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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 3 Recap

A person at the construction site recently disappeared, named Tang Weidong, he is very likely to be the deceased in this cement case. Xiong Zhennan asked Zhang Xiaoming to confirm the identity of the deceased and told Xiao Jianguo, who had always been related to his identity. Ji Fan investigated all the vehicles that entered and exited today, looking for clues, and came to the vegetable market to find the driver Xiaotao. Xiaotao heard that they were police officers but ran away.

Ji Fan and Zhang Xiaoming failed to catch up until Xiong Zhennan succeeded. Tang Weidong often asked Xiaotao to deliver goods, and occasionally he would have private goods. This time it was three o’clock in the morning, and the thing he sent was a box. It is impossible for Tang Weidong to transport himself, so it is only possible that the murderer did it.

After returning home after a busy day, Ji Tingshan was lethargic, and the two were too lazy to get Ji Ping, but it was Ji Fan’s patent to make trouble since childhood. Ji Tingshan felt that Ji Ping was under too much pressure at work, and he forced it. Ji Fan assured him that he would release people on time 24 hours a day. Ji Tingshan was relieved and planned to pick them up in person. Ji Fan in his dream is constantly searching for the truth, but the more he runs forward, the more confusing the truth.

In Tang Weidong’s death case, he received a call around 1 am, and the preliminary judgment was that the murderer had met him. Tang Weidong’s cell phone has not been found, it is very likely that the murderer destroyed it after the murder. Although the deaths are different, the murderer is probably the same person. This is a serial murder. Xiong Zhennan’s words were straightforward. Ji Fan slept underneath. After being awakened, he was still a little drowsy.

Ji Fan said that the murderer likes to use the theory of eighteen layers of hell. The eighth layer is the ice mountain hell to punish the unrighteous people, and the sixteenth layer is the volcanic hell, which punishes those who practice favoritism, cheat and accept bribes. The numbers are the killer’s death predictions, and the method of death corresponds to the theory of eighteen layers of hell, which means that the killer must use a high-profile killing method to promote his theory. The number left in the exhibition hall is sixteen.

The next time the murderer commits an attack should correspond to the sixteenth hell, the volcanic hell. Ji Fan is proficient in psychological profiling. He believes that the murderer was educated around the age of thirty-five, followed his own beliefs and worldview, withdrawn, introverted and insecure, and the deceased may have treated the murderer or relatives by corresponding means. Xiao Jianguo expressed his approval and established the 418 task force, with Xiong Zhennan as the team leader.

On the surface, Lin Yong and Tang Weidong are not related, but Tang Weidong was the main subject of investigation in a sexual assault case in Dongguan Town 12 years ago, and Lin Yong was his subordinate. Xiao Jianguo ordered Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan to stay together every time they acted, and Xiong Zhennan was unhappy.

Xiao Jianguo was shaking his hands silently. Zhang Xiaoming thought he was unwell when he found out. Xiao Jianguo hurriedly concealed it. Ji Fan drank coffee and went to chat with Ji Ping. Why did he come back here? Is it really because of a fight? Ji Fan didn’t believe it. Ji Ping had never had a fight since he was a child. When asked where he was in the early morning of April 18th, Ji Ping replied that he went to the bar and quarreled with others in a bad mood. Ji Fan seemed to think of something.

Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan went to investigate together, but they didn’t get along well with each other on the road. When they came to Qiangzi’s house, the other party ran away like a frightened rabbit. Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan could only catch up with them one after another. Hadron picked up the weapon, Ji Fan cut corners and rescued Xiong Zhennan. Qiangzi was accustomed to doing bad things and thought that the enemy would only run if he found it, but Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan didn’t come for him. Qiangzi’s wife is Zhang Guihong, who was a civilian secretary more than ten years ago, Tang Weidong was the boss, and Lin Yong was her subordinate.

Tang Weidong often moved Zhang Guihong. Qiangzi couldn’t bear to go to theory but was beaten by Lin Yong and stayed in the hospital for half a year. After sitting for a while, Ji Fan figured out their situation. Seeing that they were about to have children, he kindly persuaded them to change their ways of living and live well. Xiong Zhennan also discovered the other side of Ji Fan at this time. He spoke with a more pleasant expression. After getting in the car, he even rubbed medicine on his wound.

After Zhang Xiaoming’s investigation, he found that Ji Ping’s investigation and confession matched. Xiong Zhennan’s attitude towards Ji Fan changed a hundred and eighty degrees, and Zhang Xiaoming couldn’t help but his gossip heart began to agitate. Ji Tingshan came to pick up Ji Ping and met Xiao Jianguo. The two chatted at random. Ji Ping had already left by himself and Ji Tingshan also left afterwards. Zhao Qingyan went to investigate the dog’s hair, and her mother said it should be a short-haired dog, but the scope is too large to investigate.

In an unknown place, Ji Ping kept a dog named Sophia for ten years. Sophia suddenly felt uncomfortable, so Ji Ping took it to the nearest pet shop, which is Zhao Qingyan’s mother’s shop. Sophia’s body organs are aging when he is old, and may be paralyzed at any time, and the chance of surgery is very small. Mother Zhao said truthfully, it is not sick, but the time has come. A good pet hospital will recommend euthanasia. It is better to die quietly than to endure the pain. Obviously Ji Ping does not agree. Zhao Qingyan recognized him as Ji Fan’s brother, but Ji Ping didn’t answer, and left without taking a hundred yuan for the medicine.

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