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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 31 Recap

Shao Beisheng came downstairs overnight to wait for Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi lied that he had fallen asleep and did not want to see him. Shao Beisheng insisted to explain to her face to face. From the window, Shen Zhengyi saw Shao Beisheng shivering downstairs in the cold, carrying him on his back. His parents came to see him and brought him a scarf. Shao Beisheng didn’t want to hide from Shen Zhengyi. He only learned that his mother and Wang Limin were teammates last week. He wanted to tell Shen Zhengyi after the Asian Cup was over.

Shao Beisheng learned that when Zhuang Yue suddenly changed lanes, he wanted to stop his opponent and create a chance for Wang Limin to win the championship. But what Shen Zhengyi heard from his mother was a different version. Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi were not the parties, and neither were they. Knowing the truth, they can only comfort each other, hoping that the two mothers will find time to have a good talk and resolve the misunderstanding as soon as possible.

Shen Jiacheng asked Shen Zhengyi to pack up his things and return to the team as soon as possible, and the formal training would begin tomorrow. Shen Zhengyi was worried about her mother, and Shen Jiacheng persuaded her not to worry. Wang Limin disagrees with Shen Zheng’s return to the chasing team, unless Zhuang Yue is replaced by Xiao Han. After hearing his parents’ conversation outside the door, Shen Zhengyi immediately decided to take time off and stay at home for a few days to accompany his mother. Shen Jiacheng didn’t want Shen Zheng to delay too much, and advised her to return to the team this afternoon.

Xiao Han heard that Shen Zheng had taken a few days off and was worried about her delay in training, so he came to Zhuang Yue to find out about the situation. Zhuang Yue decided to talk to Wang Limin in person. Shao Beisheng was worried about intensifying the conflict and advised Zhuang Yue not to go. Xiao Han came to Shen Zheng to talk to him. Shen Zheng always told him the whole story in detail. Xiao Han knew that Shen Zhengyi was very embarrassed and agreed to take charge of her training.

Shen Zhengyi didn’t want to make Zhuang Yue sad, but couldn’t think of anything more. Good solution. At the same time, Shao Beisheng came to Wang Limin to make amends. Wang Limin made an excuse that Shen Zheng was not at home and turned him away. Shao Beisheng apologized to Wang Limin for his mother and asked them to find time to have a good talk. Wang Limin didn’t wait for him to finish. The door closed. Shao Beisheng went out to see Shen Zhengyi, and Shen Zhengyi was helpless when he learned that he was behind closed doors.

As soon as Shen Zheng returned to Lu Xun’s room, Zhuang Yue asked her to train with Xiao Han from now on. After the training, Zhuang Yue came to Shen Zhengyi to encourage her to practice with Xiao Han, and let her go home to calm her mother’s emotions. From that day on, Xiao Han guided Shen Zhengyi in one-on-one training, and personally helped her unclog the meridians on her legs, caring for her, Luo Xiaoyi felt sour.

Shen Zheng didn’t go back to the locker room until very late in training, and his teammates asked her to go for dinner. When Shen Zheng wanted to take a bath, they let them go first. Shao Beisheng waited for Shen Zhengyi downstairs. He waited until the guardian locked the door and came out. Knowing that the training room was no longer available, Shao Beisheng couldn’t get through Shen Zhengyi’s phone, so he had to call Zhu Lele to inquire, and Zhu Lele returned to pick up the internship. She doesn’t know the whereabouts of Shen Zhengyi either.

Zhu Lele hurried back to the training room and ran into Xiao Han. Xiao Han went with her to find someone. As soon as Shen Zheng came out from the shower, she found that the locker room door was locked and her mobile phone was dead. Shen Zheng called for help, but no one answered. Shen Zheng picked up the bench and wanted to jump out of the window. , But the window was too high, and Shen Zhengyi did not dare to jump down. Thanks to Shao Beisheng who came in time to hug Shen Zheng.

Shao Beisheng pretended to faint, and Shen Zheng was so frightened that he called for help. Zhu Lele, Xiao Han and the uncle janitor arrived when he heard the news, and Shao Beisheng hurriedly got up from the ground. Shen Zhengyi gave a detailed account of how he had escaped by climbing the window. Xiao Han and Zhu Lele saw that she was safe and sound, so they left with peace of mind. Shen Zhengyi was worried about his mother and wanted to go home tomorrow. Zhuang Yue bought a treatment device for leg pain. Shao Beisheng asked Shen Zhengyi to transfer it to Wang Limin.

As soon as Shen Zheng went home, he began cleaning. Wang Limin deliberately ignored her. Shen Zheng took out the treatment device and lied that it was given by Shao Beisheng. Wang Limin could see at a glance that Zhuang Yue wanted to please her and threw the treatment device in angrily. Aside. Shen Zheng repeatedly explained that Zhuang Yue’s change of lanes was to give Wang Limin a chance during the game. If she trusted Zhuang Yue enough, there would not be a collision accident, and the mother and daughter would quarrel with each other if they didn’t agree. , Shen Jiacheng hurriedly persuaded Shen Zhengyi to leave, Wang Limin fell into deep thought after hearing Shen Zhengyi’s words.

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