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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 2 Recap

Thinking that she was going to the Fengling training class soon, Yu Luxi was in a good mood. She cheered up and turned on the voice training mode, tongue twisters, reading lines, as long as she could improve herself, she tried them all.

Came to the training class early in the morning, the door was still open, and I saw a few white cats through the glass door, Yu Luxi shouted how cute! Lin Nan used his access card to open the door. Yu Luxi asked him inexplicably. The training course started at 10 o’clock. Why did she go at 9 o’clock? Lin Nan bluntly said that because there are still people who need to feed the cat at 9 o’clock! It turned out that the notice the company sent to Yu Luxi was for her to do the customer service at the front desk! Who made her like dubbing so much? Even at the front desk, Yu Luxi was determined to do it.

During the day, Yu Luxi was at the company to help colleagues order takeaways and deliver express delivery. There was no technological content. She eagerly watched the students who participated in the training relish the pronunciation skills they had just learned. It was really itchy! When he was about to get off work, Lin Nan asked Yu Luxi to help him order a few takeaways and signed the papers Yu Luxi brought. Seeing Lin Nan’s signature, Yu Luxi’s eyes widened, and he was surprised and happy!

After a while, Yu Luxi saw Fei Da, a well-known talent in the dubbing industry, had to ask for Zhang Feida’s signature for a long time to get it. Of course, Yu Luxi couldn’t sit still and wait for death this time. She sneaked into the recording studio and listened outside.

In the recording studio, Feida held the mobile phone and kept reading and replying information, and did not put his energy into the animation scene at all. The tuner patiently reminded him many times that Feida not only did not make progress, but was extremely impatient. Lin Nan immediately stopped Feida’s recording and broadcasting when he saw it.

Fei Dadong used his relationship to directly report Lin Nan to the upper management of the company. When he was accused by the upper management for no reason, Lin Nan was also extremely upset. He was off work and seemed to be no one in the company. Lin Nan quietly walked into the recording studio and picked up headphones to try. recording.

Yu Luxi took photos of Lin Nan’s signature with a photo. She asked her friends to help identify the similarity. Her friend confirmed that Lin Nan’s and Mai Da’s signatures were 99% similar. Yu Luxi was crazy happily! She hurried into the recording studio and found that Lin Nan was wearing Mai Da’s headphones. It seems that Lin Nan is Mai Da!

Yu Luxi rushed over excitedly and directly shouted “Mai Da”. Lin Nan immediately took off the headset and repeatedly denied it. He repeatedly clarified that he was not Mai Da, and Lin Nan firmly believed that there was no doubt! Yu Luxi reminded her that she would be fired if she called any more. Lin Nan hurriedly covered her mouth. She blocked Lin Nan’s car door and asked Lin Nan to promise that she would still be allowed to come to work the next day. This gave her insight into Lin Nan’s weakness, Yu Luxi Before leaving, Lin Nan’s WeChat was imposed.

After returning home, Yu Luxi saw the apprenticeship banner hanging at home, and suddenly thought that she hadn’t apprenticeship yet. Since he promised not to harass Lin Nan by WeChat in the future, Lin Nan had to delete the unsent WeChat, but at night she was thinking about how to applaud Mai. Great as a teacher.

On the second day between work, Yu Luxi asked her boyfriend Xiaotian how to be successful in apprenticeship. Xiaotian suggested that she read more advanced experiences. Yu Luxi saw that Xiaotian sent him a copy of “From the front desk to the boss’s wife After the “Road to Order”, she yelled that she was unreliable, and she obviously just wanted to apprentice!

Yu Luxi was about to delete the document, and accidentally pressed the print button when answering the phone. Xiaotian’s “The road to advanced from the front desk to the boss” came in from the printer! At this time Lin Nan went straight to the printer, and Yu Luxi was dumbfounded.

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