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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 32 Recap

Shao Beisheng prepared a backpack with a lot of equipment in it. He followed Wang Limin every step of the way. Wang Limin came to the park to relax. Shao Beisheng hurriedly took out a small stool to let her sit down and poured a cup of hot water for her. Shao Beisheng desperately made Wang Limin happy. The aunt who danced in the park mistakenly thought that Shao Beisheng was Wang Limin’s son, and praised her for being blessed.

Wang Limin had to admit that she had only one daughter. Shao Beisheng introduced herself as Wang Limin’s son-in-law. The aunts all envied Wang Limin’s life. Wang Limin wanted to drive home. Shao Beisheng told her a lot. Wang Limin asked Shao Beisheng to drive her home. Shao Beisheng naturally couldn’t ask for it.

When Luo Xiaoyi saw Shen Zhengyi’s locker box open, he picked up the pair of skates Xiao Han had given her. Fang Nan entered the door and saw this scene before Luo Xiaoyi put the skates back. Shen Zhengyi was training on the ice rink. It was the grievances between her mother and Zhuang Yue that lingered in her mind. She accidentally fell to the ground when she lost her mind. Xiao Han hurriedly sent her to the infirmary. Fortunately, it was only Pi. Trauma, no bones and muscles were injured. Fang Nan reported to Xiao Han that Luo Xiaoyi had touched Shen Zhengyi’s ice skate, and Xiao Han immediately went to Luo Xiaoyi.

After hearing the news, Zhuang Yue came to visit Shen Zhengyi and learned that she was temporarily unable to train and needed to rest. Zhuang Yue wanted to send Shen Zhengyi home to rest. Shen Zhengyi had already called his father to pick him up. Xiao Han came to Luo Xiaoyi to inquire about the crime. Luo Xiaoyi explained that she just took Shen Zhengyi’s ice skates and hadn’t moved at all. Xiao Han didn’t believe it at all.

He was very disappointed with Luo Xiaoyi. Luo Xiaoyi admitted that she had moved Shen Zhengyi’s ice skates. , I wanted Shen Zhengyi to be unable to skate forever like her mother. Xiao Han was very distressed. Luo Xiaoyi threatened to go to Shen Zhengyi to reveal that Xiao Han had asked her to assist. Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele happened to be passing by, and they both heard it. Clearly.

When Shao Beisheng heard that Shen Zhengyi was injured, he hurried to visit his home. Shao Beisheng learned the whole story and felt that Xiao Han was not worthy to be a coach, so he kindly persuaded Shen Zhengyi. Zhu Lele, Fang Nan and others all came to Luo Xiaoyi for accountability, complaining that she shouldn’t touch Shen Zhengyi’s ice skates, Luo Xiaoyi didn’t want to explain too much.

Zhu Lele came to see Shen Zhengyi and insisted that Luo Xiaoyi had touched her ice skates. Shen Zhengyi clearly remembered that she had checked carefully before going on the field, and that she had lost consciousness and fell during training. Wang Limin heard the conversation between them and thought of her. She was lost in thought about the matter with Zhuang Yue. Luo Xiaoyi came to Xiao Han to say goodbye.

She repeatedly emphasized that she had never touched Shen Zhengyi’s ice skates, and she had already written an application to withdraw from the team. Luo Xiaoyi ignored Xiao Han’s persuasion and left. Zhu Lele and Fang Nan and others came to confess their mistakes to Luo Xiaoyi and persuaded her to go back and train well. Luo Xiaoyi has made up his mind to retire, and Zhu Lele and others have tried hard to persuade her to no avail.

Xiao Han personally came to the door to apologize to Shen Zhengyi and Wang Limin. Wang Limin turned him away. Shen Zhengyi let Xiao Han in. Xiao Han admitted that he had the idea of ​​letting Shen Zhengyi assist Luo Xiaoyi because Luo Xiaoyi He has experience and strength, but he later discovered that Shen Zhengyi had great potential. Shen Zhengyi complained that Xiao Han hadn’t told her clearly about assisting, and Xiao Han could only apologize again and again.

Zhuang Yue handed Luo Xiaoyi’s application to Director Zhang. Director Zhang worried that Shen Zhengyi did not have the strength to win the championship, so he asked Zhuang Yue to talk to Luo Xiaoyi for a good chat. Zhuang Yue returned to the office and found that Xiao Han was not there, so he called Xiao Han. Xiao Han was sad by the river alone. He didn’t want to face anyone and didn’t answer Zhuang Yue’s call. He wanted to reflect on himself.

Shao Beisheng packed his things and left after training, and was anxious to go home to take care of Shen Zhengyi. Coach Ma sent him a notice of special recruitment by the national team. If Shao Beisheng wins the Asian Cup, he can go to the national team for training. Shao Beisheng accompanied Shen Zhengyi on a walk downstairs and revealed to her about the special recruitment of the national team. Shao Beisheng heard that Li Mi would also participate. He had no idea, but he would redouble his efforts.

Wang Limin returned from buying food and urged Shen Zheng to return to the team tomorrow, so as not to delay the Asian Cup match. Wang Limin also asked Shao Beisheng to help Zhuangyu meet for a detailed discussion. Zhuang Yue came to the dormitory to persuade Luo Xiaoyi, Luo Xiaoyi didn’t appreciate it at all. Zhuang Yue knew that she gave up her favorite speed skating sport because of anger, and persuaded her not to miss the chance to win the championship. Before leaving, Zhuang Yue asked Luo Xiaoyi to think about it.

Wang Limin came to Zhuang Yue, while Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng hid away and watched the changes. Zhuang Yue took the initiative to apologize to Wang Limin. The two of them sat down and talked. Zhuang Yue reflected on the past and admitted that she said a lot of hurtful things because she was not convinced. Wang Limin also felt that she was too competitive to believe in Zhuang Yue, she Decided to forget the past, and begged Zhuang Yue to train Shen Zhengyi well, and strive to let Shen Zhengyi win the championship.

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