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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 29 Recap

Shen Zhengyi worked overtime every day to train and wanted to defeat Cui Enjing in the Asian Cup. Xiao Han sent her a box of chocolates to replenish her physical strength and asked her to strengthen endurance training after the end of the training every night, and from today, Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng have made an appointment to watch a movie together, and Xiao Han persuaded her to hurry up to practice, otherwise she will lose all her previous work, and Shen Zheng will send a message to Shao Beisheng.

Zhuang Yue turned out the photo of her and Wang Limin, and couldn’t help but think of the unpleasantness of the year, and her heart was mixed. Xiao Han took Shen Zheng to do endurance training and ran into Shao Beisheng when he went out. Shao Beisheng complained that Shen Zheng had an appointment. Shen Zhengyi agreed to find time to make up, and Shao Beisheng agreed to give up.

Because patient training consumes too much energy, Shen Zhengyi took a nap while eating. Shao Beisheng was very distressed and wanted to ask her mother to ask her for leave. Before Shao Beisheng finished speaking, Shen Zhengyi leaned on his hand and fell asleep. Shao Beisheng couldn’t bear it. To wake her up, he gently dragged her face with his hands and carefully observed Shen Zhengyi’s sleep.

Shao Beisheng watched Shen Zheng and fell asleep for an hour. He was so tired that his waist was sore and his legs ached. Shao Beisheng suddenly remembered that Shen Zhengyi and Xiao Han had stayed longer. He felt sour and wanted to accompany Shen Zhengyi more in the name of training.

Today is the day for Zhu Lele and Ye An to compete. The two of them came to the drama club one after another. Ye An finished the performance with emotion. Qu Zhi and the other members were moved to tears. Zhu Lele performed on stage. Qu Zhi suddenly changed his mind and asked Zhu Lele to perform improvisation. Guess together, otherwise you will withdraw from the competition.

When Zhu Lele came up with a good idea, she brewed her feelings for a while, so she acted as a girlfriend who came quietly to give her boyfriend a gift, and wanted to give her boyfriend a surprise, but found a note at her boyfriend’s house and learned that Her boyfriend was watching a movie with another girl, and she was heartbroken. After Zhu Lele played, the members of the drama club thought she was acting as a courier. Qu Zhi finally decided to let Ye An play the leading role. Zhu Lele ran away with tears. Qu Zhi made it clear that he would not play the leading role, and then went to chase Zhu Lele.

Zhu Lele ran into Wang Jun head-on. Wang Jun humbled and asked her warmly. Zhu Lele had to admit that she had broken up with Quzhi. Wang Jun said Quzhi behind her back and praised Zhu Lele. Zhu Lele was so amused that she laughed and Quzhi was far away. See this scene.

Xiao Han assigned Shen Zhengyi an endurance training program with a large amount of exercise. Shen Zheng couldn’t complete it with all her best. She was so tired that she was sweating, her waist was sore and her legs were sore. , As long as she catches up with Shen Zhengyi, he will kiss her.

Shen Zhengyi finally completed the task set by Xiao Han. Shao Beisheng felt that he had reached the bottleneck and it would be difficult to break through. Shen Zhengyi gave him an idea to practice single skating with short track speed skating techniques. Shen Zhengyi was overworked and limped back to the dormitory. He saw that Zhu Lele was writing a letter of resignation. Shen Zhengyi inquired in detail about the reasons. Zhu Lele claimed that he wanted to put Qu straight into the army.

Qu Zhizheng was about to take everyone to rehearse. Zhu Lele came to hand in the letter, Qu Zhi promised, Zhu Lele slammed the door in anger, Curly persuaded Quzhi to keep Zhu Lele, Qu Zhi categorically refused, and led everyone to continue rehearsing. Shen Zhengyi suddenly had a leg cramp while training in the Lu Xun room. Zhuang Yue rushed to hear the news. Shen Zhengyi admitted that she hadn’t done a good warm-up. Zhuang Yue severely reprimanded her and fined her do 50 leapfrogs. Luo Xiaoyi took the initiative. Help Shen Zhengyi massage.

Shao Beisheng came to Zhuang Yue after the training, and accidentally revealed that Shen Zhengyi had been doing endurance training with Xiao Han every day, and Zhuang Yue was speechless with anger. Shao Beisheng accidentally saw the group photo of Zhuang Yue and Wang Limin, only to know that they were teammates. Zhuang Yue explained that she and Wang Limin had a collision accident during the game because of a crisis of trust between them. Shao Beisheng persuaded Zhuang Yue to Wang Limin explained clearly that Zhuang Yue did not want to affect Shen Zhengyi’s training because of this incident, and promised to talk about it after the Asian Cup.

Zhu Lele wanted to catch Quzhi and reunite with Quzhi, but Quzhi actually took it seriously. She was upset and Shen Zheng was kind to her, but Zhu Lele just couldn’t let go. Shao Beisheng wanted to explain the truth to Shen Zhengyi, but worried that she could not accept it. Shao Beisheng asked Qu Zhi for advice, and Qu Zhi persuaded him to say it as soon as possible, otherwise it would cause a misunderstanding.

Zhuang Yue approached Xiao Han for accountability, and she was not allowed to do endurance training for Shen Zheng again and again. Xiao Han repeatedly claimed that it was all for Shen Zhengyi, and Zhuang Yue exposed face to face that he wanted Shen Zhengyi to assist Luo Xiaoyi.

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