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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 30 Recap

Xiao Han thought that Luo Xiaoyi might win the championship, so she asked Shen Zhengyi to assist her. Zhuang Yue asked Xiao Han when to explain the truth to Shen Zhengyi, and Xiao Han was speechless. Zhuang Yue once experienced such a scene, and asked Xiao Han to tell Shen Zhengyi about it now. Otherwise, she and Luo Xiaoyi would have a crisis of trust when they arrived at the stadium. Xiao Han and Zhuang Yue fought hard to prevent her from being nosy. Zhuang Yue made it clear that she is the head coach, and Xiao Han is not allowed to take care of the training of Shen Zhengyi and Luo Xiaoyi from now on.

Shao Beisheng and Shen Zhengyi learned the skills of short track speed skating. The two of them cooperated tacitly, and Shao Beisheng made great progress. Zhuang Yue canceled Shen Zhengyi’s endurance training. Shen Zhengyi had time to date Shao Beisheng. She found it strange, and Shao Beisheng persuaded her not to think too much. Zhu Lele couldn’t help but came to the theater. Seeing the large propaganda posters at the door, she was very uncomfortable.

Zhu Lele saw the members of the drama club waiting for the stage from a distance. Turning around, she wanted to escape. Curly shouted to her and invited her to go in and watch the show. Zhu Lele only knew that he was the lead actor in this show. Ye An explained to Zhu Lele that Qu Zhi resigned as the lead actor because of her. Qu Zhi only wanted to be Zhu Lele’s lead actor. Zhu Lele remembered that Qu Zhi was going to practice in a field today, so she hurried to chase him.

Qu Zhi came to the station and wanted to throw Zhu Lele’s withdrawal letter into the trash can. He opened it and read it. What Zhu Lele wrote was not the withdrawal letter at all, but an apology letter that he wanted to reconcile with Qu Zhi and Po Jing. Qu Zhi immediately returned to school to find Zhu Lele. He and Zhu Lele met face to face, and the two of them resolved their misunderstanding and reconciled as before.

School is over for the winter vacation, and Shen Zhengyi packs up and goes home. Zhu Lele is very envious, and accidentally reveals that she has made up with Quzhi, and Shen Zhengyi is also happy for her. As soon as Shen Zheng went home, she helped her mother work. She suddenly received a message from Shao Beisheng. Shao Beisheng bought a couple’s shirt on the Internet and asked her to change her clothes before coming down.

When Shen Zheng looked for scissors to cut the label, Wang Limin asked her to dry the washed clothes, and she put the clothes on the sofa. When Shen Jiacheng came home from get off work, Wang Limin asked him to try on the newly bought clothes. Shen Jiacheng changed into Shen Zhengyi’s couple shirt and went downstairs to throw away the trash. Shen Zheng once dried the clothes and found that the couple shirt was missing.

Shao Beisheng came to Shen Zhengyi wearing his newly bought clothes. Shen Jiacheng saw that he was wearing exactly the same couple shirt and immediately understood everything. He called Shao Beisheng home to be held accountable, and Shen Zhengyi hurried to mediate. Shen Jiacheng refused to forgive him. Shao Beisheng pressed hard, and Shao Beisheng admitted that he and Shen Zhengyi were lovers. Wang Limin was very satisfied with Shao Beisheng and invited him to dinner at home. Shen Zhengyi wanted to go on a date with Shao Beisheng, and Shen Jiacheng had to return the clothes to Shen Zhengyi.

Shao Beisheng brought Shen Zhengyi to the Botanical Garden. He prepared for a long time carefully, and wanted to create a rainbow with water spray and colorful flowers, to give Shen Zheng a surprise and take the opportunity to confess to her. When the scheduled time came, the faucet on the grass began to spray water, but the rainbow did not appear. Shao Beisheng was very depressed, and Shen Zhengyi comforted him instead. Shao Beisheng felt very sorry. He owed Shen Zhengyi a formal confession. Shao Beisheng took Shen Zhengyi’s hand to show her his heart. Shen Zhengyi readily agreed, and the two kissed affectionately.

Shen Zhengyi didn’t go home very late. Shen Jiacheng complained that Wang Limin shouldn’t let her go. Wang Limin liked Shao Beisheng very much. Shen Jiacheng reminded her to understand Shao Beisheng’s family situation so as not to hurt Shen Zhengyi. Instead, Wang Limin persuaded him to let him go. Shen Jiacheng had to go. bath. Wang Limin suddenly received news of Zhuang Yue returning to China, and she went to the Wind-Zhuying Team Club to find Zhuang Yue early in the morning. Zhu Lele went to the door to get the courier, and she was puzzled when she saw Wang Limin hurriedly coming to the gymnasium.

Shen Jiacheng called to inform Shen Zhengyi. As soon as Shen Zheng didn’t understand what her mother was doing in the team, she called her, but she never answered the phone. Wang Limin came directly to Zhuang Yue’s theory and warned her to stay away from Shen Zheng and not allow Shen Zhengyi to participate in the Asian Cup. Zhuang Yue apologized to her for what happened back then, and promised to find time to explain clearly to her.

Zhuang Yue begged her to let Shen. Zhengyi participates in the competition, don’t affect Shen Zhengyi’s future because of the matter between the two of them. Wang Limin didn’t listen at all, and turned around in anger. Shao Beisheng rushed to stop her in time and persuaded her to listen to Zhuang Yue’s explanation of what happened back then. When Wang Limin learned that Shao Beisheng was Zhuang Yue’s son, she gritted her teeth with anger. Shen Zhengyi heard clearly outside, she never expected that the person who made her mother regret for life was Zhuang Yue, and Shen Zheng took her mother’s hand and left.

When Zhuang Yue came to the ice rink, he couldn’t help thinking of the past that year. Shao Beisheng came afterwards. He knew that Zhuang Yue suddenly changed lanes to block the players behind and create a chance for Wang Limin to win the championship, but Wang Limin misunderstood that she wanted to fight for the championship. Shao Beisheng persuaded Zhuang Yue to explain clearly to Wang Limin. Zhuang Yue admitted that she had said too much before the game and worried that Wang Limin would not forgive her.

Wang Limin forced Shen Zhengyi to quit the team and forbid her to train with Zhuang Yue. She insisted that Zhuang Yue was using Shen Zhengyi. Shen Zhengyi felt that Zhuang Yue was a very good person. Wang Limin would never forget what Zhuang Yue said before the game. She was determined. Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng are not allowed to fall in love.

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