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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 5 Recap

On August 16, 2014, Dean Zhu of Yandu Provincial Hospital handed the five-star red flag that China’s first aid to Africa medical team had brought to Africa to Feng Gang, the head of the medical team about to leave, hoping that they would inherit the hardships and save the wounded. , The spirit of boundless love has made achievements in Kabalia!

Feng Gang solemnly took over the national flag and team flag and spoke on behalf of the medical team: They are about to embark on a battlefield without gunpowder. Here he assured the hospital leaders and family members: From now on, the entire medical team is a big family. How many people will be taken out? , He must promise to bring back how many people, if one person can’t come back, he Feng Gang won’t come back again!

After the team members and their families bid farewell to them, they embarked on the journey. He Dong and Luo Qihan were elected to the medical team as they wished. After getting on the bus, Feng Gang solemnly handed the national flag to He Dong for safekeeping and told him to know the weight of the national flag.

In the Black Stone Village of Kabalia, when planning the isolation area, Braham and Zheng Shupeng had different opinions. Braham wanted to plan as many areas as possible to admit patients first. Zheng Shupeng suggested that a buffer zone should be made to ensure the medical staff’s safety. It is safe. Braham thinks that the medical staff can wear and remove any piece of circle. Zheng Shupeng reminded him that he is a surgeon and he is in the Department of Infectious Diseases.

He Huan felt that it was strange that no one in the village knew Adamakanu, and Zheng Shupeng did not want to talk more. Some villagers came to inform the chief to hold a party tonight, pray for the newborns, and invite them to join them. Zheng Shupeng reminded them to keep their distance. He knows that gatherings are important social activities for Africans. They use music and dance to thank the Creator for their gifts. After several days of work, the suspected local patients have been quarantined. So although he disagrees, it is reasonable and reasonable. Can’t stop.

Seeing the villagers singing and dancing, He Huan sighed that the village has been shrouded in haze since the outbreak of the epidemic. It has been a long time since I saw them so happy. She saw the handmade wooden monkey in Zheng Shupeng’s hand covering his eyes.

She laughed and said that the gift given by her friend was to remind Shupeng not only to use his eyes but also to use his heart. This sentence is exactly the same as what Lao Guy said at the time. Zheng Shupeng couldn’t help asking who He Huan was, and he could be sure that she was definitely not a doctor.

In the evening, watching everyone dancing around the flames is extremely happy, Zheng Shupeng remembered that Lao Gai once said that hugging can give people strength. People here urgently need a carnival to break grief and anxiety. For them, the distance between people is heart and soul. The distance from the heart.

He Huan formally introduced her identity to Zheng Shupeng. She explained that Tabanasi was not friendly with reporters and therefore concealed it. Zheng Shupeng didn’t mind and praised her as a brave, kind and courageous person. The chief held a solemn blessing ceremony for the newborn. Zheng Shupeng suddenly understood that Lao Gai said at the time that death signaled a new beginning.

Instead of immersing himself in grief and nostalgia, it is better to extend his life indefinitely with more newborns. He Huan said that when she first came to Sangyi Village, she wanted to help them with all her strength, but she really put her heart in it and found that she had been moved by them all the time.

She hoped that next time she met life and death, Shu Peng could do what she is today. Sticking to his choice, Zheng Shupeng was sure he would do the same. The two of them looked at each other with a smile, merged into the team of the villagers, drank and jumped together, toasting to their experiences and experiences!

The video of Xie Yunhu and his wife kept telling her about the customs of Africa. His wife saw that he did not want to go home. Yunhu stammered and said that Shupeng had not left yet, and he was particularly worried that the new colleague didn’t understand Kabalia’s situation. , The wife already understood Lao Xie’s intentions, and she resisted the tears and said that she would support him to stay, so let’s report. When she hung up the phone, she burst into tears, and told the infant baby that they would wait for his father to come back together, and his father would be fine.

The media reported that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is deteriorating, and the cumulative number of confirmed and suspected people has risen to 2,240. Team Chen informed Yunhu that the application he had left was approved by the Health and Family Planning Commission, and the special plane of the new medical team was about to land at the airport. They were going back to China. Yunhu must take care. The teammates are waiting for him to go home.

A local little girl asked Brahan for help. The chief of Sangyi village had a terrible stomachache. Brahan and Zheng Shupeng rushed to check and found that the chief was in very serious condition and had not urinated for two days. It would be very dangerous if he did not urinate as soon as possible. , It may cause a rupture of the bladder, but the medical conditions here are poor and there is no condition for catheterization. Zheng Shupeng urgently came up with a way to replace the catheter with a reed rod at the door.

He disinfected the reed rod with alcohol and inserted it into the chief’s body to stimulate the bladder to urinate. But it didn’t work. In desperation, everyone was surprised to see Zheng Shupeng sucking with his mouth and connecting the reed rod to catheterize the urine. The chief was finally rescued! He Huan praised Shupeng very much to the villagers who came to thank him. Shupeng quickly covered her mouth to prevent her from telling the rescue process.

Chen Baixin led the team members on the returning plane. Everyone unexpectedly saw a heart-warming note written on each seat, encouraging them to forge ahead, telling them the local climate, beautiful scenery, and a paragraph of warm words, which can be seen by the team members. Our eyes were wet, and some people suggested that they were all from the same hospital. They greeted the enemy and they retreated.

Chen Baixin told everyone: They are not deserters. Before leaving, they have helped the Zhongka Hospital to restore working order to the Chinese capital who stayed in Kabalia. Institutions and Chinese and overseas Chinese see a doctor, promote Ebola knowledge, and avoid unnecessary panic. Although these things are not earth-shaking, they are also very important. At least the Chinese and overseas Chinese in Africa have not been infected with Ebola. All of them are good. of. At this time, the flight captain and all the crew bowed to pay their respects! Applause and welcome them home!

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