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End of Happiness Is Easy (不惑之旅)

Finale: Marlene and Simple finally get married. (The journey without confusion)

Wan Liming met with Zhuo Xiaoting, and Feng Chunsheng led the disclosure of Ovano. He also showed Xiaoting related photos and evidence. Xiaoting asked him what he thought of Chunsheng. Wan Liming said that Chunsheng had a selfish purpose in everything he did and did not have to be honest. Xiaoting told him that Chunsheng had already told herself about these things. Wan Liming provoked the relationship between their husband and wife and lost the bottom line of life, and Chunsheng still had a chance to save.

Wang Nianli called Simple, saying that they had caused her sister to blow up the house and lay in the hospital, her life and death unknown. On the way to the hospital, Mariev and Jian saw news reports saying that it was a gas explosion and there were no casualties. It was a marriage affair. After they arrived at the hospital, President Wang told me that there was no serious problem, and asked Marlene to accompany him downstairs. Simply want to go in to see Yiru, Nian Li stopped him from entering.

Marlene was sorry to recall that this happened because he cared so much that he couldn’t let him go. Principal Wang sighed that in addition to love and affection, family members should tolerate and understand each other, but Yiru just didn’t understand this, so his eyes were red. Saying that there are not many days to come, he entrusted his memory to Marlene’s care. Malevin promised that although Yiru is not his wife, he will always be his family.

Feng Chunsheng moved to the previous office specially. Xiaoting came to see him in the evening. Chunsheng felt that he was like a little ant before. He looked forward to climbing into this room every day. Later, he had a small office and wanted a big office. I can’t distinguish what is motivated and what is desire. Xiaoting felt that she loved Chunsheng too much at that time. He gave him everything he wanted, and didn’t care about anyone except him. In the end, she lost her principle and lost herself.

Mu Jia went home immediately after seeing the news. She complained that her father wanted to let herself know about her mother from the Internet. She wanted to go to the hospital immediately. Outside the ward, Mu Jia didn’t even glance at it, but went straight into the ward. Simply tell Marlene, after reading Yiru’s suicide note posted on the Internet, she was thinking: If Yiru really has an accident, can they still be together?

After Chunsheng’s parents came to Beijing, they went directly to the hospital. Looking at the sausages brought by his in-laws, Zhuo Nanzhi suggested that the family should eat at the restaurant and let the chef cut a piece to taste. Everyone couldn’t help him, so they agreed. During the dinner, Zhuo Nanzhi chatted with Chunsheng’s parents like his family for the first time. Feng’s father also warmly invited him to visit his hometown after he recovered. Chunsheng asked his parents to spend more time in the hospital to accompany his father-in-law. Zhuo Nan was happy Great, please take care of their daughter, and let the whole family take a family portrait together.

Qiao Qingqian was about to go back to his hometown. He simply criticized Xingran for being irresponsible, but Qingqian thanked Xingran for getting rid of his previous life and the love with him was beautiful. Simple understanding of Qing Qian’s good intentions, Qing Qian cried and said that she would give Xing Ran an excuse to leave her. She is too sophisticated and Xing Ran is too simple. It’s not appropriate for the two to be together, although she knew it would end like this. But when it comes to this day, I really can’t bear it, but it’s good to think that each other can take the best part of each other down.

When Xiaoting and Chunsheng went to the hospital, they were very happy to see her father and Chunsheng’s parents playing chess and chatting. Xiaoting deliberately put her head on Chunsheng’s shoulder, just to make her father feel relieved. He asked Chunsheng to send her in-laws home today. She wanted to accompany him. dad.

In the evening, my father solemnly said to Xiaoting that if possible, he should give Chunsheng another chance. The reason why he let Chunsheng return to Zhuoyuan and let his parents come to Beijing is because he didn’t want to see them divorce. He was also a poor boy in the past, and he had to fight for half his life to have today, but the price he paid was that he didn’t give Xiaoting a stable home, so he didn’t want his daughter to follow her own way.

His greatest hope was that she would be safe and happy. Zhuo Nanzhi blamed himself for this. He was afraid that Chunsheng was too ambitious and kept suppressing him. In fact, Chunsheng was too ambitious and not cruel. Although he could not become a big climate, he would become a good husband, and he was very kind to Xiaoting. Sincerely, whether they can live happily, both parties need to work together to create, and it will take three to five years to become a real couple.

Zhuo Nanzhi never survived the operation, and Chunsheng begged Xiaoting to live with him in front of his father-in-law’s grave.

Principal Wang persuaded Yiru to stop tossing about it. Simple had been chased away by her, and Yiru was confused because her heart was empty and she didn’t know how to fill it up. Principal Wang pointed out that she had always wanted to impose her consciousness and thoughts on others, Marx and Lenin. Wen left her because of this, she had to think about how she should leave in the future.

At this time, Marlene sent Mu Jia and said that he would go out for a few days and let Mu Jia live here first. Principal Wang took Mu Jia to the room. Yiru asked if Malevin hated him. Malevin said that she was a woman he loved deeply. She had given him family and daughters. She did not hate Yiru at all. She only hoped that she was happy, and she did not destroy anything of herself. , He lost it, now he is going to find her on the road, I hope they can find it.

Xiaoting came to see Lin Wanrou in prison. Lin Wanrou asked her to convey to Malevin: Everyone has the right to love. It is not him and the simple fault that she is willing to accept the current result. Xiaoting told Wanrou: In the face of life and death, all barriers and prejudices can be eliminated, and the feelings of death can be resurrected. She will wait for Wanrou outside and start a new life with her.

Yiru blamed herself for what she owed her daughter before. Mu Jia said that she had always lived with a little girl in her heart. She may not be a good mother, but she must be a good friend of hers. She hugged Yiru and asked her to tell herself. talk. Yiru said that she was afraid that her grandfather and father would let her go forward, but she did not dare to go. Mu Jia said that she accompanied her mother. After this semester, she went to study abroad and they went there to start a new life together. Until her mother got better, she believed that if she could get up from the wheelchair, her mother would definitely get better.

The next day, Yiru left a letter to Marlene and left. The letter said: The debt between them will never be paid off, so she must reconcile with life and emotions and go to her own future. I hope that Malevin has found his hope when he read this letter.

Chunsheng returned to the study at night and found Xiaoting waiting for him inside. The two looked at each other and smiled, which is more than a thousand words.

Malevin searched for a long time, and finally found simplicity in the old bookstore in Tbilisi. The boss quoted Tolstoy and told Malevin: the pain of parting is the true love. Malevin is determined to start his new life with simplicity. They go back together, or he simply lives here with him. They open a bookstore, and the name of the store is: Resurrection. For him, simple and simple bookstores are enough.

In the diary, she simply wrote: Her long journey is over, just as it was written in “Resurrection”: From this evening, Nekhludoff began a new life!

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