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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 8 Recap

The roof was quickly repaired, and Lu Qingqing wiped the water off Nangong Yixin’s face. Xiaoyi cried to Nangong Yixin and insisted on sleeping with him. Lu Qingqing offered to take it back. Guan Qing was worried, worried that they would not be able to take care of the children, but Lu Qingqing was very confident.

Xiao Yi came to Nangong Yixin’s residence and determined that Lu Qingqing was the hostess here, and Lu Qingqing admitted without shyness. Lu Qingqing coaxed Xiao Yi to sleep, and Nangong Yixin also told Lu Qingqing about Xiao Yi. On the way, Nangong Yixin met Xiao Yi’s mother who was killed. Xiao Yi escaped because of hiding in a box. After returning, Xiao Yi had a fever for three days and nights. Nangong Yixin took care of him for a long time.

Lu Qingqing feels distressed for Xiao Yi. Nangong Yixin told Lu Qingqing that those spiritual forces were sent by Lu Hongzhu, and they were just to find the spiritual power stone and the spiritual girl. Lu Qingqing felt that even if they were looking for these things, they would not Innocent people should be killed. After she went back, she told her father to take care of her strictly.

The next day, Lu Qingqing and Nangong Yixin took Xiao Yi to the market. The three of them ran in the market. Whoever loses will invite dinner. Xiao Yi got a jar of wine and wanted to give it to Guan Qing. Bring back. But Nangong Yixin shook his head to the wine seller to indicate that he would not let it be sold. In their opinion, children shouldn’t touch the wine.

Nangong Yixin was willing to lose the game and invited Lu Qingqing and Xiao Yi to dinner. The three of them were also having a picnic together, lying on the grass together, watching Lu Qingqing fall asleep, and Nangong Yixin using the dog’s tail grass to touch Lu Qingqing’s face. , Xiao Yi who pretended to sleep was very happy.

When Xiaoyi was hungry and wanted to eat, Lu Qingqing cooked for him. As a result, Xiaoyi suddenly had a stomachache. Fortunately, Nangong Yixin rushed back in time and sent it to the payment agent. Lu Qingqing blamed her for the poor cooking before she let Xiaoyi. B. Diarrhea. The doctor was also taken aback when he saw Lu Qingqing, with an inexplicable sense of familiarity, Nangong Yixin also comforted Lu Qingqing not to blame herself too much.

Xiao Yi felt that the medicine was too bitter and unwilling to take it, so Lu Qingqing coaxed Xiao Yi and prepared a candy for him. Looking at the gentle Lu Qingqing, Nangong Yixin’s eyes were full of tenderness.

Lu Qingqing coaxed Xiao Yi to sleep. Xiao Yi did not fall asleep. She fell asleep. When Nangong Yixin saw it, she gently hugged Lu Qingqing back to the room, and covered Lu Qingqing with a cup, watching with gentle eyes. With Lu Qingqing, feeling that a person who can’t even take care of himself is always thinking about taking care of others.

When Lu Qingqing went to help Xiaoyi get medicine, she saw a patient with a frown. After asking the doctor, she learned that it was because the farmer was bitten by a snake, but he lacked medicine to treat snake venom, and the store was very He can’t go away if he’s busy. Lu Qingqing volunteered and agreed to help retrieve it.

When Guan Qing heard that Xiao Yi was ill, she was anxious to take care of him. From the perspective of Guan Qingka, Lu Qingqing and Nangong Yixin were still children, how could they take good care of Xiao Yi. Si Kongying had to accompany Wan Qing to go with him. Unexpectedly, it suddenly rained under the scorching sun and the sky. The two of them slid down the hillside. As a result, Guan Qing was injured. Si Kongying went back with Guan Qing on his back and found that Wan Qing was hiding there. There were scars under his clothes, but Guan Qing refused to say why he was injured.

Lu Qingqing sent the medicine to the doctor. Lu Qingqing was very happy to be able to help people here with her own ability. The doctor looked at Lu Qingqing and smiled somewhat similar to the spirit girl.

Wan Qing blamed Lu Qingqing for not being able to take care of others. He promised to take care of Xiao Yi but made Xiao Yi sick. He was about to take Xiao Yi back, but Xiao Yi broke away from Wan Qing and spoke for Lu Qingqing, although Lu Qing Qing is not very good at taking care of people, but he has recovered, and Lu Qingqing brought him fruit. Now Lu Qingqing is already learning to take care of a person. Nangong Yixin also helped Lu Qingqing speak to persuade Wan Qing, who had no choice but to go back first.

Sikongying persuaded Nangong Yixin to send Lu Qingqing back. Now Lu Qingqing escaped from the marriage, how can he return to Qiyuan mainland if he never returns. Sikongying also worried that Nangong Yixin was hated by the queen, so it would become a hostile position, and it would also affect what Nangong Yixin wanted to do in the future.

Nangong Yixin approached Lu Qingqing to remind her that she should leave, but Lu Qingqing liked it and was reluctant to leave, and even hoped to bring Lily here so that they could live happily. Guan Qing also knew about Lu Qingqing’s escape from marriage, thinking that Lu Qingqing should admit her fate and should not think about things that shouldn’t be thought of, but Lu Qingqing thought she didn’t want to do things that she didn’t like to do, and she had to do it too. Fight for what you like, and you won’t know if you will succeed if you don’t fight for it.

In the evening, Lu Qingqing came to deliver food to Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin tried his best to treat Lu Qingqing coldly. Lu Qingqing left disappointed, but still reminded Nangong Yixin to remember to eat. Although Nangong Yixin was sad, But I also intend to end this matter by myself.

Nangong Yixin wrote to Lu Hongzhu personally, informing him of Lu Qingqing’s whereabouts. Lu Hongzhu angrily took people to find Lu Qingqing, and Lu Yunxi followed him without worry. Lu Qingqing insisted on not leaving, so Lu Yunxi had to persuade Lu Qingqing not to be willful, and Wan Qing interceded on her behalf, thinking that Lu Qingqing liked it and could stay for a few more days. However, Lu Hongzhu did not expect that Lu Hongzhu would call Wanqing a rough woman and was not qualified to talk to him.

Lu Qingqing was angry that Lu Hongzhu shouldn’t talk to her friends like that, but when she learned that Lily had been punished because of her, Lu Qingqing was worried that Lu Hongzhu would be detrimental to her friends, so she agreed to go back. She wanted to wait until Nangong. Yixin came, but Nangong Yixin hid in the dark and refused to come out. Lu Qingqing kept begging Lu Yunxi to let her stay and wait for Nangong Yixin to say goodbye.

Nangong Yixin couldn’t bear to let Lu Qingqing wait and stood up. Lu Hongzhu thanked Nangong Yixin for telling him Lu Qingqing’s whereabouts. Lu Qingqing blamed Nangong Yixin for betraying his friends, but Nangong Yixin cruelly told Lu Qingqing His only friend is Si Kongying. And I hope that Lu Qingqing will go back and be the princess and the queen in the future.

Lu Qingqing had been sad looking at the back of King Jin leaving, and was unhappy on the way back. Lu Yunxi watched Lu Qingqing bowed her head silently, and secretly guessed the relationship between Lu Qingqing and King Jin.

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