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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 18 Recap

Xiaoxiao gave Su freehand when they ran into Huo Jian when they went to buy a drink, the two of them smiled briefly and went back. When she went back and saw that Li Zeliang’s leg was mutilated, she felt distressed, so Li Zeliang laughed at the incident about her leg injury. Li Zeliang thought that he would never have a chance with his favorite rock climbing again, and his mentality was painful and desperate.

It was just that I had agreed with Su freehand that I would go to the top of the mountain again to watch the sunrise, and Li Zeliang decided to cheer up again and practice hard. After listening to Li Zeliang’s story, Xiaoxiao was very moved. If only her mother thought that way, she would insist on doing what she liked.

Oscar complained to Shi Chuchu at home and said that he could never see anyone, and Shi Chuchu was standing behind him at this time, which made Oscar a little embarrassed, but he told Shi Chuchu to perform seriously to deceive Huo Jian. Shi Chuchu felt that what Oscar said was right and she continued to take care of Oscar wholeheartedly, but she didn’t know that Huo Jian had known about Li Zeliang’s pretending to be injured, but Oscar liked Shi Chuchu and wanted to take advantage of it.

Xiaoxiao left a note for her mother to tell her about her hobbies, and now she is performing with the honey seller, asking her mothers to understand and support. With the support of Su Xieyi and Li Zeliang, Xiaoxiao had the courage to take out the microphone and sang in front of the camera. Soon people went to watch and supported Xiaoxiao’s singing. At this time, his mother passed by and looked at her. My daughter would have the courage to sing in front of everyone and was very happy. They also expressed their gratitude to Su Xieyi and expressed their support to Xiaoxiao.

This is called Xiaoxiao very happy. My mother was moved by Su’s freehand approach and wanted to tell them everything Li Zeliang wanted to know. Just before Liu Awei died, she left a USB flash drive. She just had to wait for it to be given to them tomorrow morning. Huo Jian’s people all saw it and quickly informed him. Huo Jian asked him to follow them and laugh at them to inquire about the news.

Su Xieyi felt that Liu Awei’s USB flash drive should have some evidence, but he won’t know it until tomorrow morning. It seems that this night is destined to be very long. Su Xieyi and Li Zeliang are very close, and Xie Minghao, who was followed them all the way, felt very heartbroken in his eyes. He must not let his beloved woman have close contact with other men.

Li Zeliang saw Huo Jian and his party in the hotel very anxious, so he hurried back to tell Su Xinyi to pay attention to safety, and they would go to Liu Awei’s house to get a USB flash drive early tomorrow.

Shi Chuchu discovered that Huo Jian had long seen through that Li Zeliang was pretending to be sick and asked why Oscar was still cheating on her acting. This made Shi Chuchu very angry.

Li Zeliang and Su Xiayi hurriedly went to Liu Awei’s house to get the USB flash drive, but Xie Minghao behind them had guessed it a long time ago and sent a message to Huo Jian asking them to go there as soon as possible. Just when Li Zeliang and Su Xiayi were about to sit down and Huo Jian went in, Liu Awei’s wife hurried in to get a USB flash drive for Li Zeliang.

Su Xinyi was afraid that the USB flash drive would be discovered by Huo Jian, so he whispered to Xiaoxiao, and then Xiaoxiao went out in the direction of her mother, telling her that Su Xinyi had already said that the USB flash drive should not be handed over, but her mother insisted on giving it to her. People. Huo Jian wanted to know what Su Freehand and Xiaoxiao said and wrote, but he didn’t expect that Su Freehand told him a story about Little Red Riding Hood, which is ridiculous called Huo Jian.

At this moment, Liu Awei’s wife went out and was about to teach Li Zeliang the USB flash drive and was snatched by Huo Jian’s people. Li Zeliang told Su Freehand that she couldn’t run away. It turned out that Li Zeliang had arranged for Ji Yingsong to wait outside. I was afraid that Huo Jian would be a robber, but that person had thrown the U disk into the stove and destroyed it.

Later, Li Zeliang and Huo Jian both received a call. Huo Jian was very happy to learn that the evidence had been destroyed. He told his nephew that he had lost another round, but Li Zeliang warned Huo Jian that their story was not over yet. Immediately after Huo Jian, Xie Minghao was supported by Ji Yingsong and told them that Xie Minghao was also injured because of the rescue of the USB flash drive.

Yi Fei felt that Huo Jian’s evidence had been destroyed and it was time to make a promise to marry her. He didn’t expect Huo Jian to tell Yi Fei not to be greedy. I will marry her at some time.

Li Zeliang asked Ji Yingsong why Xie Minghao appeared there. Ji Yingsong didn’t know why, but Su Xieyi would not do that. This made Li Zeliang think Xie Minghao’s appearance was very suspicious.

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