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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 4 Recap

Ji Tingshan was a little unhappy because he found Ji Ping for a whole day. When he got home, he grabbed him to discuss the performance of the logistics company. Ji Fan was eating hot pot to watch the excitement. Ji Tingshan and Ji Ping and his son slapped him as soon as they left the house. Ji Ping did not do this within the scope of his plan. Ji Ping explained that he was creating an alibi for himself. After all, the person who made the plan was Ji Tingshan, and Jin Er assumed responsibility. The person is him. Ji Ping’s feelings for Ji Fan are very complicated.

He wants Ji Fan to see that he can always outperform him, but Ji Tingshan is shocked when he hears this. The plan has nothing to do with Ji Fan. Ji Ping was puzzled, so why did he arrange for Ji Fan to enter the criminal police detachment? It is not Ji Tingshan’s arrangement for Ji Fan to join the team. He will find a way to get his younger son out. Ji Tingshan asked Ji Ping to accompany him to the completion ceremony and meet Xiao Jianguo, his position, the last step in their murder plan.

Ji Fan suddenly went out at night. It was Xiong Zhennan who asked him to discuss the case, and he was beaten to death in the boxing ring. At the completion ceremony, Ji Ping stared dangerously at Xiao Jianguo with a smile on his face. After the ribbon-cutting, Ji Ping and Xiao Jianguo talked meaningfully. Ji Tingshan was a little worried, and ended the interview and hurried Ji Ping away.

An old lady suddenly ran to the Sifang Group to throw paper money, but was bombarded by the security guard as a neurosis. Then the old lady came to the site of the completion ceremony to spread paper money. The staff said that she would come twice in three days. Ji Tingshan quickly said that he knew the situation of the old lady, but today’s situation was not convenient to solve, and the old lady was willing to leave.

Ji Fan asked Zhang Xiaoming to collect a bunch of information, and Xiong Zhennan followed to bully him. Ji Fan found that the previous direction was not quite right, and Lin Yong and Tang Weidong might have crossed earlier. In the 1990s, Lin Yong worked in a construction company. The boss was Tang Weidong, but his company went bankrupt within a few years. The news of the year could only be found in the newspapers. Soon Ji Fan had a clue, and found a piece of news that year. A woman fell to her death from a building. This was a homicide.

The deceased was named Li Qian, but Ji Fan was told that Xiao Jianguo had taken it away when he went to investigate the information. Xiao Jianguo went to the pet shop of Zhao Qingyan’s mother. Zhao’s mother was inextricably linked with the case of Li Qian’s fall from the building. She is Xiao Jianguo’s school sister and Xiao Jianguo’s target, Rao Ying.

Ji Fan and Xiong Zhennan found Li Qian’s mother, who was also the old lady who gave paper money at the completion ceremony that day. The old lady was a little confused because of her daughter’s death. Ji Fan lied that it was a classmate of Li Qianye University who came in. The old lady then became sober again, and talked to them about the day when Li Qian’s accident happened.

Li Qian said that she had made an appointment with her friend to see the meteor shower in the evening, and she was her pen pal. Her mother felt that she was not ashamed to call her unreliable and would not let her go out anyway. Li Qian’s self-esteem was hit hard, and she went out in a rage, and did not go home until late at night.

Mentioned this matter, the old lady regretted and was sad, tears in her eyes. Ji Fan showed the old lady the photos of Lin Yong and Tang Weidong. The old lady pointed to the photos of Tang Weidong and said that Li Qian had built the building where the accident happened, but the murderer was found later. It was the security guard of that building named Mo Wenhua. That day the old lady brought the box and the villagers went to his house to discuss an explanation, only to find that the couple had committed suicide in fear of crime.

Obviously the murderer was not this Mo Wenhua, Ji Fan was kicked out by the old lady when he said something wrong. Xiao Jianguo’s name was on the list of Li Qian’s case directors, and he immediately called Ji Fan. Xiao Jianguo gave him the materials of Li Qian’s case. He was one of the old criminals who participated in the investigation of the case. Ji Fan already knew about it. Tonight is Xiao Jianguo’s retirement dinner. Ji Fan deliberately raised his mouth and saw his hands shaking so badly for some reason before leaving.

Rao Ying bid farewell to her old friend, and took away something left with him, she was leaving. Xu was because there was a ghost in her heart. After Rao Ying left, she always felt that someone was following her. She didn’t know that her intuition was right. Xiao Jianguo’s retirement dinner was very lively, but Ji Fan seemed to be worried, and asked Xiao Jianguo why he didn’t work for a few more years before retiring.

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