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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 2 Recap

Lu Qingqing knew that Pearl wanted to deliberately rectify Lily, so she was so angry that she went to her father to file a complaint. Pearl feared that her affairs would be revealed and used her spiritual power to kill Lily. But it was blocked by Lu Qingqing. Seeing that Lu Qingqing was about to fall into the brazier, King Jin and Lu Yunxi wandered around and rescued Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing wants to return to her body in the same way, and let Pearl wash the toxic clothes. Pearl is afraid that she will beg for death, but Lu Qingqing refuses to forgive, so angry that Pearl suddenly emits spiritual power. Attacked Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing easily instinctively blocked the flying stones. Everyone was happy for Lu Qingqing, thinking that Lu Qingqing had spiritual power.

Lu Hongzhu always felt that the recent situation was a little unusual, and suspected that the spiritual girl was coming back, but before that, it was necessary to test whether Lu Qingqing really had spiritual power, so he took Lu Qingqing to the spiritual testing platform.

As soon as Lu Qingqing put her hand on, the spirit measuring platform rotated. This surprised Lu Hongzhu. So far, only King Jin has the same spiritual power as Lu Qingqing’s. Lu Qingqing is extremely happy and feels that she and King Jin can even do it. Sitting on an equal footing, I wanted to ask where to get the spiritual power card, but I learned that the spiritual power card was naturally cultivated in the body by the individual’s cultivation base. Lu Qingqing assured Lu Hongzhu that he would not be embarrassed.

After Lu Qingqing went back, she wanted to drive her spiritual power but couldn’t do it. She always suspected that there was a problem with the measuring spirit stone. Baihe believed that there must be no problem with measuring the spirit stone, but Lu Qingqing did not practice.

Lu Yunxi sent something to the prince, but the prince asked her about the matter of the second lady and Lu Qingqing yesterday. When he went out, the prince also specifically instructed Lu Yunxi to walk carefully and slowly, and Lu Yunxi was very happy. Pearl thinks that the princess is about to be selected, and it must be Lu Yunxi in the future. Lu Yunxi was happy in his heart, but he told Pearl not to talk nonsense.

Lu Qingqing took the spell written by Nangong Yixin and wanted to study how to practice spiritual power. Lily told Lu Qingqing that it was not actually a spell. She had asked someone to ask that the character Long Feifeng Wu was actually the name of King Jin, the paper It was an autograph, and Lu Qingqing learned that King Jin regarded her as a fan.

Lu Qingqing wanted to train her own spiritual power, but she couldn’t find a way, and suddenly thought that every spiritual power appeared because she bit King Jin, so she wanted to try King Jin.

Nangong Yixin had been sending people to watch Lu Hongzhu’s every move, knowing that Lu Hongzhu had sent people to the Desolate Spirit Valley, and it must have been for Lingshi. In order to have a chance to get close to Nangong Yixin, Lu Qingqing discussed with Baihe about the way the hero saves the United States, but unexpectedly she often forgets her lines. Nangong Yixin saw the flaw, and laughed at Lu Qingqing’s poor acting skills.

But I didn’t expect that the man in black really came. When Nangong Yixin left the man in black, he appeared and heard Lu Qingqing yelling for help. Did Nangong Yixin fly back to save people? The guards laughed after seeing this. Nangong Yixin has no stamina. Just suspecting that they are fake, she went to find someone in a blink of an eye.

Nangong Yixin rode back to Lu Qingqing, but Lu Qingqing suddenly bit Nangong Yixin’s wrist and hurried back to the yard. Nangong Yixin was very happy looking at the bitten tooth mark, unexpectedly her heartbeat speeded up. Nangong Yixin felt it was difficult to breathe.

After Lu Qingqing went back, she has been grinning. She was happy to meet King Jin today. She couldn’t help but try her spiritual power, and she could actually drive the stool. Lu Qingqing thought it was because she bit King Jin. The happiest thing was to have With spiritual power, she can go out. More contact with King Jin will definitely increase your spiritual power, and you won’t be afraid of people in black when you go out.

In fact, the man in black was the one sent by Lu Hongzhu, who just wanted to try Lu Qingqing’s spiritual power. Fortunately, his subordinates were clever enough to run fast, otherwise they would not be so lucky if they were caught by Nangong Yixin.

In order to think about how to approach King Jin, Lu Qingqing stayed up all night, Lily collected all the information about King Jin, and there was also a roster of women who liked King Jin. Lily encouraged Lu Qingqing to take good care of him. Hard work will surely make King Jin like it.

The king of Jin came to find the prince to go out, but was stopped by Lu Hongzhu. Lu Hongzhu claimed to be the prince’s master. He had the responsibility to watch the prince finish his government affairs, and he had the responsibility to require the prince to follow the rules. Unexpectedly, Nangong Yixin quickly arranged everything and gave the ministers a solution. Then left with the prince swaggering.

The queen was not assured that the prince would get sick with the king of Jin. Lu Hongzhu took the opportunity to ask the prince to choose the princess. The queen was very satisfied with Lu Yunxi and thought she was the best choice for the princess. Lu Hongzhu was even more happy and immediately promised. The queen will be happy to assist the prince who will go all out.

Lu Qingqing and Baihe approached King Jin’s bodyguard Xiaowu together, and asked Xiaowu about King Jin’s preferences in the name of repaying his favor. Xiaowu originally insisted not to talk about it, but after Lily played a baby, Xiaowu told King Jin and When the prince went to Cuju, Lu Qingqing had to go there immediately. In order to get into the circle of men, she took off Xiaowu’s clothes and disguised herself as a man.

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