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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 5 Recap

The sooner the day comes to choose the princess, the more disturbed Lu Yunxi is. For fear that something will happen, Pearl thinks that the queen also likes Lu Yunxi, and that the prince also made a special trip to visit her today, which means that Lu Yun is also in the prince’s heart. Creek. Lu Yunxi was overjoyed, and Qi Yi, who was standing outside the door, left with loneliness after hearing it.

Lu Qingqing sneaked out again, and was again given a severe lesson by Lu Hongzhu, and ordered Lu Qingqing to take care of her and continue to copy the “Qing Ling Jing”.

Today is Nangong Yixin’s birthday, and the prince sent Nangong Yixin dim sum, which Nangong Yixin liked to eat very much when he was a child. The prince invited Nangong Yixin to participate in the selection of his princess tomorrow. The judges were the queen and the prince plus Nangong Yixin. As for Lu Hongzhu because he wanted to send Lu Yunxi to the competition, he could not participate in the judges. Although Nangong Yixin knew that the queen did not welcome him, he still agreed to the prince.

Lu Qingqing knew from Xiaowu that the queen was not Nangong Yixin’s biological mother. Since the death of her biological mother, he has almost never had his birthday. When he was in the Desolate Spirit Valley, he was accompanied by Sikongying, but now he is alone. Lu Qingqing promised to wait for Jin Wang Hengri to accompany him.

King Jin also eagerly waited for Lu Qingqing, thinking that Lu Qingqing would surprise him, even had hallucinations, and saw Lu Qingqing appear in front of him with a smile. Xiaowu saw King Jin’s thoughts and told King Jin that Lu Qingqing could not come out after being punished, and she was still feverish. King Jin wanted to get Lu Qingqing some medicines that could strengthen the foundation. Xiaowu reminded Jin Wang Luqingqing is just feverish. King Jin realized that he was overly worried.

Xiao Wu accompanies King Jin to drink to celebrate his birthday, but a little rabbit ran to his feet. King Jin grabbed the little rabbit and expected her to transform. He didn’t expect the little rabbit to really look like Lu Qingqing. With surprises, Lu Qingqing said that he would come to celebrate Jin Wang’s life anyway.

Lu Qingqing gave King Jin a rabbit puppet. The drunk Lu Qingqing told Nangong Yixin that her heart beats faster every time she sees Nangong Yixin, and she becomes very excited. This feeling has not been seen in 20 years. In the past, Lu Qingqing fell drunk in the arms of King Jin. She hoped that King Jin could forget the unpleasant things and live every birthday well.

Nangong Yixin’s heart was full of warmth, and she hugged Lu Qingqing to send it over. As long as the two of them were in contact with their spiritual power, they would work with each other. Nangong Yixin wanted to hand Lu Qingqing to Baihe, but Lu Qingqing held Nangong. Yi Xin’s neck refused to open, so Nangong Yixin had to send Lu Qingqing back, and saw a lot of balls in Lu Qingqing’s room.

Lily told Nangong Yixin that because she has been locked up in the yard since her childhood, her only entertainment is balls. Cuju is her only hobby. Those balls have become her most cherished things, and there are some painting books. It is also the only window through which Lu Qingqing can contact the outside world.

The next day, when Lu Qingqing woke up, she thought of yesterday’s events. He felt that yesterday’s wine was also very sweet. He also liked the feeling of being with Nangong Yixin more and more. Not declining. Baihe felt that now Lu Qingqing had not only gone to Nangong Yixin to rub his spiritual power, but had really fallen in love with Nangong Yixin.

The day when the prince chooses her concubine is extremely lively. All the women from the minister’s family came to run for the election. Lu Qingqing also appeared at the concubine election meeting as a watcher. The guards knew that Lu Qingqing was not the girl who was running for the election and was about to chase her. After leaving, he found the bracelet on Lu Qingqing’s arm and wrist, and quickly let it go respectfully.

Originally, Lu Qingqing came to cheer, but she was mistaken by the mother for choosing the concubine. She gave a number one sign and stood on the concubine selection stage with the waiting girls. The prince saw it. It is joyful.

According to the order of number selection, No. 1 is going to perform flower arrangement on stage. Lu Qingqing thinks who should arrange the flower faster in the competition, Lu Qingqing casually put two flowers into it, and was awarded a lot of lots. The audience laughed at Lu Qingqing, but the prince was very satisfied, thinking that Lu Qingqing was so cute.

When the second show girl went to arranging flowers, she used her spiritual power to arrange flowers. The flowers were so beautiful that Lu Qingqing realized why she was being laughed at. When Lu Yunxi arranges flowers, it is even more beautiful. The petals are flying around Lu Yunxi. Lu Yunxi dances in the air. The posture is very beautiful. Lu Qingqing cheers loudly for her sister. Lu Yunxi plays the piano with good sound and beauty. Signed, the first round of the competition took the lead.

In the second round of the competition, Nangong Yixin deliberately gave Lu Qingqing a sign, allowing Lu Qingqing to enter the top three.

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