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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 7 Recap

Lu Qingqing asked the store to keep the account and pay the money when she came next time, but the store was reluctant and insisted on paying off the debt. Nangong Yixin appeared to relieve Lu Qingqing and returned the money to the store.

Lu Qingqing pretended to be pitifully pestering Nangong Yixin, and determined that Nangong Yixin was worried that she had been following in secret. Nangong Yixin denied it, claiming that it was because Lu Qingqing was disturbed by the noise when he was collecting debts. Just came over to help check out.

Lu Qingqing looked at the dazzling array of commodities on the street and couldn’t help but pick it up. Nangong Yixin was also happy to pay the bill. Seeing Lu Qingqing, who sells candied haws, reached out and took two, Nangong Yixin just blamed Lu Qingqing for taking too much, Lu Qingqing stuffed one of them into Nangong Yixin’s mouth, and Nangong Yixin was exasperated. , The smile on his face cannot be hidden.

The prince couldn’t find Lu Qingqing and was very worried, and asked everyone to look for it as soon as possible. Lu Yunxi apologized on her behalf, thinking that her sister shouldn’t run away because of her ignorance. Instead of blaming Lu Qingqing, the prince blamed himself that Lu Qingqing should not be put under so much pressure. If it were not for too much pressure, she would not have escaped.

Nangong Yixin brought Lu Qingqing to his residence in the Wasted Spirit Valley, and offered that Lu Qingqing had to leave after living here for three days, and she must act as a maid here to replace Xiaowu’s work. Nangong Yixin told Lu Qingqing to keep her room clean and tidy, and to keep herself clean and tidy. Lu Qingqing agreed, but she could not control it.

In the evening, Lu Qingqing saw a rat yelling more and more. Nangong Yixin hurried over and was so scared that Lu Qingqing grabbed Nangong Yixin’s arm and hid behind her. When Nangong Yixin turned around, they both had heartbeats in close contact. a feeling of. Lu Qingqing sneezed out, and Nangong Yixin reminded Lu Qingqing to take a good rest and not to pass a cold to him. Lu Qingqing was pleased to hear these words of concern.

The next day, Si Kongying came to Nangong Yixin, and was pleasantly surprised to find Lu Qingqing, thinking that the two were already together, Nangong Yixin hurriedly explained that Lu Qingqing was just his little maid. When Lu Qingqing heard that Sikongying and Nangong Yixin had to go to the Commanding Mansion, they had to follow him. Nangong Yixin took Lu Qingqing with her and let her play while she went to find Sikongying’s father with Sikongying.

Nangong Yixin wanted to inquire about the spiritual girl twenty years ago, but Sikongying’s father told Nangong Yixin the spiritual girl was dead, but when he saw Lu Qingqing, Sikongying’s father was obviously stunned. It seemed that he saw one. Old acquaintance.

Sikongying went shopping with Lu Qingqing and Nangong Yixin, while Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing flirted and flirted with each other, making Sikongying feel that they were superfluous. The group of three came to the place where the orphans lived, Xiao Yi saw Nangong Yixin and didn’t let go. Lu Qingqing gave Xiao Yi a sepak takraw ball. Xiao Yi guessed that Lu Qingqing must be Nangong Yixin’s sweetheart, because Nangong Yixin never brought a woman here, this was the first person.

Lu Qingqing was overjoyed in her heart and played ball with everyone. Guan Qing, who took care of the children, saw Nangong Yixin coming to her heart and rejoiced, while Si Kongying greeted Guan Qing happily when she looked at Guan Qing, but Guan Qing looked at him wrongly. . Guan Qing is also hostile to Lu Qingqing, thinking that Lu Qingqing’s dress is not suitable for this place, because the thorns here will scratch her clothes. The shoes will soon be worn out. Lu Qingqing took off the shoes and tied the skirts together.

Wan Qing is even more satirizing that Lu Qingqing is from the Qiyuan mainland and doesn’t care about clothes and shoes. Lu Qingqing claims to have a lot of homes. Next time she comes, she can bring some for Guan Qing. Guan Qing can’t find words to go and go. Qing Qing.

Lu Qingqing insisted on going to the kitchen with Wanqing to cook. Although she could not cook, she was very smart. When she saw Wanqing cut vegetables, she took the initiative to help. Sagong Ying sent a bunch of flowers to Guan Qing. Wan Qing did not accept it. Instead, Lu Qingqing felt that the flowers were picked in the best time and should be better maintained, and then they took them from Sagong Ying and put them in the bottle. Here, Si Kongying persuades Guan Qing not to be angry with Lu Qingqing, who is so innocent and happy.

Xiao Yi’s kite was hung on the tree, and Sikongying helped to take it down, but she didn’t expect the kite to be hung on the hive. After taking the kite away, the bee stung Sikongying’s face and looked at Sikongying. Looking embarrassed, Wan Qing couldn’t help but smile while helping to administer the medicine. Si Kongying hadn’t seen Wan Qing smiling for a long time. At this time, she felt that the sting was worth it.

At night, Wan Qing watched Lu Qingqing tired and couldn’t bear to disturb him. Nangong Yixin came over and wanted to take Lu Qingqing away, and truthfully told Guan Qing that Lu Qingqing was not really his maid. Wan Qing said that he had seen it a long time ago.

In order not to surpass the star Lu Qingqing, Nangong Yixin hugged her back, and accidentally found that Lu Qingqing’s hand was scratched. He also intimately applied medicine to Lu Qingqing, covered Lu Qingqing with a quilt, and looked at Lu Qing. Qing was fascinated in her sleep.

Sikongying came to Nangong Yixin early the next morning, let him look at the notice outside, and persuaded Nangong Yixin to let Lu Qingqing go back because his brother and wife should not be bullied. Nangong Yixin felt that Lu Qingqing was originally unwilling to be a princess, and the two had no substantive feelings. They woke up before Lu Qingqing could speak, and Nangong Yixin was afraid that what Sagong Ying said and announced took Sikongying out. .

When Nangong Yixin came back, Lu Qingqing had already cooked a table for him, but after eating Lu Qingqing, she had hallucinations. Nangong Yixin discovered that the mushrooms Lu Qingqing had just eaten were poisonous. Lu Qingqing pulled Nangong Yixin’s ears again, and threw in his arms again, Nangong Yixin’s heart was about to jump out.

After Lu Qingqing woke up, she was very happy to hear that she was carried back by Nangong Yixin. There was a heavy rain in the sky. Nangong Yixin remembered that the place where the children lived was not safe, so she hurried over with Lu Qingqing to repair the roof. Hole. Lu Qingqing had to go up to help while wearing her clothes. Nangong Yixin couldn’t worry about urging her to go down quickly, but Lu Qingqing had to be with Nangong Yixin, and Nangong Yixin smiled happily.

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