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Ebola Fighters 埃博拉前线 Episode 1 Recap

The first case of Ebola in Kabalia

Zheng Shupeng is the nineteenth batch of infectious disease experts who came to Kabalia to aid Africa. He served as the deputy captain of the Chinese medical team. They worked at the China-Kazakhstan Friendship Hospital in Fairrain, the capital of Kabalia. In a blink of an eye, the two-year deadline has come, and the date for the medical team to return to China has quietly arrived. Before returning to China, Shupeng was most worried about Dr. Gasm.

Lao Gu had studied in China for many years and was about to be promoted to the director of surgery at the China-Qatar Friendship Hospital. He was Zheng Shupeng’s best friend in Kabalia. Seeing Lao Gai embracing and saying goodbye to the patient again in the consulting room, Shu Peng couldn’t help but emphasize that his consultation should be standardized so as to ensure his own safety.

After get off work, Zheng Shupeng and Xie Yunhu go out shopping. He likes to go shopping in the old streets. Although the economy of Kabalia is not developed, they live simple and happy lives and treat people warmly and sincerely. Lao Gai personally cooked Chinese food at noon and brought it to Zheng Shupeng. When he learned that Lao Gai had put soy sauce and dark soy sauce in scrambled eggs with tomatoes, Zheng Shupeng couldn’t laugh or cry.

No one expected that the arrival of the 18-bed patient would not only disrupt the return plan of the African medical team, but also bring more terrible disasters to the local area.

On July 18, 2014, Laogai admitted to the patient of 18 beds. He initially diagnosed that the patient might have malaria, but soon the 18 beds kept bleeding and fever. Laogai arranged to be transferred to the intensive care unit immediately.

Zheng Shupeng received a call from the hospital on the street. He called in the car to report the patient’s symptoms to Dean Feng Gang of Yandu Provincial Hospital. He suspected it was a grade 4 virus. Dean Feng reminded them to prevent infection, and he immediately called an expert. When Shupeng arrived at the hospital, the eighteen patients had already entered the emergency room, and Wang Wenqian was wiping blood stains all over the floor.

When Zheng Shupeng was seeing his medical record, Xie Yunhu told him that the eighteen patients were gone. Shupeng immediately thought of Lao Gai, and he wanted to go to Spencer immediately.

Pan-African communications organization “Global Vision” reporter He Huan came to the UN refugee camp, just as the old classmate Guo Chao was a volunteer to pick her up. He Huan saw a pair of sisters in the refugee camp. The National Super League introduced her sister named Maya. She experienced two bombings. His parents were killed in the first bombing, and his best friend disappeared in the second bombing. The younger sister two days ago A person took sleeping pills by mistake in the refugee camp. Fortunately, they were rescued in time. But since then, Maya hasn’t spoken any more. Now they are each other’s only relatives.

The Spencer Level 4 Laboratory is the only laboratory in Caballia that can detect Level 4 viruses. Because the person in charge, Dr. Holland, is not there, Dr. Wallace only accepts samples. Zheng Shupeng informed that the situation is critical and that he has experiments. Only then did Wallace allow them to enter. The fatality rate of the fourth-level virus is extremely high, and the experimenter needs to wear a full isolation protective suit. Once in the core area, this protective suit is the only line of defense between the experimenter and the high-level virus. In Africa, because humans and wild animals are too close, many dangerous viruses are raging here. What Zheng Shupeng is most worried about is that 18 beds are infected with the fourth-level virus.

He Huan saw Maya beating an old woman like crazy, and quickly pulled her away. The Super League told her that the old woman had a photo of her son in her hand the day before yesterday, and her son was wearing rebel clothes. With machine guns, the people in the refugee camp lost everything because of the war, so they hated the counter-sentence army. After He Huan confirmed the clothes of the counter-sentence army, he remembered that she had taken a picture of the child when she came. Later, she heard from a colleague that the child had died in action and was only nineteen years old. After receiving the call, He Huan was about to leave for Kabalia. She asked the Super League to help buy some new clothes for the children in the camp.

The eighteenth bed tested positive for the virus, and Zheng Shupeng immediately thought of his close contacts: Lao Gai, head nurse Jane, and others. Because of the first case of Ebola virus in Kabalia, the China-Qatar Friendship Hospital was urgently blocked, the hospital was intensively killed, and the patients received were quarantined.

In the evening, after Wang Wenqian learned the symptoms of Ebola virus, she was shaking all over when she remembered the scene of wiping blood stains on the floor. In the dark night of this foreign country, she couldn’t help crying.

Vice President Chen Boxin announced that the China-Qatar Friendship Hospital will be closed immediately, and all personnel cannot leave the premises. Medical staff who have been in contact with the 18 beds have been quarantined, and those who have close contact must be reported in time. The Chinese medical team has assisted Africa for 50 years and has accumulated a wealth of experience. No member infection has occurred. The video of teammates and the quarantined Wang Wenqian wished her a happy birthday. During the video, someone suddenly asked the dean: If one of them is infected, does it mean he will die from another country? The atmosphere suddenly became sad, and some of the female team members were sobbing.

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