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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 2 Recap

The first case of Ebola originated in Sangyi Village

Seeing everyone’s depression, Zheng Shupeng encouraged his teammates not to worry too much. They came from the Yandu Provincial People’s Hospital, which is good at epidemics. They all won the SARS battle in 2003. Ebola is a virus they have studied for 30 years, not to mention. Will be easily defeated by it.

On July 19, 2014, Lao Guy begged Shupeng to let him go out through the glass window. He had an appointment with the patient for an operation. Zheng Shupeng smiled and prepared a gift for him. When he recovered from his illness, he came to see for himself, and the two hugged each other.

On July 28, the President of Yandu Provincial People’s Hospital, Zhu Yongcheng, convened a meeting with medical staff and informed the World Health Organization of the announcement: The Ebola outbreak in West Africa was officially identified as a public health event of international concern, calling on all countries to cooperate.

The leaders of the Planning Commission also stated at the Geneva meeting that China will stand with the African people and actively participate in the war against Ebola. After hearing this, the medical staff raised their hands and voted to go to Africa. Fan Yilin, director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, reminded everyone not to go to Africa with a single head, and to fully understand the risks to make the right decision.

Dean Li connected with Deputy Dean Chen Boxin who assisted Africa and asked Dean Chen to introduce the local epidemic situation. At the same time, the Fairrein government and Dr. Holland also notified the local people of the epidemic data: so far, 8 deaths are from medical staff at the China-Qatar Friendship Hospital. They must pay attention to nosocomial infections to prevent more casualties. .

Zheng Shupeng received a call from Johnson and wanted to go out. Xie Yunhu wanted to be together, but Chen Boxin took him to receive an interview from the China News Agency reporter.

Zheng Shupeng realizes that the enthusiasm and optimism of the locals has caused the Ebola epidemic to spread rapidly. Johnson runs a bar. He is a genius with multiple doctorates and a senior researcher in the laboratory. Zheng Shupeng asked him to help some time ago. He has designed an epidemic risk system, and he has done it now. Although the current system realizes only 10% of the originally expected function, it can at least help Kabalia carry out the epidemic prevention work. Zheng Shupeng is very grateful for Johnson’s help.

Lao Guy looked for Zheng Shupeng across the fence, and said that there was a gift to give him, and Xie Yunhu promised to help him pass it on. After Lao Ga was taken away by the nurse, Xie Yunhu suddenly realized that his hand had just touched the railing that Lao Ga had grasped.

According to the tracking system provided by Johnson, Zheng Shupeng quickly traced that the 18th was not from Shanyi Village recorded in the medical record, but from Sangyi Village. After he returned to the hospital, Xie Yunhu hid in the room and dared not see him, so Shu Peng had to tell him the results of the investigation through the window. Later, he saw on the quarantine patient record board: On the 28th, Lao Gai had already had fever symptoms, and Shu Peng’s heart sank. His most worried thing had happened.

He Dong, the chief physician of the Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Yandu Provincial People’s Hospital, and Luo Qihan, the chief physician of oncology surgery, were exercising at the stadium. He Dong was determined to go to Africa. He heard that the testing team had already set off, and he judged that it would be sooner or later to send a medical team. , Luo Qihan reminded him to make the necessary preparations.

Xie Yunhu received a video call from his wife Wen Yanyan in the evening. Yanyan was pregnant. She saw that Yunhu was in a wrong state. She asked the reason. Yunhu began to say that she might be infected with Ebola. Later, she quickly changed her words and said it was just malaria. After hanging up the phone, Yan Yan developed childbirth symptoms and immediately went to the hospital with her mother. On July 28, all the medical staff who had contact with the 18 beds, except Lao Gai and Wang Wenqian, all died.

The Kabalia government informed the public that the eighteen patients came from the anti-armed village of Sangyi. As Kabalia’s chief Ebola expert, Dr. Kailamu, was infected with Ebola and died, Kabalia’s medical force became even more stretched. They are eager to receive international assistance and request medical teams from various countries to support them.

He Huan approached Gum from Sangyi Village to learn about the situation. Gum introduced that many people in his village worked in Heishizhai to mine diamonds. It seemed that those people hadn’t come back recently. On the way, He Huan ran into a colleague Isabella who was going to Sangyi Village pretending to be MSF, and she hugged and said goodbye to He Huan.

Gum recalled that he rode his bike to deliver bananas as usual that day, and saw Mark (diamond broker) who He Huan asked him to wait in the village. Gum found out that Mark had not left since entering the village.

In the diamond mining area, Mark showed the book introducing the Ebola virus to Tabanasi, the leader of the armed forces, and the Chief of Staff Moses came to report that the workers and their families who had had suspected symptoms in the past month have been isolated. Mark asked about Adama, but Mosas apologized for not discovering Adama’s infection in time, which caused him to take advantage of the chaos to escape from Heishizhai for medical treatment.

Mark said that a month ago, when an unknown infectious disease appeared in Heishizhai, Gibson asked them to pay close attention to the epidemic. As a result, not only did the doctor of Sangyi Village get infected and died, but also lost two smuggling boats in vain. Seth was a little annoyed and asked Mark why Before leaving, Mark said he was waiting for Tabanasi to sell diamonds at a lower price. At this time, Ullman, the head of the guard, came to serve Moseith.

He Huan learned from Gum that the security of Heishizhai became stricter after the arrival of Mark, and she decided to go to find out in person and enter the counter-armed buffer zone first as Doctors Without Borders. On the way, He Huan saw a group of people kissing around a corpse, and Gum told her it was a local custom.

After they arrived at the medical point, they met Moses and Doctor Braham. Gam said Braham was here to replace the doctor who had disappeared before. He Huan took the initiative to greet Braham, saying that he was here to help them, Braham. Rare glanced at her and left without saying a word. Moses asked He Huan to take off the mask and check her documents. He didn’t expect that after He Huan handed in his passport, Moses drove away. From this, He Huan concluded that Ebola had broken out in this place.

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