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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 3 Recap

At lunch, Zheng Shupeng came to see Lao Gai and saw that he gobbled it up. He gave Lao Gai a white coat printed with the Chinese flag. Lao Gai was very happy. He sent Shupeng back, a wood-carved stone monkey, and volunteered. Timothy was introduced to Shu Peng, who is currently the Ebola dispatcher. After Shu Peng left, Lao Gai immediately put down the bowls and chopsticks and asked Timoth to get paper and pens for himself.

On August 12, 2014, Lao Gai was critically ill. Zheng Shupeng rushed to the isolation area and shouted to the unconscious Lao Gai: Don’t be a deserter! While he was wearing surgical gowns, the scene of the two running and chatting on the beach quickly emerged in his mind. Lao Gai shouted at the sea that he had a dream to return to China. Shu Peng laughed and said that this is very simple, and he will surely realize it. . When Zheng Shupeng was ready to rush to the ward, he found that the old cover covered in blood was shaking up from the bed to get out.

The medical staff called the guards, and Shu Peng begged the guards not to shoot. He quickly took an isolation film and covered it. When he got to Lao Gai, just like that, Lao Gai threw on Zheng Shupeng and died. The locals said that Lao Gai’s corpse did not want to leave alone, and Shu Peng thought that at least at the last moment of Lao Gai’s life, he left in the arms of a friend.

Domestically, Vice President Feng Gang returned from inspection as an advance expert. President Zhu noticed a meeting: The hospital has received instructions from superiors to send a medical team and inspection team to Kabalia to perform the anti-epidemic mission. The hospital registered overnight After the comprehensive ability of the personnel is screened, forty people are initially selected. After the test, 20 people will be finally determined. Vice President Feng Gang will lead a team to Kabalia to perform medical assistance for Africa. The requirements of the hospital for the medical team are: Win the battle without infection!

Three days to prepare, departure on the 16th. Someone asked: Kabalia has been infected in the hospital, how to ensure that the medical team is not infected? Feng Gang introduced that the leaders of the Health and Family Planning Commission have worked with epidemiological experts from various countries to formulate the safety protection measures and operating procedures for the comrades of the medical team in Africa as quickly as possible, and will prepare them to live in no-man’s land for half a year before the 15th.

Procurement of materials to ensure safe delivery to Kabalia, their food and clothing is a national task without negotiation. He believes that with the strong support of the country, the medical team will be able to successfully complete the anti-epidemic mission. After the meeting, Feng Gang organized a physical fitness test, and those who failed the test were eliminated directly.

In Kabalia, the Black Rock Village set up a checkpoint. He Huan and Gum couldn’t get in. They accidentally found a group of people in protective clothing outside the stockade. Many people were taken out of the stockade to be buried, and the escaped were shot. After the two were exposed, they were taken to Mozhais. Moses killed them if he raised a gun without saying anything. He Huan quickly explained that he was Doctors Without Borders and could help them cut off the source of infection.

Seeing that Moses was unmoved Dr. Braham said angrily that the situation here is complicated. A surgeon alone cannot effectively prevent the epidemic from spreading. Leaving He Huan can help them fight the epidemic. He walked under Moses’ gun without fear. He figured it out. When the two of them were confronting each other, Tabanasi’s wife, Laura, came over. She reminded Moses Braham that he is now the only doctor in the village. He would kill everyone if he did so, Moses had to give up. .

Wang Lin didn’t pass the physical fitness test. He was angry that he usually trains very hard, but he lost his blood to the cold number. He begged the courtyard to give him another chance. Feng Gang told everyone: Twenty minus one equals zero, and Ebola is spread through contact. If one of them is infected, even if only one in ten thousand omission is made, all of their ashes will stay in a foreign country forever. To avoid this one out of ten thousand omissions, they have only developed very strict physical fitness data indicators today.

On August 15th, Timothy gave Lao Gai’s suicide note to Zheng Shupeng. In the suicide note, Lao Gai said two things: First, he asked Shupeng to dissect his body for Ebola virus research. The last contribution you can make to your country and the world. Unfortunately, the current medical conditions of Kabalia cannot satisfy Lao Gai’s last wish. Second, after his death, friends should not feel sad and blame themselves. He believes that death is another way of being, and they will meet eventually. Leaving as a deserter was his biggest regret in his life. Finally, he pleaded with Zheng Shupeng to help himself save the suffering country and help his compatriots defeat Ebola together.

Zheng Shupeng submitted an application to the Kabalia government through the embassy, ​​hoping that they would approve him to stay in Kabalia and continue to fight the epidemic. Now that the number of local doctors and nurses has been more than half, he asked to enter Sangyi Village to perform the duties of a doctor to treat illness and save people in a critical moment. , For this he is willing to bear all the consequences regardless of life and death.

Chinese Ambassador to Camaria Liu Yinnan called Chen Baixin and said that she must not be taken lightly. The female passengers who entered the country yesterday were suspected of Ebola and have been quarantined urgently. The test results have not yet come out. They are only one flight away from the epidemic.

Wang Wenqian finally lifted the quarantine. Chen Boxin led all the team members to welcome her back to the team. He happily announced: All the team members tested negative, and soon they can all go home! At this moment, Xie Yunhu ran over to report that Zheng Shupeng was missing!

Before convening the epidemic briefing meeting, the Kavalian government announced to the media the application for aid to Africa submitted by Zheng Shupeng, and announced that Zheng Shupeng was officially hired as a foreign expert to guide the epidemic prevention and control work in Sangyi Village.

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