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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 17 Recap

Su Shuqing held the doll in her hand to persuade to behave at home, and Xie Minghao used to tell Su Shuqing that she was not behaved and was about to fly away, but he would ask Su freehand to stay by their side obediently. Xie Minghao cooked lotus seed soup for Su Xiaoqing, wanting to awaken her memory with the old way of life.

Li Zeliang drove to Liu Awei’s residence. Unexpectedly, the locals told Li Zeliang that Liu Awei was not in good health and had not gone to their shop for two months to eat. I don’t know what Liu Awei is in now. When Li Zeliang learned that Liu Awei lived in the neighboring village, he hurried to take Su Xieyi with him.

Just after the two arrived in the village, they saw a big brother selling honey live, and just then a little girl was walking on the road. A car passed by and almost hit the little girl. Fortunately, he was rescued by Su Xinyi. This scene was taken by the side of the road. The eldest brother of Wang gave a live broadcast, and a good man went to their village.

After complimenting them, the eldest brother bought a few bottles of honey and went to Liu Awei’s house. What they did not expect was that they saw Liu Awei’s portrait hung on the wall after entering. This was a surprise to them, and the wife told them Liu Awei in the past. He died after drinking two months ago, but Liu Awei owes money to them and they won’t pay it back. At this moment, the little girl who was almost hit on the road went out. It turned out that the little girl was officially Liu Awei’s daughter.

When Liu Awei’s wife heard that Su said that they were the savior, they hurriedly invited them into the house, and the daughter was almost hit because of an ear problem and could not hear the sound of the car. Su freehand asked about the girl Liu Awei. He learned that his father moved out because of fear of some things, but her mother stopped her from saying what she said. Su freehand felt that they could not make them too disgusting, so he took Li Zeliang out first. Up.

Su Freehand felt that the girl Xiaoxiao’s mother must know what to write, and she can’t go back now, waiting to find a chance to get closer to Xiaoxiao and make a decision.

Huo Jian discovered that Li Zeliang was not injured and hurried to his home to check the situation. It was true that Oscar pretended to be lying on the bed, and Huo Jian also saw a lot of secrets in the secret room of Li Zeliang’s home. Those were all Li Zeliang’s daily practice rock climbing and A place to plan. This made Huo Jian very surprised, and just then I received a message telling Huo Jian that he was in trouble, and Li Zeliang also found the whereabouts of the spider man. This made Huo Jian a headache even more, and the person who sent the message was Xie Minghao.

Only when Li Zeliang received the news from Ji Yingsong did he know that Huo Jian had discovered their secret and also knew Li Zeliang’s secret room. Li Zeliang and Su freehand found a hotel to stay in, and then Su freehand called Ji Yingsong to know how Li Zeliang usually relaxes his legs. In the future, she will take care of Li Zeliang in person. After all, Li Zeliang’s leg was injured because of Shen Zhihong. Li Zeliang heard this sentence. He felt that Su Xinyi was repaying his kindness before drinking that he was upset about being together, so he walked away.

After returning to the room, Li Zeliang felt embarrassed that Su Xinyi should not be called, and decided to separate from him. When Su Xinyi went back and saw that she had purchased a footbath, he was even more unhappy and told Su Xinyi to walk away. He didn’t need to take care of him. Before and now, Su Xinyi didn’t owe anything. Even if she had rescued Shen Zhihong, he didn’t need Su Xinyi to repay her favor.

She had heard her phone call just now, so she had to ask Su Xinyi to go out quickly. Su Yixian heard that Li Zeliang was actually misunderstanding him, so he refused to leave, and was still lying in bed to sleep. But Li Zeliang looked at Su Xiayi and wanted to leave by himself. He didn’t expect Su Xiayi to say that Li Zeliang should not leave him behind, and take her away if he wants to leave.

This made Li Zeliang a little bit softened, so Su freehand told Li Zeliang that she had never forgotten the scene on the top of the mountain, nor was she staying because of her father. The reason why she stayed with Li Zeliang was because she wanted to be with him. Together, there are no other factors. After listening to Su Yiyi’s words, Li Zeliang immediately hugged her and promised that he would not choose to give up.

Huo Jian went to the village to look for Li Zeliang and the others. He also happened to meet someone who asked Li Zeliang and the others. Huo Jian gave that person a lot of money and got Li Zeliang’s whereabouts. Li Zeliang and the others went to Liu Awei’s house again to inquire about things. They laughed and used cochlear implants at least hundreds of thousands. For Liu Awei, it was not something that he could earn from being a spiderman. The truth that Liu Awei knew had something to do with his father’s death. His wife could think about it, and they left after speaking.

The two in the village met the eldest brother who sells honey and learned that Xiaoxiao liked singing and dancing, but her mother was very opposed to it. Just then Xiaoxiao was over from school, Su Xinxianyi and Xiaoxiao had a heart-to-heart talk, hoping that Xiaoxiao could be their tour guide and visit the scenery of the village together. After that, a few people had fun all day long, and Su Xiayi also bought a lot of favorite clothes for Xiaoxiao, which is so happily called Xiaoxiao.

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