brother Lin had been working hard. She walked into Lin Nan’s office with the evidence, and saw that Brother Lin and Lin Nan were playing games with gusto. The two were talking and laughing, not at all like making a noise. Look like. Yu Luxi felt that her eyes had been deceived, and she was puzzled. Her colleague quietly told him that everyone in the company was no stranger to it. Everyone knew that Lin Nan had a “low ebb” for several days every month. He created his work. When you encounter a bottleneck, your temper is very hot.

If someone unfortunately touches Lin Nan’s anger, it may not be a good thing. He will receive Lin Nan’s small red envelope as a mental loss fee. Lin Ge received Lin Nan’s spirit last month. The loss fee is more than one thousand. Lin Nan’s eyes widened with so many mental loss expenses, it was the first time he heard that he could do this for mental loss expenses.

In the evening, the voice actor Liu Ziwei quietly entered the dubbing Peng and wanted to practice more. Yu Luxi saw that it was not good to enter the recording studio without Lin Nan’s consent. Liu Ziwei was about to put the microphones back. Lin Nan happened to find the two of them. Lin Nan suddenly stretched his face when he saw them holding the microphone.

He felt that the moisture in his hand was not good for the microphone. Yu Luxi quietly explained that Lin Ziwei just wanted to practice more. Lin Nan didn’t understand why Lin Ziwei didn’t tell him such a small thing. Hearing Yu Luxi whispering that colleagues in the dubbing class were afraid of him, Lin Nan immediately decided to build a team next week.

On the day of the team building, everyone was very cautious. Lin Nan first drove the atmosphere and asked everyone to talk about their experience before entering the dubbing class. The friends came together because of the same hobby, and everyone started to talk freely.

Yu Luxi talked about her dad who supports her hobby very much in the chat. He also said that he often takes on dubbing tasks, and that he can support himself with the salary in the early days. Everyone praised Yu Luxi, Lin Nan turned his face and smiled and looked at her with interest.

The team was built in a coffee shop where Yu Luxi worked part-time. After the end, he learned that Lin Nan had settled the bill. Yu Luxi rushed over to return the money to Lin Nan. There was no other people around. Lin Nan frankly said that with Yu Luxi’s current strength, he dubbed the film. She simply does not support her. There are very few dubbing agencies in China to recruit people. She has almost no chance to dub, otherwise she will not work part-time in a coffee shop. Lin Nan’s eyes were fierce enough, and Yu Luxi smiled embarrassedly.

At night, Yu Luxi lay on the bed and kept thinking about her master. She felt that the master usually talks less, but he must be very lonely on the inside. As his disciple, she has the obligation to help the master drive away loneliness and she has become happy and sunny. Handsome president!

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