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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 3 Recap

On the Cuju field, there were cheers for King Jin everywhere. Of course, most of them were women and admirers of King Jin. Lu Yunxi, who was sitting on the stage, looked at the prince with a smile, expecting the prince to win the game. There are rules for this Cuju game to not use spiritual power, so the prince always wins frequently.

Lu Qingqing couldn’t help watching the game. He pointed out many mistakes in court command to King Jin on the spot. King Jin saw that it was Lu Qingqing who was disguised as a man, and directly asked for a substitution to let Lu Qingqing play the game, and the Prince saw it. It was Lu Qingqing who came here with a smile of joy. As soon as Lu Qingqing came on the field, he scored a goal. Not only was the prince not angry, he was also very happy.

The ball flew around on the court without long eyes. A ball hit Lu Qingqing. Fortunately, King Jin blocked the ball in the past. The two fell to the ground together. The magnetic field seemed to have changed. Lu Qingqing’s ears started again. Light. King Jin wanted to end the game, worried that Lu Qingqing had sprained her ankle, but Lu Qingqing bounced and proved that there was nothing wrong with him.

King Jin saw that Lu Qingqing had no problems, so he was relieved to let her play through the game. In the end, Lu Qingqing’s team won the game, which made Lu Yunxi feel unhappy, and the pearls on the side always cursed Lu Qingqing by disguising herself as a man to show off. It is also believed that the prince gave way to Lu Qingqing.

The prince also took the initiative to greet Lu Qingqing and showed great enthusiasm. King Jin’s friend Sikongying didn’t like Lu Qingqing at first, but after passing the stadium, she also found Lu Qingqing very interesting. She was worried that Lu Qingqing would be chosen as the prince princess by the prince. Jin Wang deliberately said that Lu Qingqing was vulgar and had no merit. The prince wouldn’t like her, but when he saw Lu Qingqing appear next to the carriage at the end of the alley, King Jin was stunned. When she was a men’s wear, Lu Qingqing was handsome, but when she was a women’s wear, she was charming.

On the way back, Lu Qingqing suddenly encountered an assassin’s assassination and wounded Lily. The assassin stabbed Lu Qingqing with a sword, but found that there was a strong spiritual barrier in front of Lu Qingqing that would fly the assassin. . When the assassin was about to assassinate again, King Jin suddenly appeared and stabbed the back of the assassin’s hand with a sword.

The king of Jin sent Lu Qingqing home, but found that Lu Hongzhu’s guard had a sword wound on the back of his hand. He determined that it was a play directed and performed by the Lu family, so he should observe the situation calmly.

Lu Hongzhu came to see Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing proudly showed off her demeanor at the stadium today. Lu Hongzhu seriously reminded Lu Qingqing that women cannot participate in Cuju. Lu Qingqing knew that she had leaked her mouth and hurriedly pretended to be injured and uncomfortable. Hongzhu took the opportunity to ask Lu Qingqing not to go out recently, and to raise it at home. Lu Qingqing shot herself in the foot with a rock.

King Jin wanted to investigate what happened twenty years ago, and had been acting in accordance with his father’s will, instructing Xiaowu to watch Lu Hongzhu’s every move and not let the spirit stone fall into Lu Hongzhu’s hands.

Lu Yunxi came to see Lu Qingqing and blamed Lu Qingqing for not going to the game. Lu Qingqing explained that the prince promised to hold a women’s Cuju competition. In the future, women can compete in a grandiose competition. He did not expect a word to let Lu Yunxi. Get angry and leave. Lu Qingqing felt that it might be the woman’s Cuju incident that would cause trouble to the prince, so she wanted to ask King Jin to ask about Cuju, but she didn’t expect to be turned away by King Jin.

Lu Qingqing didn’t understand why King Jin would avoid her, so she turned into a teacup for Lily to give to King Jin as a gift, and also expressed the meaning of being with her every day. King Jin knew from a red pendant on the tea cup that it was Lu Qingqing. King Jin accepted the cup quietly, but deliberately threw the cup high, scaring Lu Qingqing almost out of her body. But he also found that as long as he was held in the palm of the hand by King Jin, he could also have spiritual power.

Suddenly, Sikongying came into the room and had to take a cup to drink water. King Jin grabbed it and held it in his hand. Sikongying saw that King Jin seemed to care about the cup, so she pretended to be angry and blamed King Jin for treating this friend too slowly. , Took the opportunity to ask King Jin to cook a meal to make up for his injured little heart. Lu Qingqing was also surprised that King Jin could still cook delicacies.

In the evening, the cup that had been changed for a whole day could not be moved, making Lu Qingqing hungry and tired. Seeing King Jin sleeping on the bed, Lu Qingqing changed back to a human appearance and wanted to do whatever she wanted to King Jin. However, he suddenly discovered that King Jin had a nightmare, holding Lu Qingqing’s hand as if he had grasped a life-saving straw.

Xiao Wu heard the noise coming in from the room, and Lu Qingqing hurriedly turned into a cup. King Jin woke up to find something wrong with the position of the cup, and was surprised how the cup ran in front of him. King Jin simply poured a glass of water and drank it. When he touched King Jin’s lips, Lu Qingqing turned into a human appearance. King Jin asked Lu Qingqing why he changed the cup to come in. Lu Qingqing didn’t know how to explain it, and his inspiration flashed. Lu Qingqing was very happy when she returned to her home and was kissed by Prince Jin.

In the evening, Lu Qingqing had a dream, dreaming of kissing Nangong Yixin. Lu Qingqing woke up from the dream and was happy. He heard that Lu Yunxi and his father had gone out. Lu Qingqing planned to go to Nangong Yixin honestly. .

Early in the morning, Lu Qingqing deliberately let Lily go to explore the road with Xiaowu. After learning that King Jin was in the room, Lu Qingqing rushed in with the gift box. Xiaowu didn’t have time to stop him.

Nangong Yixin was taking a shower, and she thought it was Xiaowu who came in to deliver the clothes and opened her arms waiting to put on the clothes, but she didn’t expect that the person standing in front was Lu Qingqing.

King Jin deliberately tested Lu Qingqing and put a letter on the table, which was written by General Han to King Jin, but Lu Qingqing didn’t care at all. King Jin began to suspect that he had misunderstood Lu Qingqing and asked Lu Qingqing. What is the purpose of approaching him three times and four times.

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