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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 4 Recap

King Jin asked Lu Qingqing what he was sent by Lu Hongzhu to do. Lu Qingqing did not dare to tell the truth that he came to rub his spiritual power. It can only be said that it is love for King Jin, because many girls like King Jin. He even kissed King Jin directly and unceremoniously, which happened to be seen by Xiaowu.

Xiao Wu Dun felt embarrassed and hurriedly withdrew, while King Jin was there, stunned by the sudden kiss.

When Qi Yi was ordered to find Lu Qingqing, he was stopped by Lu Yunxi. Lu Yunxi knew that Lu Qingqing was no longer in the room, lied that Lu Qingqing was in the room, and deliberately said that his piano was broken and asked Qi Yi to help repair it. Qin, Qi Yi firmly believes in Lu Yunxi. Lu Hongzhu quickly learned about this, and he reprimanded Lu Yunxi, and Pearl explained on her behalf that Lu Yunxi was to help Lu Qingqing cover it, for fear that Lu Qingqing would be punished for this, because Lu Qingqing Since having spiritual power, he has been lawless, and goes out to King Jin every day.

Lu Hongzhu reprimanded Lu Yunxi for not condoning Lu Qingqing, reprimanded Qi Yi for knowing not to report, and punish Qi Yi, Lu Yunxi was willing to be punished for Qi Yi, and Qi Yi could not bear Lu Yunxi being punished, and quickly shot himself to the chest. punish.

For this reason, Lu Hongzhu reprimanded Lu Qingqing and punished her to continue copying the “Qing Ling Jing” and not allowed to go out. Lu Qingqing wanted to explain her intention to find King Jin, but she didn’t know how to explain it. After that, Lu Hongzhu also asked the staff of the testing platform. He didn’t understand why Lu Qingqing could not practice so far, and he was also unheard of such management.

Lu Qingqing didn’t understand why her father didn’t let her go to King Jin. Baihe believed that men and women were different and it was normal not to let them meet. But if they became a husband and wife, they could face each other day and night. This remark woke up Lu Qingqing. She decided to become a couple with King Jin. Lily believes that if the father disagrees with the words of the matchmaker, it is not acceptable.

Lu Qingqing hopes to be like the people in the Desolate Spirit Valley, and be able to be with the people she likes as she wants. Lily thinks that the people there are very vulgar and cannot be the same as the people there. Lu Qingqing felt that that was the real freedom, and Baihe felt that King Jin liked Lu Qingqing and would definitely be willing to give her spiritual power. Lu Qingqing is very happy, if it is really like that, she can use her spiritual power upright.

Lu Hongzhu thought about what happened twenty years ago. The spiritual girl entered the Waste Spirit Valley alone. Lu Hongzhu could not stop it. Thinking of the last meeting, Lu Hongzhu had a deep memory. Now she is finally meeting with the spiritual girl.

King Jin waited for a day and didn’t see Lu Qingqing, so he couldn’t help but came to the gate of Lu Mansion and saw Lily, and asked Lily to tell him to ask Lu Qingqing to go to the teahouse tomorrow. Lu Qingqing was very happy to receive the news, even if her father refused to let her out, she could sneak out.

Nangong Yixin was busy packing up and changing several sets of clothes before finally satisfied. King Jin also insisted that he just wanted to win Sagong Ying, not like Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing specially drew a pearl makeup they liked and went to see King Jin, but he frightened King Jin. With a wave of his sleeve, King Jin restored Lu Qingqing to his original appearance. King Jin wanted to listen to what Lu Qingqing said that he liked him, and he deliberately kept what Lu Qingqing wanted to say and was too embarrassed to say, so he quickly said it now. Lu Qingqing misunderstood that King Jin knew she wanted to use spiritual power, and she couldn’t say that she was killed.

Lu Qingqing deliberately said a few days that he wanted to give King Jin a birthday. King Jin didn’t wait until she wanted to hear what she wanted, so she went back with a black face, and was given a joke by Si Kongying.

Lu Qingqing also felt that there was something wrong with King Jin today. Baihe was worried that King Jin had offended King Jin, and worried that King Jin would not see her in the future, so Lu Qingqing decided to meet King Jin again and asked Xiao Wu to send him off. I wrote a letter to King Jin, expressing the meaning that one day will not be like three autumns.

King Jin pretended to be indifferent on the surface, but in fact he paid much attention to it. Lily and Lu Qingqing waited for a long time without seeing King Jin coming, so Lu Qingqing asked Lily to go back first, and could cover up if there was a question from his father.

In order to show that he didn’t care about Lu Qingqing so much, and for his own pitiful face, King Jin went to find the prince, but sitting here was just a few words of politeness, and his soul had already floated to find Lu Qingqing.

Forbearing his temper, King Jin sat with the prince for a while and then left. After getting up outside, Lu Qingqing couldn’t leave, so she simply continued to wait in the pavilion.

The prince came to Lu Hongzhu, hoping to discuss the election of the princess, but Lu Hongzhu said that the election of the princess requires the queen dowager to call the shots. The prince wanted to see Lu Qingqing, so he proposed to walk around in the mansion. What’s more, Nangong Yixin said that Nangong Yixin believed that marriage matters should be in charge, and the choice of his wife should be the one he likes.

Xiao Wu watched the sky raining, worried that Lu Qingqing was still waiting. King Jin didn’t believe that Lu Qingqing would wait. The person who was waiting for the rain was a fool. As soon as the voice fell, he saw the “fool” Lu Qingqing there. Walking in the heavy rain ahead, I was knocked down and sat in the rain. The King of Jin sheltered Lu Qingqing from rain.

Lu Qingqing felt wronged that Nangong Yixin must have been angry last time, so she came here to apologize to Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin couldn’t bear it, explaining that she was not angry and will remain a friend in the future. Lu Qingqing fainted when she was hungry for another day when she heard words that made her feel relieved. Nangong Yixin hurriedly hugged her into the carriage.

Lu Qingqing snuggled on Nangong Yixin’s shoulders, and the spirit power interacted with the two of them. Lu Qingqing also woke up, clamoring for a meal, Nangong Yixin took Lu Qingqing to eat a meal and sent her back. , Gave Lu Qingqing a bottle of medicine, and told him not to forget to take it. Lu Qingqing couldn’t help but kissed Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin was stunned, and her heart was full of blossoms.

When Lu Qingqing went back, it coincided with the Prince’s departure. Lu Yunxi invited him to go boating on the Prince Lake, but the Prince did not agree. Instead, he gave a bracelet to Lu Qingqing and told Lu Qingqing that he would choose the prince’s princess in a few days. In the days when Lu Qingqing could come, he knew that Lu Hongzhu was under strict supervision, and with this bracelet she would be able to pass unimpeded.

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