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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Jianguo didn’t plan to go on. Xiong Zhennan cried very sad because he couldn’t bear him. Zhang Xiaoming worked hard to liven up the atmosphere, and everyone was happy. Xiao Jianguo smiled unwillingly, and suddenly left the box to call. Ji Fan followed out keenly and found that Xiao Jianguo had taken a taxi and left. Ji Fan hurriedly called a car to follow closely, Xiao Jianguo seemed to be aware of it. The green light was on, Xiao Jianguo deliberately stopped moving, and left at the time when the red light was on. Ji Fan wanted to chase but was powerless.

When Ji Fan passed by the pet shop, he accidentally found people who were on fire inside. Xiong Zhennan and his party who were still at the dinner received the news and hurried to the scene. Zhao Qingyan heard that the address of the accident was the pet shop and hurriedly called her mother. The phone’s ringtone kept ringing, Ji Fan took out the phone from his bag, and saw that the caller was Zhao Qingyan, a little weak. Zhao Qingyan who rushed to the scene went crazy and wanted to go in. Ji Fan persuaded her to go back and not show up.

Zhao Qingyan became more and more emotional until Ji Fan told her that the deceased was her mother, and 90% of the entire body had been carbonized. The face is unrecognizable. Zhao Qingyan is not willing to accept this sincerity, she is a forensic doctor! Only after she authenticates can we confirm it! Ji Fan tried hard to calm Zhao Qingyan. She is a policeman and must stay awake. Zhao Qingyan was sent home by Zhang Xiaoming, and Ji Fan and Xiong Zhennan were in charge of surveying the scene.

The murderer released all the pets before killing. In his opinion, dogs are innocent and people are guilty. Xiong Zhennan was a little dissatisfied with Ji Fan’s conclusion that Zhao Qingyan’s mother was guilty, but Ji Fan always remained calm and calm. This is the conclusion he wrote through the psychological side of the murderer. The name of Rao Ying is on the list of forensic doctors in Li Qian’s case, and this case happened not long ago. Later Rao Ying resigned. The signal left by the pet shop is the badge number on the clothes, 0507.

Xiong Zhennan still didn’t want to think so, she didn’t want to easily convict Zhao Qingyan’s mother. The nearby surveillance cameras couldn’t get here, but the dash cam of a car caught Xiao Jianguo’s visit. Ji Fan confessed that he had been following Xiao Jianguo. After being thrown away by him, he looked for clues all the way, and finally came here. Xiong Zhennan still believes in Xiao Jianguo, it is impossible for him to do this. The video shows that Xiao Jianguo has something in his hand, and finding it is the most important thing. Xiao Jianguo received a call from Xiong Zhennan, but did not answer it.

Zhao Qingyan was always in the sad news that her relatives were killed. Ji Fan and Xiong Zhennan comforted her and advised her to take a good rest at home for the past two days and not come to the police. Xiao Jianguo didn’t answer the phone, and Ji Fan guessed that he should have gone to the Municipal Bureau. Xiong Zhennan called.

Xiao Jianguo did come to check some news, but after checking the record, he deleted the record and left. Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan were on their way to Xiao Jianguo, when Ji Ping had already sneaked in. Xiong Zhennan reacted that Ji Fan had long suspected Xiao Jianguo but did not tell everyone. Instead, he acted rashly on his own, which made Xiong Zhennan feel very complicated. If he could tell everyone that the chance of catching the murderer would be higher, even if he could not catch it, at least it would Can keep Rao Ying.

Ji Fan has no way to excuse, only an apology. After sorting out their emotions, several people set off again and rushed to Xiao Jian’s country. Ji Ping pretended to be a takeaway boy and left. Zhang Xiaoming noticed something was wrong and ran after him, but he ran away, leaving only the lost takeaway clothes. Ji Fan thinks that the escaped person is the murderer. The mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind, and Xiao Jianguo is the praying mantis. The murderer’s next target is him.

The room that Xiao Jianguo was hiding in his home was discovered. The photos indicate that Xiao Jianguo had known Lin Yong, Tang Weidong, and Rao Ying for a long time. There is also a daytime photo of a baby. Xiong Zhennan heard from the old detective that Xiao Jianguo had a son before, and within a few years he had a strange disease. His wife also passed away not long after. Ji Fan is keenly aware of the Li Qian case and the affairs of Xiao Jianguo’s son.

Xiao Jianguo could not rule out the suspicion, and Xiong Zhennan would apply to the police for assistance in investigation. There were medicines for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s in the refrigerator. Ji Fan suddenly remembered that Xiao Jianguo’s hands were shaking, but he didn’t expect his illness to reach this point. After the investigation was over, Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan apologized to each other. She was in a bad mood, and Ji Fan was used to being alone. They were both wrong.

The next day I got all the evidence in Li Qian’s case. The material evidence was the headband used by Li Qian during his lifetime, and it was also an important material evidence that identified Mo Wenhua as a suspect. Ji Fan quickly discovered something was wrong. After the inference, the suspicion pointed to Rao Ying.

It is very likely that Rao Ying, a forensic doctor at the time, took bribes to get Li Qian’s hair after his death. The clothes left in the pet shop, the numbers five and seven correspond to the steamer hell and the knife mountain hell respectively. The murderer left this message either saying that the person committed two crimes at the same time, or that he was going to kill two people at the same time. The first one is easy to understand, but if it is the latter, it is stranger. Why does the murderer suddenly increase the frequency of crime?

Ji Ping burst into the meeting room seemingly crazy, and Ji Tingshan hurriedly left the meeting in order to avoid trouble. Ji Ping seemed to cry and laugh, and his words showed excitement, excitement after the murder. Ji Ping became more and more emotional. In fact, he didn’t know why Ji Tingshan wanted to kill in his own name.

Ji Tingshan was a little nervous, let him go back and take a good night’s sleep, and don’t let Ji Fan see the abnormality. Xiao Jianguo has lost contact, but Xiong Zhennan believes that he is not the murderer. The most suspected one is Mo Wenhua’s younger brother Mo Wensheng in the Li Qian case. This case has a great impact, and the Secretary wants them to solve the case within a week.

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