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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 4 Recap

As soon as Zheng Shupeng entered Heishizhai, Chen Baixin and Xie Yunhu chased him. Chen Baixin shouted at him that he must come back all the way back. Yunhu said with red eyes that he must be safe, and his son was still waiting for him to give out a red envelope!

Braham thanked He Huan for helping him to get a quarantine area, otherwise he didn’t know how Mosesi would deal with the suspected villagers. He Huan also thanked Braham for helping him conceal his identity.

A suspected patient ran away privately and fell in front of Zheng Shupeng’s car. Braham and Zheng Shupeng had known each other before. He lied that He Huan was a doctor from Canada. Zheng Shupeng saw only Brahan and He Huan in the quarantine area, and their protective suits were not properly dressed, and they were not professionally disinfected. They were obviously not experts in infectious diseases. He worried that this would be dangerous.

Braham had just been called to treat Grandma Dulai, and another parturient was about to give birth. Zheng Shupeng had to take He Huan to deliver the baby. He had wanted He Huan to deliver the baby, but He Huan said that she was only familiar with the laboratory and had no clinical experience. Shupeng had to arrange for her to listen to the fetal heart rate, but the number she reported was not accurate. The mother had passed out in pain at this time, but Dulai’s home was far away, and Braham would not be able to return for a while.

Zheng Shupeng had to stand on his own. With his help, the mother gave birth smoothly, but she had postpartum hemorrhage. When Zheng Shupeng was stopping the bleeding, Moses suddenly broke in and he used a gun against Zheng Shupeng’s temple to force him to stop the operation. Uncompromising, there was a bang. Shu Peng was shocked so he could hardly stand, but he quickly adjusted and continued to rescue. He Huan angrily hit Moses with a thermos, and was dragged out by him. Zheng Shupeng was about to chase after him.

The husband of the pregnant woman begged him to save his wife. Seeing Moses put the knife on He Huan’s neck for the countdown, Shupeng could only choose to save the pregnant woman first. A few minutes later, he heard the gun. He rushed out and shouted He Huan’s name, only to see a group of Junjun driving away in a truck. In grief, He Huan’s voice suddenly came from behind. It turned out that she was not dead. Just now, Chief Guard Ullman came forward to rescue her. He Huan asked Zheng Shupeng to bring himself into Heishizhai because he needed help.

In Black Stone Village, the leader of the counter-arms Tabanasi did not welcome their arrival. He said that he had never asked anyone for help. He Huan pointed out whether they helped or threatened, depending on what Tabanasi wanted to hide. Zheng Shupeng emphasized that Ebola came from Sangyi Village and must not underestimate the harm of the epidemic.

Before he finished speaking, Moses stepped forward and grabbed him by the collar to warn him to speak carefully. Zheng Shupeng was not afraid and pointed out that it is ridiculous that they are deceiving themselves like this. He doesn’t care about politics, but the danger in Heishizhai is real. If practical and effective measures are not taken, they will all die here.

Zheng Shupeng’s words touched Tabanasi. He invited the two into the house and introduced that Heishizhai had taken protective measures to isolate all suspected persons who had contact with the eighteenth bed. He Huan emphasized that Zheng Shupeng is an infectious disease that the government relies heavily on. Experts, I hope Tabanasi trusts them. Tabanasi asked Zheng Shupeng to talk about the epidemic prevention plan for Heishizhai and Sangyi Village.

Zheng Shupeng hopes to establish a coordinated internal and external epidemic prevention measures, implement unified isolation protection internally, and cooperate with the government externally to transport patients for treatment. Tabanasi agreed to do so. , Arranged for Ullman to take care of Zheng Shupeng and He Huan.

After they left, Moses reported to Tabanasi that the things they brought had been checked and there was no problem. He thought that Ullman left the two men to do nothing, but Tabanasi thought that there would be no harm in having multiple doctors at this time. Moses worried that Eke and Selri had a conspiracy and were using the doctor to make publicity. It was no coincidence that Zheng Shupeng came to Heishizhai at this time. Tabanasi thought Selri could use the doctor as well.

Soon, Tabanasi issued a statement to the public, accusing Kabalia that he was on the verge of losing control. He hoped that the people concerned would put aside their prejudice and discrimination to fight the epidemic together. At the same time, Moses secretly sent people from door to door to find a person who was wounded by a gunshot. He especially told Tabanasi that this matter should not be known to Tabanasi. Once the wind leaks, they will be over.

Immediately afterwards, Kabalia’s Chief of Staff Eke also gave a televised speech: Kabalia has people dying from the epidemic all the time. A presidential guard soldier was diagnosed last night, and aid forces from various countries continued to flock to Kabalia. They It is necessary to create a stable situation as soon as possible and explain it to the international community and the people of Kabalia.

Finally, the media reported that the government and anti-government forces’ counter-sentencing forces temporarily ended the five-year standoff, and they worked together to jointly fight the Ebola epidemic.

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