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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 6 Recap

After Ji Ping personally killed Rao Ying, he met a puppy with a pet shop sign, and he sent it back to the pet shop as soon as possible. Zhao Qingyan wiped her tears and quickly took her to thank you, and asked about Sophia’s situation. Because of her kindness to pets, Zhao Qingyan already regarded Ji Ping as a kind person. There was no clue to the case, Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan punched to vent, Ji Fan had no room for action, and could only punch into the air.

Ji Ping returned to his apartment and found that Ji Ting Mountain was there. There is no place in Linghai City that he can’t find, Ji Ping is careless. Knowing that the dog’s name was Sophia, Ji Tingshan knew that he could not forget the girl. Ji Ping was secretly administering medicine. Ji Tingshan was very excited when he discovered this. It was because of this that he almost caused a catastrophe today!

Ji Ping is calmer now. Even though he knows that this is not a good thing, he can only relieve his pain in such a depressed state of mind. Ji Tingshan asked Ji Ping to go back earlier, and the meal for the three of them would not last a few days. Ji Ping played a lullaby brought by Ji Tingshan, which he had listened to since he was a child. The singer was his mother. Since learning the truth, Ji Ping has fallen into an abyss.

When he returned home, Ji Fan was already eating. He asked Ji Tingshan if he knew Xiao Jianguo. He said that it is normal to know an official in business. Ji’s family originally belonged to Qin’an, but after returning to China, they did not return there. Ji Tingshan explained that the family was forced to leave the country by the villagers, and that was a bad place for him. Ji Fan asked again whether he was by boat or by plane. Ji Tingshan smiled and replied that it was naturally by plane. For this reason, he even sold iron.

Five days ago. After the subway homicide, Xiao Jianguo began his revenge plan. He had been looking for his son for 27 years. After the retirement dinner, Rao Ying called and said that she had found what he wanted, but she didn’t want a third person to know what happened today, especially the police. This thing Rao Ying has been in the cemetery for twenty-seven years, like a heavy stone that has crushed her for so many years. On this is a piece of glass with a fingerprint on it.

Rao Ying slowly recalled that this was the most despicable scam she had ever encountered and the biggest mistake she had done in her life. Rao Ying just graduated twenty-seven years ago and came to the Criminal Police Brigade to follow the old forensic doctor as an assistant.

One day, Li Qian’s grandmother was crying at the door of the Public Security Bureau, and the kind Rao Ying decided to help her after getting to know her, so she ventured to cut some hair off Li Qian’s body. But it didn’t take long for the hair to appear in the security flashlight, and the security also became a suspect in the case. Rao Ying went to Li Qian’s house in confusion, but was told that her grandma was dead a long time ago.

Rao Ying found out that she was fooled, so she took out the cup from which the liar had drunk and copied his fingerprints on this glass. A month later, the suffering Rao Ying made up her mind to hand in her fingerprints, but in the end she was afraid and betrayed her public office and conscience. Rao Ying and Xiao Jianguo had planned to leave with Zhao Qingyan when they said about this. Xiao Jianguo also advised her to go as soon as possible, and that person had already been eyeing them.

After leaving the pet shop, Xiao Jianguo went back to the fingerprint room of the police station and found out the information of this person, Wang Dajun. After leaving the police station, Xiao Jianguo immediately went home to pack his luggage, missed his son in an abandoned house, and contacted Eagle to help find Wang Dajun.

Wang Dajun deceived him for twenty-seven years, Xiao Jianguo took him back and beat him severely and asked about the incident twenty-seven years ago. Ji Fan was very wary of Ji Ping and Ji Tingshan recently, and asked Ji Ping how old he started to remember and why he went abroad. Ji Ping replied very perfunctorily. Ji Tingshan asked Ji Fan to complete the case and go to Beijing, a unit that specializes in crime research. Ji Fan did not agree and gave Ji Ping a medicine, saying that Zhao Qingyan had treated the dog. Ji Tingshan’s alarm bell rang, Ji Ping shouldn’t be close to Zhao Qingyan at all! Ji Tingshan asked Ji Ping to do all this. He was afraid that he could not control Ji Ping, but Ji Ping seemed to have accepted his fate.

The police couldn’t find Xiao Jianguo. After all, he had been a criminal police officer for so many years, and he was even more clear about what methods he used. The huge pressure caused Ji Ping to administer the medicine again, and after the injection, he felt unspeakable pain and pleasure. Ji Fan guessed that what Xiao Jianguo got from Rao Ying was the suspicious point of Li Qian’s case, so he decided to investigate from the source. Sitting in Ji Fan’s luxury car, Xiong Zhennan was a little skeptical about his life. How could he, a rich second-generation generation, receive a meager salary every day and do the most dangerous work?

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