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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 3 Recap

Yu Luxi rushed forward desperately. In any case, he couldn’t let Lin Nan see the information sent by Xiaotian. Yu Luxi rushed forward and hugged Lin Nan’s leg, shouting “Mr. Lin”! The colleagues present at the company were taken aback by Yu Luxi’s crazy behavior. Yu Luxi was so anxious that she immediately threw a fist at Lin Nan and begged Lin Nan to accept her as a teacher in public!

Lin Nan was annoyed and angry, he directly picked up the phone and asked Zhou Na to fire Yu Luxi immediately! Yu Luxi was ashamed and embarrassed. Hearing that Lin Nan was about to fire her, he hurriedly called Xiaotian and asked Xiaotian to take a copy of it.

She absolutely can’t just wait and die. Yu Luxi knows that Lin Nan is most afraid that she will expose herself to the wheat without fields, so she deliberately sent artificial wheat ears to every colleague in the company. “Mai”, Lin Nan knew her little abacus and could only keep her in the company.

Zhao Junran received a call from Lin Nan and immediately rode his “small electric stove” to Fengling to report. The mini version of the small tram carried Zhao Junran’s seven-foot body, which was really not quite suitable. The man in the car swayed along the road, a luxury nanny car slowly stopped in front of Zhao Junran, the electric door opened, and the overbearing president inside asked Zhao Junran to go back to the company with him immediately.

Sitting inside was Zhao Junran’s old father. Seeing that his father still looked disgusted, Zhao Junran replied that petty citizens like him were not worthy of inheriting the family business. It seems that this son is hopeless! The overbearing president had no choice but to let the driver drive back to the company.

As the eldest son and always rejected by his father, Zhao Junran spit out the gum in his mouth unhappily. A big Mora parked beside Zhao Junran in the wind, a luxurious motorcycle that was piercingly bright, with long hair fluttering under a gun-gray helmet, and a sassy and elegant motorcycle uniform. Zhao Junran was going to be stunned. The locomotive girl asked Zhao Junran to pick up the vomited gum. Zhao Junran immediately agreed to bend over to pick it up. Seeing the locomotive girl’s back gradually disappear, Zhao Junran couldn’t bear to blink his eyes.

Zhao Junran came to the Fengling class, Lin Nan introduced his new colleague to everyone, and asked Zhao Junran to be the voice of Yan Zheng’s name in the play. When Zhao Junran saw Zhou Na, she immediately recognized her as the dashing locomotive girl just now. Zhou Na was not interested in Zhao Junran who was spitting anywhere.

Soon the Internet reported a bad video of Lin Nan. In the video, Lin Nan’s voice was synthesized in a later stage. It was obvious that Feida was slandering Lin Nan. Yu Luxi went to Xiaotian for help. Xiaotian used technical means to find that Feida was chatting with three beautiful women at the same time on the day of dubbing. It was obvious that Feida was at fault first.

Many media did not know the truth, and crowded together outside Fengling Company to interview Lin Nan, but the door was blocked by water. Yu Luxi pulled Lin Nan quietly to avoid being chased by reporters. At the same time, taking advantage of her meritorious service, Yu Luxi immediately invited Lin Nan to be her master, and Lin Nan finally agreed!

Feida asked the company executives to ask Lin Nan to apologize when facing him. Lin Nan took out the iron evidence that Xiao Fei helped her find. It was exposed on the spot. Fei Da had no place to show himself. He wanted to “learn” Yu Luxi, and Lin Nan would give Yu Lu a lesson. Sheila got behind her, and very manly reminded Fei Daxi to those who want to make trouble! As a blessing in disguise, Lin Nan asked Yu Luxi to enter the recording studio tomorrow. Yu Luxi felt like she was dreaming!

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