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If The Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 Episode 1 Recap

The “Lu Yao” press conference has begun, and director Lin Nan is still undecided about the dubbing of the comic film. Producer Zhang Zong declared at the press conference that their dubbing will definitely bring new feelings to the audience.

Lin Nan listened to the dubbing passed by Party A several times, and finally made a decision. He temporarily asked the director to change the trailer, and he removed the sound of the comic. When there was no sound from the trailer, the press conference was in an uproar. Some reporters questioned that the dubbing of “Lu Yao” would be under Mai Wutian. So far, Mai Da’s influence is unmatched. Facing reporters’ doubts, Lin Nan is facing the reporter’s question. It is impossible to answer decisively.

Yu Luxi is a little girl who works part-time in a coffee shop. She is eccentric and often works as an anime endorsement in her part-time coffee shop. The magnetic comic dubbing she imitates is especially popular with customers. A customer sees Yu Luxi’s chest. The commemorative badge of “Mai University” surprised her by holding her hand and said that she was also a fan of Mai University.

At the end of the press conference, Mr. Zhang was very dissatisfied with Lin Nan. He temporarily changed the dubbing and casting. He thought it was consuming the popularity of comics. Moreover, “Lu Yao” had already been booked in the summer file. No one can afford to delay the time. Lin Nan is unwilling to show weakness and fight back, and he will take full responsibility if the screening period is delayed.

The sun shining diagonally on Lin Nan’s face, his handsome profile face is fascinating. He is a truly “girl killer”. Not only is he handsome and talented, he has taken the position of director at a young age, even the producer. Let him three points. Mr. Zhang left angrily, Lin Nan reminded assistant Zhou Na to start enrolling students in the dubbing class in the afternoon.

Yu Luxi heard that Fengling’s dubbing class was recruiting. She simply tidied up and rushed to sign up. It was the first time she saw the production company’s luxurious decoration and ostentation. Yu Luxi entered the Grand View Garden like Grandma Liu, and she was surprised everywhere. In order to relieve the nervousness, Yu Luxi decided to find a quiet place and try her voice to find out the feeling. She read the leaflet she picked up.

Unexpectedly, the place Yu Luxi found by mistake was Lin Nan’s changing room! As soon as Lin Nan went in to change clothes, he heard someone in the room broadcasting the propaganda content of “heavy money for a child”, and his voice was sweet and soft. Lin Nan thought someone was engaging in phone scams, so he asked the assistant to find out if there was a female liar in the company.

The interview was about to begin. When a competitor said that the clanging of clothes and accessories was not allowed in the recording studio, Yu Luxi decisively removed all the rhinestones on the sweater.

Just when it was Yu Luxi’s turn to interview, Lin Nan heard her voice and “invited” her out without hesitation. Before the interview was over, she was eliminated. Yu Luxi chased him to ask why, Lin Nan said coldly. The company does not hire female liars! Yu Luxi suddenly realized the reason why she was “pushed”, she rushed to Lin Nan’s car to prove that she was just practicing her voice. Feng Lingban was not the only one missing her. Lin Nan drove away, and Yu Luxi’s sweater was hung on the door hook, and Yu Luxi fell to the ground.

Lin Nan was forced to stop. This is the last chance. Yu Luxi really cares about entering the dubbing training class. In order to prove her strength, she immediately said some lines in the comics. Lin Nan felt that her attitude was really sincere and guided on the spot. She has some breath skills for pronunciation.

Taking into account Yu Luxi’s unique voice and strong plasticity, Lin Nan called Zhou Na and decided to give Yu Luxi another chance even though the training class was full. Yu Luxi jumped up happily after receiving the training notice!

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