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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 19 Recap

Li Zeliang suspected that Xie Minghao was suspicious, so he arranged for Ji Yingsong to pretend to reveal the news that Li Zeliang and the others had found other evidence, which made Xie Minghao very worried. And Xiaoxiao told Su freehand that he had something for them, and that was what they wanted.

Li Zeliang went to Huo Jian to accompany him to play a round, which was also the last round of the game with his uncle as a nephew. Li Zeliang told Huo Jian that it was time to liquidate the leader of his father. Huo Jian finally told Su Freehand that the person who persecuted him was the King of Spades. This made Su Freehand’s application suddenly become serious. Everyone guessed if it was. Who would really be if there is a king of spades.

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