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I Am The Years You Are The Stars 我是岁月你是星辰 Episode 2 Recap

Dao Ruifeng will hold his first personal fashion design show, and the major media have come to the scene to set up spears. In fact, these are Jiang Baiju’s works, but he is inconvenient to show up, so he can only let Dao Ruifeng be a puppet. Qing Ai Building is preparing for the fashion show in full swing, Jin Xiaoyu also mixed into a team of charity volunteers and successfully came to the backstage of the fashion show.

As night fell, the countdown to the opening of the fashion show began, but at this time Qian Cheng’s brother came uninvited. Qian Cheng felt a headache, and his elder brother must tear himself apart in front of those investors. Until now, Qian Cheng didn’t know that the travel Weibo his brother had posted before was all to disturb his sight. The Dao Ruifeng on the side was also counting Qian Cheng, but who knew that his enemy, Xue Wanwan, also rushed. Dao Ruifeng was so nervous, he picked up the wine on the table and drank it.

Dao Ruifeng knew that Xue Wanwan would definitely not let Qin Rong come to power. There was no diamond ring sponsored tonight. It was really impossible. Dao Ruifeng could only propose to Xue Wanwan to marry him. Jiang Baiju on the side calmly ate snacks, beckoning them not to mess around. Afterwards, Qian Cheng and Dao Ruifeng moved separately, one of them led the security to stop Xue Wanwan; the other called some guests to entangle Qiantu. This trick worked, and the fashion show was finally able to go smoothly. Jiang Baiju was secretly happy, but unexpectedly saw a familiar figure in the surveillance.

Jin Xiaoyu originally thought that he was getting closer and closer to the truth, but was trapped in the elevator, helpless. After a long time, the elevator finally resumed operation, and Jin Xiaoyu got into Jiang Baiju’s office. Here is full of fashion design drawings, everything is so novel. Jiang Baiju hid in the dark, originally wanting to see what Jin Xiaoyu was going to do, but his body suddenly changed. Jin Xiaoyu saw his savior and embraced him very intimately. Strangely, after contact with Jin Xiaoyu, Jiang Baiju’s body changes unexpectedly stopped.

Jin Xiaoyu told Jiang Baiju that he had a rare disease and died soon. But she didn’t want to die, because she still had family members to take care of. That night, she saw Jiang Baiju come back from death with her own eyes, so she believed that he must also have a way to keep himself alive. Jiang Baiju agreed to her request, but he also had one condition.

Qian Cheng felt that Jin Xiaoyu was not easy, and wanted to investigate carefully for fear of causing trouble to Jiang Baiju. At night, Jin Xiaoyu took Jiang Baiju to the funeral home and told him a lot of his own affairs. Seeing Gao Guofu’s body, Jiang Baiju seemed very calm. This made Jin Xiaoyu wonder, if an ordinary person sees a corpse, there will definitely be a physiological reaction. Jiang Baiju said lightly, death is just a normal state, they happen to die, they happen to be alive, nothing more.

Gao Guofu’s nails turned black, and Jin Xiaoyu guessed what medicine he had taken before his death. The body of a normal drowning death would be swollen, but Gao Guofu’s body was very flexible and did not swell at all, just like a living person. After some inspection, Jiang Baiju found that Gao Guofu had taken a special medicine before his death, a medicine that could give people great power in an instant.

Jiang Baiju told Jin Xiaoyu that as long as he investigates the source of the specific medicine, he can develop medicines for terminal illnesses. Hearing this, Jin Xiaoyu was very excited and urged Jiang Baiju to act quickly. As soon as Jiang Baiju left, the two mysterious men found Jin Xiaoyu, but Jiang Baiju returned in time. Before leaving, Jiang Baiju left his phone number to Jin Xiaoyu in case he needed it.

In fact, Jiang Baiju knew that the two mysterious people last night were Qian Cheng and Dao Ruifeng. Worrying about what happened between the two of them, Jiang Baiju had to tell them that Jin Xiaoyu was able to restrain his change.

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